Garmin Virb cameras support ArcGIS FMV

Blog Post created by CBenkelman-esristaff Employee on Jul 5, 2017

Esri and Garmin are pleased to announce that Garmin’s VIRB Action Cameras (VIRB Ultra 30, VIRB X, VIRB XE, and VIRB Elite) have full support for Full Motion Video (FMV) for ArcGIS!  


To leverage this feature, users can download the latest version of VIRB Edit software (version 5.1.1 and above) from http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=6591 or simply search for “Virb edit software” at http://www.garmin.com.


The Full Motion Video add-in is a free download for ArcMap 10.3 through 10.5, and will be coming in ArcGIS Pro version 2.1 by the end of 2017.  Current users of ArcMap can find information on FMV at http://esri.com/FMV.  The Full Motion Video add-in allows users to manage, display, and analyze geospatially enabled videos within their GIS.  Feature data can be digitized from video frames, and GIS features can be overlaid onto the video during playback.  The video search tool provides a powerful data management capability, enabling users to quickly find archived videos based on attribute data or a simple geographic search. 


The Garmin VIRB cameras record GPS and camera orientation data with the video.  This position and orientation metadata enables FMV for ArcGIS to locate the sensor on the map, and if the camera footprint (field of view) is aimed toward the ground, the moving video footprint can also be displayed in ArcGIS. 


Instructions for extracting the VIRB position and orientation metadata and then processing with the Full Motion Video Multiplexer are available in this document:  http://esriurl.com/GarminVirbFMV