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Click to view contentI have downloaded an LAS dataset developed by NOAA for an area of Massachusetts. I am trying to convert this into a DEM I can use to make elevation contours. I have filtered the data so that only ground points are showing. Then, when I try to run the LAS Dataset to Raster tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.3, I receive Error 000210: Cannot create… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Click to view contentI have applied raster function to calculate NDVI for Sentinel 2.   The values of NDVI supposed to be in between -1 and  1. When I click to Identify the pixel value, I believe I get correct values, lets say 0.65, but in contents pane the values are displayed differently. See image.  Question: How shall I set up symbology so it  displays… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Working in ArcMap 10.5 I was given two shapefiles with unknown coordinate systems (collected in the field via GPS in NJ State Plane). Since I have been told the GPS collected in NJ State Plane, I defined the projection ("Define Projection" tool) of the shapefiles to the Geographic Coordinate System "NAD 1983 (2011)." The next step I did was… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Click to view contentDo you have imagery from an aerial photography camera (whether a modern digital camera or scanned film) and the orientation data either by direct georeferencing or the results of aerial triangulation? If yes, you’ll want to work with a mosaic dataset, and load the imagery with the proper raster type.   The mosaic dataset provides the foundation… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
I am trying to use a Moasic Dataset that was created in ArcPro (2.1.2) in ArcMap (10.4.1), is this possible? I've attempted this a few different ways: 1. Create File Geodatabase, create Mosaic Dataset, and Add Rasters all in ArcPro. 2. Create File Geodatabase in ArcMap, then create Mosaic Dataset, and Add Rasters in ArcPro. 3. Create File… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Hi All,   I have an image service stored in my server (federated). When i load this image service in ArcMap, is it possible to disable the Export Data capability? I just want the user to visualize and do analysis from my image service without having abilities to export data.   Your further assistance is highly appreciated. Thanks.   Kindly… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to convert an image from TIFF to RAW format (*.raw files; similar to Photoshop RAW) using any ArcGIS product or any of its extensions/ third-party addins/ ArcPy scripts, etc.   Any help on this is appreciated.   Regards, Jayanta
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Click to view contentWe have a power transmission network that we would like create a TPK for. This is so field crews can see some map data on mobile devices when they have no connectivity. We want to keep the file size as small as possible. So, we are thinking about buffering the lines 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile and using it as aoi, if we use an mxd as a input to the… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Click to view contentI have a NetCDF of temperature data, that I get a fresh copy every morning. This is stored under a Mosaic Dataset, created in ArcMap 10.6.1  (Nothing else in this mosaic dataset) I can serve this up as an image service using a stretched min/max renderer fine I want to also add a renderer to serve it up as a classified renderer, ranging from -5… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
Hi   I have created a mosaic dataset from some old scanned maps, which vary a lot in colour (different paper, ageing etc). When I zoom into the mosaic, it looks fine and the colour of the tiles appears to be similar to the orignal jpeg file. However, I want to view the data at more scales - if I zoom out, I just end up with the wireframe. When I… (Show more)
in Imagery and Remote Sensing
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