• How to config ESRI Geoportal Server to search and add metadata ?

    Dear all,   I'm using ESRI GeoPortal Server 1.2.5 and having problems in configuration:   1. My ESRI GeoPortal cannot search Unicode Words in metadata. For Example: I can search "giao thong" in title "Du...
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  • Geoportal - User Management - LDAP/Active Directory error ?

    Hi, I'm just curious if anyone can provide any information or insight into the following error I am getting when I attempt to click on any specific usernames or Active Directory group names in, for example, our Publi...
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  • Why I can't download the Live DVD ISO?

    Why I can't download the Live DVD ISO?
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  • Working example of ISO North American metadata in geoportal?

    Hi Folks, Up until now we have been using FGDC metadata in the geoportal server for  GeoDiscover Alberta. Soon we will be changing to use ISO 19115/19119 metadata, the North American Profile. I found several ...
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  • Adding ArcGIS search service to geoportal

    Have installed geoportal 1.2.5 and is up and running. Also, have ArcGIS Server 10.2.1.  The documentation says that a search service can be used, but I haven't seen where or how to set this up. If you have any su...
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  • Access Metadata in portal for Arcgis

    I'm trying to retrieve the metadata of an items on my portal. i' been trying that : /sharing/content/items//info/metadata/metadata.xml but it's not working. I'have portal for Arcgis 10.3 and I've install geoportal ser...
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  • Geoportal 1.2.5: Unable to connect to the host (CSW)

    Hi, people!   I have the Geoportal Server 1.2.5, I have registered an ArcGIS resource successfuly, I tried to register a CSW from IBGE but got this erro: "Unable to connect to the host."   URL parameter: h...
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  • geographic_coordinate_systems.pdf

    Table with geographic coordinate systems
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  • Geoportal Publish Client and file identifier

    According to the Geoportal documentation the file identifier field if it is not filled then it gets the value of DOCUUID: Database Tables · Esri/geoportal-server Wiki · GitHub However, when I publish a re...
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  • Geoportal only searches for Geographic Services

    Hello everyone   I have the Geoportal configured but in search function it only returns for the name of any Geographic Service. All others layers in the service cannot be view as a result of a search.   Ca...
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  • How to run the Federated Search to Geoportal 1.2.5 in Portal for ArcGIS 10.3

    Hi, people,   According the Github, the tutorial about to configure the Federated Search is homologated to Portal for ArcGIS version 10.2 (https://github.com/Esri/geoportal-server/tree/master/components/server/F...
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  • Resolving the problem with INDEX(Oracle) in Geoportal

    Scenery Geoportal Server 1.2.5 SO: Oracle Linux Server 6.5 DB: Oracle 11g   Problem: make the Haversting with others node, when executing the action "Set as Approved" the page remains loading eternally.  ...
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  • Geoportal login issues

    Hi all, I am currently try to install geoportal on my machine and everything seems to work great besides my login.   Here is my config:   PostgreSQL 9.1.25 Java 7 Geoportal 1.2.5 Apache Tomcat 7.0.5 P...
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  • Publish Client for ArcGIS 10.2 - failing on Geoportal 1.2.4

    Hi Everyone,   I'm a little frustrated that this is no longer working. Before upgrading to 10.2 - I had the 10.0 publish client installed and was able to publish with not issues. After installed 10.2.2 and the 1...
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  • CSW Client not showing up after install - 10.1

    I've installed the CSW Client I downloaded off sourceforge.net.  The install went ok but I'm not seeing any "Geoportal" group under the Customize, Customize mood, Commands tab.  I even tried typing CSW in th...
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  • Complete Metadata of a service not available with Geoportal

    Using ArcCatalog, I tried creating the metadata of an ArcGIS Server service with the ISO 19139 / 19119 standard. But while registering this service with geoportal, only the basic metadata information of the service (s...
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  • Need to customize map initial extent in Flex Viewer for geoportal

    Hi people, I have a geoportal with flex based map viewer. For now I have the next: map initialextent="2850000 5485000 4050000 6865000" top="40" But what should I have if I'd like to zoom/pan to the different extent e...
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  • Geoportal and ArcGIS Server security support

    Can Geoportal 1.2.5 register secured ArcGIS map services as datasources? It seems possible to register map services which are configured as Public in ArcGIS Server but the moment you secure your ArcGIS server and con...
  • Where is the geoportal.war file in the Geoportal 1.2.5 package

    I can't find it anywhere.
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  • Geo-reference data in MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF

    Good Afternoon, Question: Does Geoportal Server support the search and retrieval of Geo-referenced data embedded in MS Word, PowerPoint, and plain-text documents? Appreciate your insight and suggestions.
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