• How to implement Geoportal server 2.X in high availability environment ?

    I am looking for an option for implementing high available Geoportal server in our environment, has anyone implemented / aware of this ?
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  • Adding KML file hosted locally

    Hi,   I am creating an app using CMV as starting base. One of my operational layer is KML based. I want to call this KML file from within internal network. I don't want to host the KML file on outside premi...
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  • Is Geoportal still alive and well?

    Hi.    I would like to know if ESRI plans to continue developing Geoportal?  I am looking to implement some sort of visual catalog/directory for spatial data, services and apps.  I see that the Ge...
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  • advanced search with tags metadata in arcMap

    I would like to know if there is an advanced search option for searching metadata in ArcMap. For example, if I have a large collection of datasets, is it possible to search for a keyword in just the Description field,...
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  • Geoportal CSW service getrecords from arcgis online

    Hi There,   I'm trying to configure Geoportal 2.x and I'm testing CSW 3.0. according to the instruction below I should get records from arcgis online and specifically from an organization with this id. But inste...
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  • Geoportal Server LiveDVD

    Maybe a very basic question but how do I get the Geoportal Server LiveDVD to work? (Esri Geoportal Server LiveDVD )   I've downloaded the .iso and burnt it to DVD as an image.   As per the instruction...
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  • Register ArcGIS for Server with the Geoportal - HTTP status code {302 - Redirect} received from server

    Hello Everybody,   Please help me. I have installed Geoportal 1.2.6 on Windows machine. I have enabled simpleAdapter identity.   Following is the content of my gpt.xml <?xml version="1.0" encodi...
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  • create my own template

    Hello.I'm totally new to geoportal and i need to create my own template based on the INSPIRE standard where i have to add some more metadata fields of my own. I don't know where to begin . Is there somewhere i can fin...
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  • Setting conditional elements in metadata profile using GXE

    I'm customizing a metadata profile using GXE. I see how to set mandatory (g:minOccurs="1"), optional (g:minOccurs="0") and exclusive (using gxe.control.ElementChoice object) elements, but I don't know how to set condi...
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  • update password for geoportal

    Hello There, I am a newbie for geoportal. Can someone please let me know , what precautionary measures need to be taken before updating password for geoportal user in geodatabase?   Thanks AS
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  • Linkage - ISO 19139 / ISO 19115

    Hi everybody! I have a question I guess some of you might answer. I'm populating a my newly installed geoportal with serveral datasets, using the add-in for ArcCatalog. The metadata style configured in ArcCatalog are ...
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  • Does Geoportal Server Widget support Geoportal Server 2.5?

    I'm trying to use the latest version of Geoportal Server (v. 2.5) and the harvester. All of that is working, but I cannot configure the Geoportal Search widget that comes in the Map Viewer included with Geoportal...
  • Feature Service Performance in Geoportal

    Can anybody tell me what the best practice would be for consuming a Feature Service in Geoportal. If I add the Map Server version of a service, everything runs great. But when I swap it out for the Feature Service, th...
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  • Spacial Ajustment in polyline CAD

    Hi   I have a layer called Limites and Edificações that came from CAD at the right place. It is a cleaner version and I already use Spacial Ajustment on polylines to put it in the right place.  ...
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  • GPTAdmin?

    I have taken over the management of our GeoPortal server and have been asked about the gptadmin password.  I was not provided that information when I took over the project, and I do not see a gptadmin user.  ...
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  • can publish metadata from ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 to geoportal server 2.0.1

    I need publish metadata from ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 to geoportal server 2.0.1
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  • Connecting to an https WAF

    I'm trying to connect to an https WAF and when I test the connection in geoportal, I'm getting an error: "Unable to connect to host." The WAF is accessible directly via a browser. Is it possible to connect to a WAF vi...
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  • How to show data from geoserver in ESRI Geoportal Map Viewer

    Hi, I'm using ESRI Geoportal 1.2.5 to develop a geoportal and I have a problem to show data in Map Viewer which harvest in Geoserver. The notification say that have problem with EPSG:102100 and in Geoserver I store it...
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  • Status update on Geoportal Search Widget in Web App Builder?

    Seasons Greetings for 2015!   Has there been any progress made in discussions between the Geoportal Server Team and the Web App Builder Team in adding the Geoportal Search Widget as a configurable app to Web App...
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  • Geoportal Browse Tree customization help

    Dear all, i hope you all are fine. I have installed Esri Geoportal 1.2.2 version. I have already integrated my arcgis server rest services in geoportal. The data is now linked with my geoportal. I can find the data in...
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