• Is Geoportal still alive and well?

    Hi.    I would like to know if ESRI plans to continue developing Geoportal?  I am looking to implement some sort of visual catalog/directory for spatial data, services and apps.  I see that the Ge...
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  • Linkage - ISO 19139 / ISO 19115

    Hi everybody! I have a question I guess some of you might answer. I'm populating a my newly installed geoportal with serveral datasets, using the add-in for ArcCatalog. The metadata style configured in ArcCatalog are ...
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  • CSW Client not showing up after install - 10.1

    I've installed the CSW Client I downloaded off sourceforge.net.  The install went ok but I'm not seeing any "Geoportal" group under the Customize, Customize mood, Commands tab.  I even tried typing CSW in th...
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  • Complete Metadata of a service not available with Geoportal

    Using ArcCatalog, I tried creating the metadata of an ArcGIS Server service with the ISO 19139 / 19119 standard. But while registering this service with geoportal, only the basic metadata information of the service (s...
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  • Geoportal and ArcGIS Server security support

    Can Geoportal 1.2.5 register secured ArcGIS map services as datasources? It seems possible to register map services which are configured as Public in ArcGIS Server but the moment you secure your ArcGIS server and con...
  • Where is the geoportal.war file in the Geoportal 1.2.5 package

    I can't find it anywhere.
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  • Geo-reference data in MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF

    Good Afternoon, Question: Does Geoportal Server support the search and retrieval of Geo-referenced data embedded in MS Word, PowerPoint, and plain-text documents? Appreciate your insight and suggestions.
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  • Getting Feature layer metadata from a map service to Geoportal

    Hi, I have a map service (with two feature layers) published and hosted in an ArcGIS for Server. When I register this service with geoportal server, only the service level metadata is copying to geoportal database. H...
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  • Geoportal search widget for flex compile error

    I have been having a problem trying to compile the geoportal search widget for flex and get the same error when I use ant 1.8.3 and flashbuilder 4.6. the error is shown on the image below. Kindly assist me with a solu...
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  • Downloadable Data links in Geoportal

    I have some metadata that I want to have links for Downloadable Data. I want to do similar to the attached screenshot of Raleigh's Geoportal. You see there are links for downloading DXF, Shapefile, Layer Package and K...
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  • Reporting data access statistics from GeoPortal site

    Is there a way for data publishers to get statistics on how often (and by who) their data is accessed from a GeoPortal site?
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  • Adding keywords to geoportal summary rest api

    Hi Forum, I'd like to be able to retrieve the descriptive keywords associated with a geoportal record through its rest api.  Basically when I perform this query http://<server>/geoportal/rest/find/docume...
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  • Personal Geoportal Webpage (SMTP)

    Hello, I have deployed geoportal 1.2.2 successfully using Tomcat as the web server.  It is a learning process but I have drudged through the muck and can now visit my geoportal online.  The issue I have, wh...
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  • Publish Client - Publication Failed: uri prefix is not recognized

    I'm trying to implement the ESRI Geoportal Publish Client for ArcCatalog to publish a mass amount of records to the company Geoportal. I am currently running AcrGIS 10.2 with a Geoportal 1.2.4 Server implementation an...
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  • Geoportal Harvester

    Question 1:  Can the Geoportal harvester be customize to extract metadata from MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF? Question 2:  If so, which profile do these documents need (ISO, etc)? Question 3:  Are there exis...
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  • Unable to safe metadata

    Hello I am trying to safe metadata into the geoportal but it always gives me this error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]20727[/ATTACH] Can anyone help me?
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  • unable to get simple authentication login to work

    I am unable to get simple authentication login to work.  LDAP work fine.  When I switch to simple, whether I use fake or real credentials, I get the green welcome banner and thats it.  I don't get the a...
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  • Installing Geoportal 1.2

    Dear all, I have installed Geoportal and publish same metadata. but when I search for metadata the geoportal not provides results. If I restart Tomcat, in the geoportal log file, I find the following error: 12-lug-2...
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  • Geometry services

    Hi, dear colleagues. Can someone tell me what wrong with my Geoportal Flex Viewer configuration. I have installed ArcGis Server and use my geometry service in the Geoportal Flex Viewer. But when geoportal search tool ...
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  • Content Type icons

    Topic:  / SEARCH FILTERS / Additional Options / CONTENT TYPE / Once the FGDC metadata is UPGRADED to ArcGIS metadata, does the Geoportal still ???look??? in this location for the Content Type? /Distribution Inf...
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