• Multiple Data Types in FlightAware Firehose Connector?

    When setting up the Input - Receive flightaware connector, I am wondering if it was intended to allow multiple data types to be requested, each with a Yes/No radio button set?  I would love to set up ONE connecto...
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  • Error converting JSON node to GeoEvent.

    We just upgraded geoevent to 10.8 from 10.6.1 and have encountered this error when we the receive json on a rest end point input us used: com.esri.ges.adapter.genericJson.JsonInboundAdapter Error converting JSON node ...
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  • Does GeoEvent have any kind of message queue which retries delivery until successful?

    I have client who has the same 40000 records being output every time he restarts the Gateway service. No new inputs, just new counts in the processor and then to the output. Is there a way to flush this out?
  • How is my client notified, when a feature service record is purged because of a maximum age reached ?

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you.   I am on ArcGIS 10.5.1 and I have created a feature service, which is fed by a stream-service. I have a client that initially reads all records from this feature service and ...
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  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is waiting for a connection to the ZooKeeper.

    I have a ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 instance that I have also installed GeoEvent following the instructions.  The Server is working fine but when I try to go to the GeoEvent manager page I get an error that says, "ArcG...
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  • its have some beneficed, increment java machine memory for, i have 32GB available  To made this change i use geoevent configuration file (ArgisGeoevent.cfg) from to wrapper.java.additional.19=-Xmx4g to wrapper.java.additional.19=-Xmx10g for example.

    Its have some beneficed, increment java machine memory for, i have 32GB available.   To made this change i use geoevent configuration file (ArgisGeoevent.cfg) from wrapper.java.additional.19=-Xmx4g to wr...
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  • Geoevent + RSS html

    Hello,  I´m new with Geoevent and I´m trying to configure a geoevent service to work with an RSS in html format. https://rsn.ucr.ac.cr/actividad-sismica/ultimos-sismos?format=feed&type=rss &...
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  • Projection Problem: Created new MXD. Added a DWG by "Define Projection" tool to Tx State Plane Central Zone 4203 NAD 83. DWG did not have prj file but was was drawn in that coordinate system in Montgomery County, TX.. I added aerial photography in a UTM z

    This mapping is located just north of Loop 336 North in Conroe, TX
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  • HTTP PUT method not working for "Receive XML on a REST Endpoint" connector

    Hi, One of our client wanted to establish real-time data feed, as part of this we are using in-built "Receive XML on a REST Endpoint" input connector to receive data from 3rd party application.   3rd party app...
  • Geoevent - Add a Feature Output

    Hi I have installed ArcGIS Server and Geoevent 10.8 in a VM which is federated with Portal. Published a map service with feature access. But I cannot get the services list  in a drop down list. On mouse hover on...
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  • issue with missing geoevent definition when restarting service

    My simplified Geoevent Service looks like this: Using the field calculator, I can add a name field, and thereby create a new geovent gefinition, which I then use in the field mapper to map my data to the output defin...
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  • Update Custom GeoEvent Processor

    I need to update a custom GeoEvent processor for use in 10.7.1.  It was developed for use in 10.2.2. Can anyone provide a high-level description of what's involved in the update? Thanks in advance.
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  • Stream Service Outbound Transport Error

    I have suddenly started to get this error in my geo event manager for my email outputs. I am not sure what is causing this, it was working fine up until two days ago and i didn't change anything. what does this mean a...
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  • Waze GeoEvent Connector not working

    Hi GeoNet-   After having the connector working for a few weeks, it has crashed. The input is working, data is coming in, but that is where it dies. I have checked the logs and there are events right around the ...
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  • Poll an External Website for JSON using headers

    How do I set up a GeoEvent input with headers that include a token?     Authorization: Bird  ...TOKEN....     ================== No quotes on either side.
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  • Azure Event Hub connector issue

    Hi Esri Geoevent team   Using code Azure for geoevent - we compiled JAR files and hosted in ArcGIS Geoevent 10.6.0 . Adaptors were working fine as expected. All of sudden , one fine day , geo-event went rog...
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  • Models-This is Result-Thanks.

    Dears, I want to send only one Feature, but every time I send a push services , this Feature will repeat within the environment side that I am sending to . I want to send the features inside the spatial database witho...
  • Ingesting Archived Waze JSON Reports into ArcGIS

    We have files of archived (as opposed to a live feed) JSON Waze Road Closure reports (text files) that we want to ingest and display in ArcGIS.  We wanted to know if anyone has experience in setting this up and i...
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  • Why do I get "Provided token does not have permission to subscribe" after restart?

    I'm using GeoEvent-Server with a StreamService. GeoEvent-Server ist federated with Portal.   I can successfully publish StreamServices and use them in Portal. Nevertheless, everytime I restart GeoEventServer S...
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  • Does GeoEvent recognize attachments?

    I have an Input set-up in GeoEvent to poll a feature class.  These features have image attachments with them.  I'm trying to get GeoEvent to poll the feature class and copy it over to a new feature class (us...
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