• GeoEvent with ArcGIS Online

    Hi, I haven't seen if this is yet possible or when hopefully it will be available.  Currently we only use the ArcGIS Online environment and do not have ArcGIS for Server.  We would like to utilize the GeoEv...
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  • GeoFence sync is not detecting deleted features

    I have a couple of GeoFence Synchronization Rules that seem to work when importing new features that were added to the feature service since the last sync, but they do not appear to detect when the feature backing a G...
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  • Stream Service - Store latest, review configuration

    Hello! We are prototyping a geoevent 10.8 configuration using the stream service output -- but I'm struggling trying to figure out why the observations aren't being stored.  I have kind of two related questions ...
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  • truncate string with field calculator

    How can I truncate string value into a certain length in the geoevent server?    I am trying with field calculator with the following:  expression: LEFT([input_string_field],254) target: Existing Fiel...
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  • GeoEvent Server SSL Certificate Error

    I recently used ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise Server and a standalone GeoEvent server.  During the process, I uploaded separate SSL certificates for both servers.  I can...
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  • Summarizing geoevents

    Good day everyone, I am looking for some advise on possible approaches to implement the following scenario with geoevent server:   We are polling information from a point layer service that updates informa...
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  • Ais decoder

    Hi,   Is there somebody out there having experiences with decoding and implementing AIS data stream.   I currently have access to a data stream of raw NMEA data: e.g.: !AIVDM,1,1,,A,139la:000mPVnQNNPKvnQ5...
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  • When a record is expired the FS deletes the record. How is the client notified of this deletion?

    Hi,   I have a real time feature service (FS) with records that have a maxAge of 5 minutes. When my client initializes it reads all the FS records. The client and FS are updated via the same realtime stream....
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  • Add a filter with the attribute operator (IN) where my list of values is stored in a field

    Hi All,   I've a field ${Field1} containing a comma-separated list of values.   I'm trying to figure out how to add a filter where I can check if a specified field's value ${Field2} exists i...
  • ArcGIS Analytics for IOT vs Geoevent Server

    Hi, I'm new to this realm of esri software. Can anyone clarify the difference between Geoevent Server and ArcGIS Analytics for IOT. When I read the descriptions, they seem quite similar. It's clear to me that the form...
  • Input Feed has not UniqueID

    Hello   I am working with a vendor that has an API interface that returns a JSON feed BUT the feed has not UID (just LAT, LONG, DATETIME, and a painting field). I am trying to push that info into a hosted featur...
  • Change records in Incident Detector processor

    Dear, I have used the Incident Detector processor to get an incident record but the incident record has a very different schema from the event record I routed to the processor and I lose a bu...
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  • Error sending message to Kafka destination (bd5e94f5-db41-4e23-8c94-79b57c68b637) This server is not the leader for that topic-partition

    My services were working well until yesterday. Since then, Input service keeps logging this error and geoevent service doesn't work any longer. All platform services (under ArcGIS Server Administrator Direct...
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  • Message delay in GeoEvent

    We are running a single machine GeoEvent 10.6.1 (, - 10.6.1 Patch 1, - 10.6.1 Hotfix 1) and have a situation where the data is old by the time it is being written to the db. We set t...
  • Cannot Poll a Map service layer

    good day  I am trying to poll features from the National Weather Service map service at this URL NWS_Forecasts_Guidance_Warnings/wpc_qpf (MapServer)    The feature layer is published as a Map Service...
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  • GeoEvent Server High Availability

    I'd like to get some input from the community and from Esri's RJ Sunderman on my proposed architecture for one of my clients.  This client is looking to implement a highly available GIS architectur...
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  • Problem Restarting ArcGIS Server & ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway services on GeoEvent Server

    I noticed my viewers weren't displaying real time feeds this morning.  I logged on my GeoEvent Server and noticed the services related to GeoEvent were down (ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server & ...
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  • Question on Multicardinal Field Splitter Processor

    Thank you RJ Sunderman for your detailed explanation of processing a hierarchical multicardinal XML data structures. I do have some questions on issues I'm having using the Multicardinal Field Splitter. ...
  • Issues with Multicardinal Field Splitter Processor Handling XML

    I'm having difficulty using the Multicardinal Field Splitter Processor to write to REST a 1:M XML structure. My service handles a file inbound transport whose structure is shown in the pseudo XML below.   <Inc...
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  • Why am I getting an Unhandled Exception in GeoEvent Simulator?

    When I load a CSV sample into the geoevent simulator, why am I seeing this?: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'.   There's a lot more in the details window. ...
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