• XML over UDP in Geoevent close tag issue.

    Hello, I'm trying to push some xml over udp to GeoEvent. I am able to get most of the xml coming through. However I'm having issue with a particular tags - GPS & Details.   Now I know they don't have full cl...
    created by malewis_geonet
  • Network Fleet Adaptor - jar file access error

    GeoEvent 10.6.1   We had a power outage about two weeks ago, and while we aren't in a heavy GeoEvent use time - I did note that our street sweepers were not updating. When I logged in to GeoEvent Manager I note...
    created by marshgis
  • Geoevent input connector dynamic parameters

    Hello everyone.   I had created a simple geoevent service that poll an external website for JSON and put the output in a feature service. The process is working well but I need to run the process every day with ...
  • Delete all features before add new data

    Our system will retrieve new data each 30 mins from external website and add them into the feature layer(Database), and all old data should be deleted before this action. The question is there is no date type attribut...
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  • Geo event server connectivity with oracle views

    Our head end server received data from meters and data is shared with other team using oracle views. How I can connect to geo event server and start displaying the real changes on the maps 
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  • Extracting Geometry Coordinates from JSON String

    With the GeoEvent Processor, is there a way to extract the coordinates from a JSON field when the coordinates are embedded in a single string?: "CREATED_LOCATION":"31.555114:-117.458182:12.792526:10.000000:3.000000:0...
    last modified by TomFlahive
  • Deploy error on a customized processor

    Hi, I'm a newbie in Geoevent Development and I'm facing an error when deploying a custom processor. Please check the log below, btw the Geoevent version is 10.6:   ------------------- Entry Added: /geoevent/co...
    last modified by mariorizzi.habil_eng
  • GeoEvent vs Webhook Service

    I was reviewing a dev blog on Webhooks from last spring, and I was curious why they do not suggest using GeoEvent as a possible Webhook service? (Webhooks – Don’t call us, we’ll call you ) It se...
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  • Sending a very large string to a Rest input connector

    Hello,   I've an json which contains an image encoded into a string (base64). The json is about 2 MB. I want to send it to a Rest input connector. When i send it, i've the following error message in the geoevent...
    last modified by georgesdupont6999
  • Geoevent Processor - Incident Detector. Incidents not reporting as 'Ended'

    Hi,   I am on Geoevent Server 10.5 Patch 2. My configuration looks a bit weird only because I have been trying to troubleshoot and ended up creating 2 separate threads from the same event trigger. In realit...
    last modified by John.Evans
  • Field calculator processor : Regular Expression

    I am having an incoming string value like this: "$864287032522581,23/10/2019,17:24:42,A,023.022762,N,072.537521,E,39.40,00.34,0,0,00.00,31,4DAA,1,05.67,223961.25,0,0,1,0,0,0,03.59,00.00,0,0,0,0,0,231019_172442_2301.3...
    created by prasanthk
  • Custom Esri GPS Enricher for Verizon Network Fleet

    Is anyone aware of a custom Esri GPS Enricher that can be used with Verizon Network Fleet? In the example we are interested in, the GPS Enricher would be used to combine both the sensor and location messages fro...
    last modified by marshgis
  • GeoEvent database views/spatial views for SQL

    We are new to using ArcGIS Enterprise, due to the install of GeoEvent server and upgrading to 10.6.1 we moved to ArcGIS Enterprise and Portal.  We are still wrapping our heads around and trying to understand all ...
    last modified by marshgis
  • GeoEvent Definition with an Array of Different Value Type

    Hello,   I had this “issue” a few days ago, and I'd like to share the workflow.   Scenery: The input it’s a JSON, was obtained through a REST and looks like this. The first value in the ...
  • Track a laptop

    Just wanted to share a project I was working on for one of the departments in our organization. They had the need to track laptops in the field, the laptops are toughbooks with integrated air cards and GPS.  ...
    created by nasha001
  • Formatting email notifications in GeoEvent Processor

    I am trying to format the email-out notifications so they are more readable.  I have over 80 fields I am feeding into it.  Right now the emails spit out something like this: Name: Randy because I have it go...
    last modified by brooke.gajownik
  • Simulator: Geometries are OK but all null attributes

    Hi, I have set up a service that roughly follows the GeoEvent tutorial but uses my own data. The Geometries (points) are read in fine, but none of the other attributes come in. After I run the simulator, there are a ...
    last modified by gyetmanesri-ca-esridist
  • Input connector for xml?

    Has anyone created a custom input connector for xml that you are willing to share?  I have looked at the ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor Developer Guide and while it appears possible, it is above my technical expertise.
    last modified by LLochridge
  • esri-receive-features-rest-in

    Hi All, So, a newbie question is, how does "esri-receive-features-rest-in" connector work? In URL property (Base URL that the REST Transport will connect to), what do you specify here? How do you pass in input? As fo...
    last modified by kyunam_kim-esristaff
  • Overlapping geofences with different attributes

    Hello everyone, We have an issue working with geofences that we cannot still deal with. While tracking fishing vessels there is need to have a lot of geofence polygons that each one leads to a specific alert. For exa...