• Syncing Web Map font from Pro to Web App

    I'm going to try and explain my question as best as I can...   I always have my Web Maps synced into Pro from Portal just for easy access. I am aware that there are really no font customization options in Web Ma...
    created by KamillePreto
  • Image Extension is not licensed on the ArcGIS Server

    Hi all,   We're currently upgrading to Windows Enterprise 10.5 and are having issues with the Image Server role.   Setup   I have created a server site that has two boxes. The first box has an ArcGIS...
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  • Enabling New Enterprise User types?

    I want to take advantage of the new user types that were introduced in 10.7 (Editor, Field Worker, GIS Professional, etc), but the only options I have in my Portal are Creator and Viewer. Same thing when I look at the...
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  • Considerations for using PostgreSQL as a Enterprise Datastore

    We are in the process of implementing a Enterprise GIS and I am wondering about using PostgreSQL as the datastore over MSSQL. The concerns are mainly A). Is there any loss in functionality? B). Will this limit us in w...
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  • ArcGIS Icon Library for IT Architecture?

    This question may have been asked recently, or at least before, but I can't seem to find a good answer, let alone the icons themselves.   It is getting more common today for companies to release icon libraries f...
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  • Is there a good resource of common table of organizations for large businesses?

    Hopefully this the correct place to post this. If not please let me know of a better place. Thanks.   I am trying to find a resource showing how a large business should structure their staff, i.e. who should be i...
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  • Error Copying Data from SDE But Not File Geodatabase (cross network)

    I had a question regarding connecting to ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabases ("SDE") using Python scripts. My goal is to copy datasets from our production database (and a file geodatabase) to a file geodatabase to our CAD ...
    created by pmckinneyccpa
  • Multiple GDBs vs Single GDB

    Our production enterprise system is currently 1 sde gdb (Sql Server 2014) with several (45 to be exact) datasets and 9 editable versions (based on department). The sheer number of datasets makes it a little cumbersome...
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  • A generic tool to convert multiple mdf files to gdb,

    A generic tool to convert multiple mdf files to gdb,   To enjoy multiusers editing environment, our data is stored in mdf files (enterprise). However, when it comes to publishing, we convert the mdf to gdb in o...
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  • Database user name and current user schema do not match - postgres [SOLVED]

    Edit: choosing 'sde' as the user name under 'connection properties' has allowed me to create feature datasets and add feature classes. Maybe the problem was that I created a feature dataset as the default superuser 'p...
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  • Operational Dashboard is not opening (Installed with Portal for ArcGIS 10.8)

    Hi There, Operational Dashboard is not opening (Installed with Portal for ArcGIS 10.8).   When I hit the Operational Dashboard in App Launcher it just keeps searching for hours and nothing comes up. I'm using Por...
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  • I want to update all mapservice connections on Arcgis for Server 10.5.1

    Our current Oracle database has to be migrated to another host. The new host already contains a couple of databases, so it isn't possible to maintain the same hostname.  The Arcgis Server mapservices data connec...
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  • How to configure ArcGIS Server to make services accessible to AGOL?

    I want to add services from ArcGIS  Server to AGOL, curious on what needs to be done server side to make this happen. Currently my server only allows communication over http and when I try to add a service from s...
  • To refresh a map tiled map service, do you just need to overwrite the cache? Or does the service need to be republished and the cache?

    For one of my organizations application we have a large tiled map service for a large geographic area. Currently the service has just been manually republished every so often but now it was requested to script out the...
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  • Automation/DevOps workflows in Enterprise GIS

    Hello There, I am exploring possibility of implementing Devops/Automation workflows within our enterprise GIS and wanted to gather from experience of community members on how to get started. I am particularly interest...
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  • Archiving with hosted feature layers

    I have a dateset that requires archiving, I would like to publish it as a hosted feature layer but I don't see anyway to maintain or set new archiving options on a hosted feature layer. Is this possible? if so, how? i...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop License Usage Pattern

    Hi There, In our enterprise, we use few floating licenses for various ArcGIS license levels (advanced, Standard, Basic as well as extensions). I am trying to figure out a way to quantify ArcMap usage pattern for our u...
    created by jaygis
  • ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail

    Trying to publish a GP service with Arcpy, but always getting ERROR 999999 when staging the draft. Below are what I'm doing: 1. publishing the GP service to Enterprise manually 2. get sddraft from staging folder, by...
  • Optimal Number of SQL Sever Instances for Enterprise Geodatabase

    I am new to the GIS Administration world and struggling to wrap my head around this. Currently we are using SQL Sever 14 with a single  SQL Server instance for all our enterprise GIS needs. Hundreds of SDE databa...
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  • Registering a table with Geodatabase fails when GDB_GEOMATTR_DATA exists

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to add this "question" or "bug report", but it might help someone else that receives this message.   When i try to register a table that is created within my MS SQL serv...