• Export Shapefile from a Map Service Inside ArcMap

    I've done quite a bit of searching on this topic.  I thought by enabling Geodata Access, I could export a shapefile. We are going to expose a large number of map services that can be consumed by others in our co...
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  • Publish an exisiting cache as a map service

    Hi all, ArcMap 10.5.1, Server 10.6.1.  No image server extension.   I have a cache of imagery with cache levels going from a scale of roughly 1:300 and cell size increasing by 2^n. The cache is post 10.3 ...
  • Service publishing - error 001972

    I am trying to publish a service and get the following error:  ERROR 001972: Unable to create service: ERROR: code:403, Failed to compute the privilege for the user 'null'. Error creating object to be cached for...
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  • MapService and SQL View

    I am trying the publish a map service with a table from a SQL View.  The Map service publishes but table data is not accessible. 
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  • arcgis service spatial query with distance

    Hello, I'm trying to query a map service layer with a circle geometry intersection. I have tried using point geometry and distance parameter, but distance is always ignored and I can not get it to work. does anyone h...
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  • ArcGIS server services on local network is accessible to app on the internet

    Is it possible to keep arcgis server on local network and access its services through a web application on internet. Is there a way to make local network services available to application on internet.   Thank you!
    created by fayaz_esri
  • Can I buy a GIS Server without ArcGIS Enterprises

    Can I buy a GIS Server without ArcGIS Enterprises (like portal and other components). because I can visualise by my own portal and web map applications. I need only ArcGIS server. Is it possible? 
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  • How can I find the WKID of coordinate system??

    I'm hoping to find a list of WKID values that corespond to their coordnate system's.  Specifically USA Contiguous Lambert Conformal Conic.  I swear I saw this on EDN site but can't find this list anywhere.&#...
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  • how to limit the image format of export map operation of arcgis map service.

    hello everyone!   As the title, I want to let  users can only download the raster  image instead of the vector type image. AS the following image, can the pdf and svg items  be removed?...
    created by thgsjack8
  • Deauthorizing ArcGIS Server 10

    How do I deauthorize ArcGIS Server 10, so that I can do a fresh reinstall using the same license? For desktop there's a "Deauthorize" button for this in the ArcGIS Administrator and in the License Manager, which start...
  • Is it possible to increase the timeout for the arcgis server manage site?

    Is it possible to increase the timeout for the arcgis server manage site?   I would like to know if it is possible to increase the timeout for the Arcgis server manager site? since it will logout automatically a...
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  • I have a service hosted in ArcGIS Managed Server, the password for the database connection is expired. How can I reset the database connection

    I have a service hosted in the local arcgis managed server, the password for the database connection is expired. How can I reset the database connection in ArcGIS managed server, I saw the data stores under "site" in ...
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  • Unable to create new site after re-installing ArcServer 10.1

    So I had to uninstall my original installation of ArcServer 10.1 due to an error. Upon re-installing the software (twice now) I continue to get the same error every time I go through the server set-up wizard to "creat...
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  • Why my ARABIC field is not working in Query request ?

    Hello guys, I'm working with arcGIS API for Javascript, ArcGIS for server 10.6 I have a filed in arabic called "arabic_name", I am working in a geodatabase stored in Oracle this same query used to work in .shp fi...
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  • ArcGis Server 10.7.1 silent installation with key code

    Hello ! I'm trying to install ArcGIS server 10.7.1 silently. I don't have any licence file I only got a key code. It seems to me that there is no options to install silently the ArcGIS server with the key code onl...
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  • WMS on Google earth pro

    Hi guys, i have any map service that i publish with "KML" and "WMS" capabilities! Now i would like to use the wms on google earth. is it possible?is there a link that i can see? thanks any help it's good
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  • Downloadable resources in webgis

    Hi, I'm new to webgis and ArcGIS for Server. I would like to set up a webgis and import a variety of data so that users can interact and select which data they want to view. But I also would like to make such data ava...
  • How to set BoundingBox when I publish a WMS service with ArcGIS Server?

    I published a service with Mapping-WMS-KML capabilities by ArcGIS Server 10.2.The Mapping capability works well,but WMS capability caculates a wrong BoundingBox.How can I re-caculate the BoundingBox or set it man...
    created by zxzfccnu
  • ArcGIS Server 10.4 not visible Shape.STArea(), Shape.STLength() fields

    Hi, my problem: after publishing service is not visible Shape.STArea(), Shape.STLength() fields REST Api Thank you for help
    created by Rutenis.B
  • SOE Could not support extra jar ?

    Hi,      I deployed a SOE which used jdbc jar in the code , I export the jdbc jar in the SOE jar,and register sucessfull in ArcGIS Server manger, but when debug it ran into the following error "Can...