• Is it possible to increase the timeout for the arcgis server manage site?

    Is it possible to increase the timeout for the arcgis server manage site?   I would like to know if it is possible to increase the timeout for the Arcgis server manager site? since it will logout automatically a...
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  • I have a service hosted in ArcGIS Managed Server, the password for the database connection is expired. How can I reset the database connection

    I have a service hosted in the local arcgis managed server, the password for the database connection is expired. How can I reset the database connection in ArcGIS managed server, I saw the data stores under "site" in ...
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  • Unable to create new site after re-installing ArcServer 10.1

    So I had to uninstall my original installation of ArcServer 10.1 due to an error. Upon re-installing the software (twice now) I continue to get the same error every time I go through the server set-up wizard to "creat...
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  • Why my ARABIC field is not working in Query request ?

    Hello guys, I'm working with arcGIS API for Javascript, ArcGIS for server 10.6 I have a filed in arabic called "arabic_name", I am working in a geodatabase stored in Oracle this same query used to work in .shp fi...
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  • ArcGis Server 10.7.1 silent installation with key code

    Hello ! I'm trying to install ArcGIS server 10.7.1 silently. I don't have any licence file I only got a key code. It seems to me that there is no options to install silently the ArcGIS server with the key code onl...
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  • WMS on Google earth pro

    Hi guys, i have any map service that i publish with "KML" and "WMS" capabilities! Now i would like to use the wms on google earth. is it possible?is there a link that i can see? thanks any help it's good
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  • Downloadable resources in webgis

    Hi, I'm new to webgis and ArcGIS for Server. I would like to set up a webgis and import a variety of data so that users can interact and select which data they want to view. But I also would like to make such data ava...
  • How to set BoundingBox when I publish a WMS service with ArcGIS Server?

    I published a service with Mapping-WMS-KML capabilities by ArcGIS Server 10.2.The Mapping capability works well,but WMS capability caculates a wrong BoundingBox.How can I re-caculate the BoundingBox or set it man...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.4 not visible Shape.STArea(), Shape.STLength() fields

    Hi, my problem: after publishing service is not visible Shape.STArea(), Shape.STLength() fields REST Api Thank you for help
    created by Rutenis.B
  • SOE Could not support extra jar ?

    Hi,      I deployed a SOE which used jdbc jar in the code , I export the jdbc jar in the SOE jar,and register sucessfull in ArcGIS Server manger, but when debug it ran into the following error "Can...
  • Check box not work properly (Logs tab)

    Hi,   The checkbox option can´t be checked after click with right button from mouse...   Somebody can help me?   Thank´s  
    created by arsouzaesilva3
  • Rebuild Composite Geocode Locator?

    I have a composite geocode locator that I am using a geocode service in ArcGIS Server.  It is referencing two other geocoding locators (using roads and address points).  I've read in the ESRI Help that you c...
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  • Use a Renderer to Label a Line

    Morning, I'm wondering whether it's possible to use one of the many renderers to label a polyline?   Of the renderers I've read about, you can change the line style of a polyline, but I can't seem to find wheth...
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  • Arcgis server fails to keep the same symbol properties when caching a feature layer (polygon for example),

    Arcgis server fails to keep the same symbol properties when caching a feature layer (polygon for example),   We couldn’t figure out why when we cache a feature layer (polygon for example) using Arcgis ser...
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  • Publishing Error Staging Failure

    Service Publishing Result    Staging Failure:  Compressing the service definition failed Using 10.1 beta 2 for both Desktop and Server.  Any ideas? Posting here since everything else has be...
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  • Geoprocessing Task: Result Appears but no Labels

    ArcGIS Server 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 I have a custom geoprocessing task that is being deployed from a tool layer.  My result is appearing in my map, but it is not being labeled.  Before publishing, the...
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  • Map service address after registering with web adaptor

    Hi,   I have installed ArcGIS Server and published some Map Services. Later, I register ArcGIS Server to Web Adaptor and then I install ArcGIS Portal. Then, In Portal, I want to see the address of my map servic...
    created by yocki78
  • Reset SDE account password

    Dear All,   I forgot the password for SDE account in Oracle. The password for this account needs to be updated so I need to know the old password. How can i proceed to reset the password ? What are the consider...
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  • Map extent tool

    Is there a tool available on the Resource Center that can be used to obtain map extents?
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  • Map Service Using Cache Folder of Another Map Service

    Hi, I created 2 map services from one mxd. One of the map services(A) has 4 cache levels and the other(B) has 7 cache levels. I cached all levels of map service B. I didn't cache A. Is there a way for map...
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