• Service configuration questions - instances, isolation, & SOC.exes

    Hi, There are many discussions in the forums about configuring min / max service instances for ArcGIS Server map services (set in the pooling tab in ArcCatalog / Manager) and I have spent a lot of time reading these ...
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  • Geoprocessing Task: Result Appears but no Labels

    ArcGIS Server 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 I have a custom geoprocessing task that is being deployed from a tool layer.  My result is appearing in my map, but it is not being labeled.  Before publishing, the...
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  • Map extent tool

    Is there a tool available on the Resource Center that can be used to obtain map extents?
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  • code 100005: methodName='ImageServer.GetFields' error?

    Why would we get this over and over in our AGS logs?  Thanks! <Msg time='2012-06-22T11:48:07' type='ERROR' code='100005' target='World_DEM.ImageServer' methodName='ImageServer.GetFields' machine=xxx process='...
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  • How to let ArcGIS Server see relationship classes defined in a geodatabase

    I have an ArcSDE geodatabase which contains multiple relationship classes. If I add this layer to ArcMap, the relationship is automatically detected (eg, the Identify dialog allows me to view the related features). ...
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  • Why might WMS GetMap requiring LAYERS to be a number?

    I have a GET request which looks like this ("Hotspot" is a valid layer name): GET /arcgis/services/SmallvilleOGC/MapServer/WMSServer?SERVICE=WMS&map=SmallvilleOGC&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=i...
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  • publishing Service "Startup time out during the processing data phase"

    hello, I am using ArcGIS for server 10.5 and I have MXD with more than 1500 scanned images, the scanned images are stored in a folder on the map server machine where the ArcGIS installed. the problem is that I am...
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  • Is there a maximum number of layers in MXD to publish to map service?

    I have an mxd that contains hundreds of layers that are all OFF and all point to the same feature class. (I have added a layer for each field in the feature class.) I am able to create an msd file and publish the map ...
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  • Editing a join table published by a feature service

    I have joined two tables (selected TableA and joined TableB to it) in ArcMap. Then I publish my .mxd file enabling both Mapping and Feature Access. Now, when I view TableA in MapServer, fields of both tables are liste...
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  • Arcgis map service displaying Arabic labels in junk

    I have created a map service in arcgis 10.0 version . My mxd file shows Arabic text but in service the labels are displayed in junk characters .    I have set my system locale to arabic . 
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  • service getting deleted

    Hi,   I have published a service on my arcgis server 10.6.  Next day when I come back I find the service to be missing. The same has happened multiple times. Not able to find the cause for it.   Belo...
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  • ArcGIS Server database connection problem...

    I'm trying to create a geodata service in ArcGIS Server and Iget the following error messages: [INDENT]"object instance creation failed on all SOC machines. Server Object instance creation failed on machine [serverna...
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  • Feature Service an Map Service Symbol is Same but Symbol Shows different location?

    Feature Service Symbology and Map Service layers symbology both same for the same feature class, Layers data frames also same WGS 1984. But In the web shows a gap between two symbols, I identified that Feature service...
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  • way to hide a service or folder from the Service Directory?

    Hello All, Is there a way to suppress a map service or entire folder from being displayed in the Service Directory? Thanks! --john
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  • Export Shapefile from a Map Service Inside ArcMap

    I've done quite a bit of searching on this topic.  I thought by enabling Geodata Access, I could export a shapefile. We are going to expose a large number of map services that can be consumed by others in our co...
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  • Monitoring Software

    Hi,  I am a general networking engineer asked to look at a ArcGIS with web server, ArcSDE and Oracle database server.  On their network there is no monitoring software (like solarwinds).  My question ...
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  • Underlying DBMS error -51

    I'm trying to recreate multiversion views and I keep getting the underlying DBMS error -51.  Can someone offer any advice?
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  • Using Greek letters in a legend

    I'm displaying some concentration data and the units are in micrograms per cubic meter.  I would like to use the Greek letter "Mu" for micro in the legend.  Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Thanks!
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  • services started but no running instances?

    Recently when I logged onto our ArcGIS Server manager, I noticed the following strange phenomenon: Services are shown as started, but 0/0 as being used/running. (Please see the attachment) I believe actually these s...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10 - Type of Layer is 'Group Layer' which is not supported

    Hi, I am getting a lot of warnings in my log files in ArcGIS Server Manager that say "Type of Layer is 'Group Layer' which is not supported". I am using ArcGIS Server 10 for .Net. Are group layers not supported in 10...
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