• MapService and SQL View

    I am trying the publish a map service with a table from a SQL View.  The Map service publishes but table data is not accessible. 
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  • ArcGIS server services on local network is accessible to app on the internet

    Is it possible to keep arcgis server on local network and access its services through a web application on internet. Is there a way to make local network services available to application on internet.   Thank you!
    created by fayaz_esri
  • How can I find the WKID of coordinate system??

    I'm hoping to find a list of WKID values that corespond to their coordnate system's.  Specifically USA Contiguous Lambert Conformal Conic.  I swear I saw this on EDN site but can't find this list anywhere.&#...
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  • Deauthorizing ArcGIS Server 10

    How do I deauthorize ArcGIS Server 10, so that I can do a fresh reinstall using the same license? For desktop there's a "Deauthorize" button for this in the ArcGIS Administrator and in the License Manager, which start...
  • Unable to create new site after re-installing ArcServer 10.1

    So I had to uninstall my original installation of ArcServer 10.1 due to an error. Upon re-installing the software (twice now) I continue to get the same error every time I go through the server set-up wizard to "creat...
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  • WMS on Google earth pro

    Hi guys, i have any map service that i publish with "KML" and "WMS" capabilities! Now i would like to use the wms on google earth. is it possible?is there a link that i can see? thanks any help it's good
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  • Rebuild Composite Geocode Locator?

    I have a composite geocode locator that I am using a geocode service in ArcGIS Server.  It is referencing two other geocoding locators (using roads and address points).  I've read in the ESRI Help that you c...
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  • Publishing Error Staging Failure

    Service Publishing Result    Staging Failure:  Compressing the service definition failed Using 10.1 beta 2 for both Desktop and Server.  Any ideas? Posting here since everything else has be...
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  • Geoprocessing Task: Result Appears but no Labels

    ArcGIS Server 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 I have a custom geoprocessing task that is being deployed from a tool layer.  My result is appearing in my map, but it is not being labeled.  Before publishing, the...
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  • Map extent tool

    Is there a tool available on the Resource Center that can be used to obtain map extents?
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  • code 100005: methodName='ImageServer.GetFields' error?

    Why would we get this over and over in our AGS logs?  Thanks! <Msg time='2012-06-22T11:48:07' type='ERROR' code='100005' target='World_DEM.ImageServer' methodName='ImageServer.GetFields' machine=xxx process='...
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  • How to let ArcGIS Server see relationship classes defined in a geodatabase

    I have an ArcSDE geodatabase which contains multiple relationship classes. If I add this layer to ArcMap, the relationship is automatically detected (eg, the Identify dialog allows me to view the related features). ...
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  • Why might WMS GetMap requiring LAYERS to be a number?

    I have a GET request which looks like this ("Hotspot" is a valid layer name): GET /arcgis/services/SmallvilleOGC/MapServer/WMSServer?SERVICE=WMS&map=SmallvilleOGC&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=i...
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  • publishing Service "Startup time out during the processing data phase"

    hello, I am using ArcGIS for server 10.5 and I have MXD with more than 1500 scanned images, the scanned images are stored in a folder on the map server machine where the ArcGIS installed. the problem is that I am...
    created by erizk
  • Is there a maximum number of layers in MXD to publish to map service?

    I have an mxd that contains hundreds of layers that are all OFF and all point to the same feature class. (I have added a layer for each field in the feature class.) I am able to create an msd file and publish the map ...
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  • Editing a join table published by a feature service

    I have joined two tables (selected TableA and joined TableB to it) in ArcMap. Then I publish my .mxd file enabling both Mapping and Feature Access. Now, when I view TableA in MapServer, fields of both tables are liste...
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  • Arcgis map service displaying Arabic labels in junk

    I have created a map service in arcgis 10.0 version . My mxd file shows Arabic text but in service the labels are displayed in junk characters .    I have set my system locale to arabic . 
    created by tokafil
  • service getting deleted

    Hi,   I have published a service on my arcgis server 10.6.  Next day when I come back I find the service to be missing. The same has happened multiple times. Not able to find the cause for it.   Belo...
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  • ArcGIS Server database connection problem...

    I'm trying to create a geodata service in ArcGIS Server and Iget the following error messages: [INDENT]"object instance creation failed on all SOC machines. Server Object instance creation failed on machine [serverna...
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  • Service configuration questions - instances, isolation, &amp;amp; SOC.exes

    Hi, There are many discussions in the forums about configuring min / max service instances for ArcGIS Server map services (set in the pooling tab in ArcCatalog / Manager) and I have spent a lot of time reading these ...
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