• Image service doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km in ArcGIS Online

    Hi ESRI Technical Support Team!   We've created image service from our own ArcGIS server using ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro. But the image layer /image service/ doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km. How to solve this?&...
  • Publishing Image service from Mosaic Dataset results in error

    Dear all, I have a problem publishing an Image or whatever service from a mosaic dataset. We are running ArcGIS Server 10.5 and 10.6. The client I use for publishing is ArcMap 10.7. So what I do is as follows: 1. I c...
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  • chess box

    Image size are from 2gb to 30gb, the images are stored in blob and accessed in ArcPro using .acs file Below steps are followed and still the chess boxes appears Questions  1. Why chess box are appearing for re...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 Cache displaying errors

    I have a problem with ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 Cache displaying (cache format: Compact, JPEG, 256x259 tile, 96dpi, total levels 12) The problem came unexpectedly, not all of the areas in the Cache are displayed at service...
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  • How to add a new image to a cached map service

    Hi All,   I couldn’t figure out if there is a way to add a new image to cached map service. For example, I have 3 cached images in a map service, how I can add the fourth image with its cache to the...
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  • Mosaics and Image Server services….source vs derived vs reference…Advice requested

    Mosaics and Image Server services….source vs derived vs reference…Advice requested Note: Sorry, this is long…but greatly appreciate anyone who reads and can give advice. I know there are many appr...
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  • Can Drone2Map 2.0.1 Share Imagery to a Specific Image Server Folder?

    I'm sharing an orthomosaic product to a federated image server and would like to specify a server folder in which to publish the service. I don't see an option to do this in the Drone2Map Share Imagery Layers dialog b...
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  • Things to consider when creating raster proxies for the cloud

    We are in the process of moving from on-prem servers to AWS. We have several image services and underlying data that we need to migrate. We are converting source tif's to MRF and will be storing these in S3. As we go ...
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  • When to use mosaic dataset?

    We want to show a group of rasters filtered on an Id as a layer.  Each raster has its own legend and color scale.  We need to display information on each individual raster if a user clicks on it.   ...
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  • Why can´t I publish image service from mosaic?

    I have ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1 and ArcGIS for server 10.3.1 installed on different windows machines. I was told by my software provider, that I can publish all services although the versions are different. This is true ...
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  • Add group layers to ArcGIS Server

    I am trying to share a service to my ArcGIS Server through Arcmap. The map has grouped layers but when i try to share the service i get "groupl layer type is not supported for feature service" So my question is how do...
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  • mosaic dataset

    Can I add raster data to a mosaic dataset while it is being served up as an image service?  Does it have to be an enterprise database (Oracle)?   I have 2 mosaic datasets in a file geo database, and I'm get...
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  • Mr. Sid - To cache or not?

    We have a single Mr. Sid file with a file size of 1.6 gigs, covers roughly 28kmX12km. Created a map service of this image and runs great, we will need to serve out to +- 50 active connections and I'm wondering if ther...
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  • Error 80042019

    I'm assuming this is probably going to be a support call, but I thought I'd give it a try here first. If nothing else than to document for some other poor soul who gets caught up in this mess. Sit back and grab some p...
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  • Disable Export Raster in ArcMap on Image Services

    Hello,   I published several Image Services on my organization portal (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7).  Our users can connect to our imagery server and add these services in ArcMap to visualize them. However they...
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  • Manipulation of the rendering rule of an Image Service

    Is there a way to dynamically adjust the rendering rule parameter of an image service so that the gradient of a map contains different color values at different intervals? Do the raster data have to meet certain crite...
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  • How do I install Image Server 10.5.1 on the same machine as ArcGIS Server?

    I moved my 10.3.1 Server and Image Extension to a new virtual server, which leaves me with the old physical server as a development server for 10.5.1.   I ran an update to ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 on the old 10.3.1...
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  • ArcGIS Server Bandwidth

    All     i was thinking the other day about how we are serving out our services and what it takes to update all the data in play, and it got me wondering...   we are serving out two main services: Serv...
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  • Keep high resolution on image export?

    I'm currently trying to export a PDF from an image service that we have hosted.  The imagery looks great within Arcmap, but the exported imagery looks really rough (coarsened).  Does anyone know what items I...
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  • Overlapping Imagery Toggle

    Is it possible to toggle overlapping images served through an image service? We currently have this toggle functionality using a custom VBA add-in for a mosaic dataset consumed directly from SQL/SDE into ArcMap. The e...
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