• Import new root cert to ArcGIS Notebook Runtimes?

    Running ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.8.1. Is it possible to either configure the ArcGIS Notebook Docker image or the container when it is created with our own root certificate?  It seems that the ArcGIS Notebook s...
    created by kjetim
  • Portal for ArcGIS: SAML logins with multiple IDPs without using discovery services

    ArcGIS Portal based web application are accessible for users from multiple ADFS (multiple internal and multiple external domains) . Is it possible to achieve this through SAML authentication by manually configuring mu...
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  • Portal Login Issues

    I recently set up a development Portal instance that is federated with a hosting server. All 10.6.1. Security is utilizing SSo with Active Directory. After configuring portal I set up my level 2 admin account and the ...
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  • Can the WebGISDR BACKUP_LOCATION use a local drive letter?

    I tried: BACKUP_LOCATION = "C:\\Make Believe Folder" But WebGISDR says: Cannot access the location "C:\Make Believe Folder".   And Process Monitor says that the program is trying to access the following path:...
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  • Problem with HTML Pop-up Configuration when trying to change target blank settings

    Hello everyone,   I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 and I have a web map with pop-ups which has a button that directs Survey123 in order to auto-populate it. With default settings (target="_blank") it opens in a...
    created by tolgaboz
  • WebMap access issue after publishing map services

    Hello All, We have been provided one mxd by the client and asked to publish in Portal Enterprise Server and there is a table which has joined the feature class and we are able to publish but we could not able to open...
    created by raoudaya24
  • Start/Stop Secure Services in 10.6.1

    Prior to 10.6.1, I was using the ArcGIS Server Admin Toolkit to stop and start services in bulk. That toolkit has depreciated and does not appear to work in 10.6.1. (It could be that I'm making an error with the param...
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  • Sign-In prompt when accessing Settings in Portal

    Hello,   i found some weird behavior in an installation of ArcGIS Portal. When trying to access the Settings in the Organization tab i get a login prompt even though I am already logged in. The prompt also shows...
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  • Share Package Tool Fails to Publish Web Layer

    Hi all,   I have been trying to use the Share Package tool in ArcGIS Pro (v2.5.1) to publish a map tile package and hosted tile layer to Portal for ArcGIS (v10.7.1). I keep getting 'Error 002934: Failed to publi...
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  • How can we reduce the amount of content in Portal's backup and log folders?

    We are preparing to upgrade our ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.5 to 10.6.1 and see over 3 GB of content in both the portal's backup folder and log folder. The upgrade documentation lists a 2.5 factor of free space on the ...
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  • Publish table as registered - Arcgis Server

    Hello,   I have a non-spatial table in Postgres and I would like to publish it as registered to Arcgis Server, is this possible?   Thank´s
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  • Auto populate value of primary/key fields of parent feature layers into fields of destination feature layers

    Solution Environment:  Portal for ArcGIS 10.6.1 (Fresh Build)  ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 Standard Edition  Context and Problem statement:  I am using COTS edit widget in WAB enterprise portal ...
    last modified by AnjulKrishna
  • Connectivity Problem

    Hi, I used North America major roads from ArcGIS to  build a network that my aim is to find the route between any pair which are in USA and CA that minimize travel distance. In total I have 200 locations and I a...
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  • ArcGis self-signed ssl

    Hi everyone. I have one configuration issue of #SSL Certificate installation on ArcGIS. 
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  • Possible to load ESRI raster tiles in Mapbox GL JS?

    Is it possible to load ESRI raster tiles from a tiles.arcgis.com service? In this mapbox demo, the line that specifies the basemap tiling service (from Stamen, in this case) is this:   'tiles...
    created by alejandrokennedy
  • Why are my hosted feature layers failing to copy in my distributed collaboration?

    This is my current distributed collaboration setup: AGOL - Host, uses standard logins Enterprise Portal 10.6.1 - Guest, uses IWA Did not set up web-tier authentication created groups during the collaboration proce...
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  • Override Field Alias in MapService

    Hello,   I have a MapService published to ArcGIS Server 10.6.1. The data comes from a local FGDB. In the MXD when authoring the document to define the service I set the aliases: Because aliases in the F...
    last modified by spiskula
  • June 2019 Security Patch

    Hi All- We are currently running ArcServer, et al 10.3.1.  I know that the extended support ended in Nov 2018 for this product, but can anyone tell me if the June 2019 security patch is relevant to 10.3.1 since ...
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  • Get geoprocessing service result back in ArcMap

    I want to share an extract by mask geoprocessing service with another colleague. Ideally my colleague would run the service and get the output raster on ArcMap. The service runs successfully on Server but I canno...
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  • Impossible to start portal after installing 10.5.1

    Hi there,    We are trying to install our first ESRI site.    I have used the entreprise builder, and everything is setup on the same machine.   I have been able to setup the server and the...
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