• Closest Facility Analysis

    I have 19 locations in Canada and USA. I  also have USA-Canada border lat long information (red dots in Picture). I found shorthest path between each locations using closest facility analysis, please see in the ...
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  • Arc Server 10.8 Database Registration error with Oracle 12cR2

    I am trying to register oracle 12cR2 geo-database Server through ArcGIS Server 10.8. as database authentication. But error generate "The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value wa...
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  • ArcGIS Server Log Message: Geodatabase Error. General Function Failure

    y ideas on how to fix this error (severe level) ? Geodatabase error. General function failure. Restarting the service works, but..... Is there a way maybe, more like a health check on the services that would eventu...
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  • Understanding Hosted Service Performance

    We are observing *errors* or a *delay* intermittently when queries are made using the feature layer API through our ArcGIS server.       It appears that the ArcGIS server intermittently needs...
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  • Web Adaptor and SQL server in cloud architecture

    Hello, i am interested in installing my development environment on the cloud. I saw that I could use the enterprise builder for cloud and I will get all the components on one machine.   I was wondering if someo...
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  • geoevent server filter

    How to set the filter properties to filter records with certain values?   I need to filter records with its ID containing a certain value such as "_boat".   The filter operator doesn't have "like" ...
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  • I cant use geoevent tools

    I go to https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager/index.html   to have access to ArcGIS server. then nowhere I cant find anything to add and work with GeoEvent. could you please help me understand how can ...
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  • Why are my hosted feature layers failing to copy in my distributed collaboration?

    This is my current distributed collaboration setup: AGOL - Host, uses standard logins Enterprise Portal 10.6.1 - Guest, uses IWA Did not set up web-tier authentication created groups during the collaboration proce...
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  • Error: Operation without query criteria is not allowed

    We are using ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 and our log files are showing this message daily on a particular map service. "Error: Operation without query criteria is not allowed"  I also see that the method name is "G...
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  • How long should Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 upgrade take?

    I'm upgrading an instance of Portal for ArcGIS 10.8 to Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1. It's been going on 3 hours and the installation is still not completed. I can see in Task Manager that there are some processes still wo...
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  • Block access to the portaladmin directory on external facing Portal

    Hi,   I have an external facing Portal at version 10.6.1. The Portal webapator is sitting in our DMZ. The following security presentation (https://downloads.esri.com/resources/enterprisegis/UC_Web_GIS_Security_S...
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  • How to add editing capability to a hosted feature service?

    I published a hosted feature service in 10.7.1, and now I need to add the 'create', 'editing', 'update' and 'delete' capabilities to the feature service.  Is there a way to add these capabilities without having t...
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  • Enterprise sites - public download

    Hi, in AG Enterprise there is a possibility to share my data with everyone, but when someone from public (unsigned person) wants to download my data (which I allowed to be public) from my sites, he can't. Is there any...
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  • ArcGIS for Server 10.7.1: Is ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) PaaS or SaaS?

    ArcGIS for Server 10.7.1: Is ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) PaaS or SaaS?   Not sure if the ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services means that the ArcGIS for Server is already deployed and ready ...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.7.1: Why WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) is compulsory when publishing with cached image service?

    ArcGIS Server 10.7.1: Why WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) is compulsory when publishing with cached image service?   I couldn’t figure out why WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) is compulsory...
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  • Reauthorize ArcGIS Server 10.8 with Azure Cloud Builder

    The process for reauthorizing ArcGIS Server sites deployed using ArcGIS Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure is not clear to me.  Is there a way to apply a new license to existing server deployments through the Clou...
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  • ArcGIS Server with arcgispro-py3

    Hi there're some functions seems only be available in the Arcpy come with ArcGIS Pro (arcgispro-py3), for example AddFields_management. we have arcgis server 10.6.1, and I'm wondering whether it is pos...
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  • Slow initial connection to enterprise geodatabase MS SQL Server

    Hello!   We have a number of MS SQL instances containing enterprise geodatabases. Our organization is spread out across our country and the server site is located at a single place. We are experiencing very slow...
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  • Why is the Createusers.bat tool a piece of ****

    I am trying to add users through the Createusers.bat tool and it does not work it keeps giving me an error that it cannot read the file, it gets Incorrect Format in line incorrect format in line.   I have tr...
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  • The EC2 'Recover' Action is not valid for the associated instance. Please remove or change to a different EC2 action.

    Hi -   I am trying to use ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS; however, each time I try to create my deployment I receive the following error during the formation "Logical ID : FileServerRecoveryAlarm, ...
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