• Registering folders with the server - subfolders included?

    I am getting prompted to register my data with the server when publishing in ArcGIS Pro. This is not new and I've done this many times, but I am confused about something.   I thought that I had already regi...
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  • Suppress "layer cannot be added to the map" as default behavior

    There are several posts that pertain to hiding the error message that is displayed when opening a Web AppBuilder app that references a layer that is unavailable. The offered solution is to comment out the relevant cod...
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  • Slow rendering of polygon layer - UK OS MasterMap

    OK - maybe one mainly for UK users. I have tried to use the lyr files OS have provided here GitHub - OrdnanceSurvey/OSMM-Topography-Layer-stylesheets: SQL scripts & cartographic stylesheets for OS MasterMap ...
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  • change server url in enterprise

    We setup Enterprise and everything worked fine. IT changed the name of the server and we now have some errors we need to fix. One is our local hosts no longer work. We get the 404 error for http://localhost/serve...
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  • Register tilecache datastore on NAS

    How do you go about registering the tilecache datastore to use a NAS?   I have successfully registered it to a \\UNCPathToNAS\ location and the hosting server is working with this location. I can see the relevan...
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  • Enable Apply Edits With Global Ids on ArcGIS Feature Services

    I have published a Feature Service on our ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 and in Feature Service URL I am seeing that the "Apply Edits with GlobalID: False"   How can I update it to True?
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  • GeocodeServer - Get suggestions scores

    Is there a way to get the suggestions scores for a Geocode Service on ArcGIS Server 10.6?   I have try to set the locator reportScorePerComponent properties to true, but the scrore is just returned for the findA...
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  • Arcgis 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 Upgrade - Failed to get administrator token from Portal. Please verify that the Portal URL specified can be accessed successfully

    Hey Folks    Hope everyone is doing well!   I am currently trying to upgrade our enterprise deployment from 10.6,1 to 10.7.1 using the following guide Upgrade your ArcGIS Enterprise portal—...
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  • Embedded dashboard in enterprise site requires two logins - Invalid 'X-Frame-Options'

    Hi All,    I'm building out a bunch of Enterprise Site pages that have an embedded Ops-Dashboards.  When we access the site page, we are prompted to login to the site (expected and good) and then login...
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  • Cannot get the WebGIS Configuration

    Hi Portal Experts,   I have a staging environment that is having problems running the WebGISDR utility and so cannot perform backups successfully:        Cannot get the web GIS con...
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  • Differences in 'Sharing Web Layer' and 'Publish Image Service' in Pro

    We are starting to publish services from Pro rather than ArcMap. It appears that, you can share a web layer (only for federeated servers) from the share ribbon item or publish a service by clicking on the server in ca...
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  • Unable to access the authentication service

    Hey all,   I am unable to register a database in the ArcGIS Server Manager (ArcGIS Server Manager >Site>Data Stores>Register>Database). When I try to import the .sde file a portal login prompt appear...
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  • Changing Binary to Geometry?

    Hi All, Have just been attempting to create some views in my SDE(s) and it is failing.  I'm attempting to create a new column in the view that is a calculation on the length of the segment for streets to be used...
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  • Can not connect to server Get Proxy Error 504.

    Attempting to connect to new Arcgis Server using Add ArcGIS Server. I enter URL and user name and password and I get the Error: We were not able to connect to "Server" Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote s...
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  • Certificate does not conform to algorithm constraints

    Hello fellow mappers!   I'm having an issue with Portal/Server (10.5.1) federation validation when using certificates signed with the RSASSA-PSS (SHA1withRSAandMGF1) signature algorithm.   The certifi...
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  • What qualifies as 'ArcGIS'?

    My department is is the process of upgrading our SQL Sever and I'm trying to make sure everything will be compatible afterwards. I found the help documentation below but am confused as to what 'ArcGIS' encompasses. Is...
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  • ArcGIS service access issue on IE Edge

    Hi,   One of our vendor application hosted on AWS has aspx page and which has script access Esri ArcGIS Map services (10.6.0) (on-prem). The application works fine and able to render all services in Chrome, IE b...
  • Esri portal on apigee?

    Would it be possible to expose an internal Esri portal on apigee API manager? If so, will an endpoint only need to be made for the portal, or for each individual layer service we plan to use? On our first attempt we w...
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  • Primary portal machine post-upgrade successful, standby fails (10.6.1)

    When upgrading a highly available portal in our disaster recovery environment, we installed 10.6.1 on both portals successfully. Then on the primary machine, we hit the Complete Upgrade button, which was also successf...
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  • ArcCatalog crashes working with a view

    Hi,   We have a problem working with a view.   The view is created in ArcCatalog  - right click on a database connection - create a View - use SQL "select x0.objectid as f1, x0.any_field as f2 from...
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