• Server 10.4 and Snoop Dog: Failed to Swizzle.....

    Not making this up, yo....   In 10.4 SVR, when publishing a service, among other errors related to failure, I'm now getting:   SEVERE Failed swizzling the service. 2016-03-08T14:55:42 System/PublishingT...
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  • Unable to publish map service with data in enterprise database using Server 10.4

    I have upgraded ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 to 10.4 and facing issues with publishing map services with data stored in enterprise databases.   The server is hosted in Amazon AWS with following infrastructure and works ...
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  • Failed to start the server machine - illegal access

    Hello Forum,   My installation of arcgis server 10.8 was working just fine. I am investigating what could have happened but suddenly my it stopped working and in the log under arcgisserver I am getting repe...
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  • How to connect as "publisher" to an MSSQL Enterprise geodatabase with ArcGIS Pro 2.5?

    I created a new sde geodatabase in MSSQL Server 2012. After setting permissions in MSSQL I was able to create the database connection in ArcMAP 10.7 as a "publisher connection" by default. If I however try to con...
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  • ArcGIS 10.5 Upgrade Error  - Upgrade step 2 of 2 : Failed. 

    I am attempting up upgrade from ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 to Enterprise 10.5 and I receive the following error when going through manager:   Upgrade step 2 of 2 : Failed.  Cannot start machine as it does not par...
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  • Cannot change sharing setting of any arcgis enterprise item

    Hi   I do not have any options to change the sharing of any of my items in ArcGIS Enterprise. The following is all that pops up for me when I click access    I can change access other ways but I wou...
  • Single Sign On experience with SAML on ArcGIS Enterprise ?

    Hello,   I am trying to figure out if it is possible to provide a single sign on experience in applications built with data from ArcGIS Enterprise that requires the user to authenticate on the plateforme. &...
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  • Pushing patches to ArcGIS Server AWS CloudFormation Auto-Scaled Deployments

    Hello. Has anyone out there had any experience pushing patches for ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Enterprise out to deployments that use AWS CloudFormation with auto-scaling groups?   My ArcGIS Server site has new mach...
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  • Configuring a cloud store with an Azure Data Lake

    I'm trying to create a cloud store to an Azure Gen 2 data lake.  I've read all the doc and the IDs and keys requested aren't something I'm particularly familiar with.  I've made a 'best guess' but haven't fo...
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  • Changing Staging Location for Tile Cache Datastore

    Hi Guys,   Is there any ArcGIS Data Store Command Utility to change the staging location for TileCache Datastore? From the documentation what I can see is that the existing Command Utility "changestaginglocati...
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  • Can't change service properties on federated GIS Server even though I'm an admin

    I get the following message in Manager,   "The service is owned by another user. The sharing properties can only be modified by the owner." The GIS Server is federated with Portal, so I'm logging in to Manager ...
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  • custom identity stores deprecated

    It looks like custom identity stores are deprecated in 10.7+ Set up a custom identity store using ASP.NET—ArcGIS Server Administration (Windows) | ArcGIS Enterprise    What will be a suitable alterna...
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  • Geocode Server suggest returns only 50 results event if MaxSuggestCandidates is set to 100

    Hi!   When creating my address locator, I modify the MaxSuggestCandidates from default 6 to 100, then I publish it as a Geocode Service on ArcGIS Server Enterprise.   When I use the REST suggest service, I...
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  • Portal for ArcGIS cannot connect to Active Directory

    Hi, Once a day I have the following warning in Portal logs:   Portal for ArcGIS cannot connect to Active Directory LDAP server at ldaps://[ip_add1]:3269 (error: SocketException: Connection reset by peer: socket ...
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  • Hosting server in Portal for ArcGIS

    Hi everyone, I have a question about hosting server option in Portal for ArcGis. When I select hosting server and then save the configuration, that option change to grey out and unable to select "No hosting ...
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  • Who created account in Portal?

    Hi everyone,   How to check who created account in Portal?    In logs by Portal Administration Directory i found INFO that account is created without information who did it.       Arc...
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  • Can't Login to Portal as Admin. How to do point-in-time restore?

    I'm on 10.6.1 of portal. Recently my user, group, and content data got messed up by a script that was attempting to copy data from one environment to another. Now I cannot login to portal through the browser at all. I...
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  • sde locks

    SDE Feature classes continue to get schema locks put on them even when no one is in them or have ever even opened them. It's driving me a bit nuts. Has anyone else seen this?   SDE 10.6.1 SQL 2012.
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise. Cannot generate portal licence for 10.7.1?

    Hi   Our portal licences have expires but I cannot generate  licence file for 10.7.1 through my ESRI. I can only generate 10.8 and 10.6.1 licence files.   Has anyone else had this problem?   Tha...
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  • Connection to Oracle DB without a GeoDatabase

    Hi,    We are currently facing a problem with ArcGIS Server that concerns a connection to an Oracle Database without "SDE or Enterprise GDB" functionalities. This means we have an Oracle 19c DB with tables ...
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