• New AGS Mapservice Layers Not Showing in AGOL WebMap

    I have an AGOL webmap that originates from an ArcGIS Server (AGS) mapservice which has been in operation for several months.  Last month many new layers were added to the mxd for the mapservice and these layers a...
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  • arcpy - republish mapServer using the same service defnition

    I would like to know if there is a way with arcpy to republish a service to arcgis server using the same service definition, just like we can do in ArcMap.   I am using arcpy.mapping.CreateMapSDDraft() to c...
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  • External access to Feature Service in a Federated Environment?

    We are running a Federated 10.7.1 environment. We're using Windows Active Directory as our Identity Store. One of our clients will need access to edit a feature service. The feature service is referencing data stored ...
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  • Activ-Activ "Portal for ArcGIS" in HA deployment ?

    Hello,   I am wondering if it is possible to have an activ-activ deployment of "Portal for ArcGIS" component in a HA deployment ?   The requirement from the security team is the following: "ArcGI...
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  • DataStore and RAM issue

    Dear all,   I have a question to Data Store RAM usage. I have 10.8 Enterprise (all in one machine), with 7 services (3 features, 2 map service and 2 vector tile layers services) and 5 others non-hosted services....
  • Web Adaptor on internal ArcGIS Server machine

    We would like to know if our main federated hosting ArcGIS Server (that is installed behind our firewall) can/should have a web adapter installed on it or if it should be in the DMZ?  We only need to access our R...
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  • Geoprocessing Widget - "Unable to load" Geoprocessing Service

    I am receiving the below message when I attempt to execute a geoprocessing service via the WAB geoprocessing widget. This only occurs with certain layers. It does execute most of the time. I can not find documentation...
    created by kirby.lance3665
  • ArcGIS Enterprise performance degradation?

    Hello,   For some weeks I experience the problem of gradual ArcGIS Enterprise performance degradation. After a restart it's OK but the performance then degrades gradually and I have to restart frequently. I ha...
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  • Scene Viewer: CAN'T IDENTIFY ELEVATION on a point location...?

    Why is not possible to identify elevation from terrain in  AGOL or PORTAL SCENE VIEWER or in any other web app template that support 3d scene ??????   The analysis/measure tool offer lin...
    created by alassom
  • Scene Viewer - Extrusion Down from the Surface?

    In ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer, I would like to display well shafts starting at the surface and going downward. I have created a local scene and there is an underground "area" but I have not figured out away to extrude...
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  • Heat Map Symbolization

    We have data that we would like to symbolize with heat maps in a web app. I have discovered that this is a bit more complicated than I thought at first and would like some clarification.   It seems as though hea...
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  • Cannot add a View from SQL Server to Arcmap

    Using SQL Server, I created a view in Database A by joining another view in database B on the same server. The process is successful in SQL Server Management Studio and the view looks all good.   But when I...
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  • How to determine which map services are using a specific data store?

    We're trying to track down the map services that are using a specific data store.  It seems the closest I can get to that information is with the ArcGIS Data Store command utility's describedatastore (ArcGIS...
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  • Webgisdr not packaging backup file correctly

    Webgisdr will backup the portal and server, but not data store.   I have tried automating ArcGIS backups using task scheduler, however when the task runs after hours, the full backup attempt will run as shown i...
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  • Start/Stop Secure Services in 10.6.1

    Prior to 10.6.1, I was using the ArcGIS Server Admin Toolkit to stop and start services in bulk. That toolkit has depreciated and does not appear to work in 10.6.1. (It could be that I'm making an error with the param...
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  • Reference secured service with SAML from another ArcGIS Enterprise

    Hello,   I would like to reference in my ArcGIS Enterprise A a secured service from another ArcGIS Enterprise B configured with SAML authentification (to another IDP than my ArcGIS Enterprise A).   When tr...
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  • Why the ArcGis return logs for the deleted services!

    Why the ArcGis return logs for the deleted services! Since this service deleted from the ArcGis manager does it take from server performance, and how to prevent such logs. Best, Noor
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  • WFSServer outputformat=Shape+Zip not functioning, CSV not showing field names

    Has anyone been able to successfully get a MapServer/WFSServer outputformat Shape+Zip functioning on their Federated ArcGIS Server?  I've tried multiple things and checked my logs to no avail...Also, the CSV outp...
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  • ArcGIS Notebooks in AWS and Azure

    ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 is here! Everything is looking really good!   My question is about ArcGIS Notebooks. Since ArcGIS Notebooks requires docker and docker requires Hyper-V and Containers featur...
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  • Create List in Enterprise 10.7.1

    Hi,  I am using Enterprise 10.7.1. I have added a new field to my hosted feature layer, and am trying to 'Create List' to define pre-populated values. However, when I try to do this, I get 'There was an error'. ...
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