• WebGISDR taking down our Portal (full/incremental)

    We have an HA configuration in Windows 2016. Two Portal/Server/DataStore VM's and one for the file server. We have a large Portal (over 2500 users) and when I am trying to run the WebGISDR the resources on the machine...
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  • Cache missing tiles at certain scale

    ArcGIS Server 10.6 and ArcMap 10.6.1 for publishing.   I've built a cache of a small area using a mosaic dataset. When I view the cache rest endpoint i'm seeing missing tiles (or slivers) between 1:4000 - 1:6000...
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  • Feature layer Coordinates incorrect

    Hi All   I have strange scenario.   I have a feature class when I publish it with feature access enabled (Query Only) there is no problem   When I take the same feature class and add it to I SQL...
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  • water conference 2020

    is there going to be a water conference in Feb 2020?
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  • Hosted Feature Layer View symbology not drawing in WAB

    Hi,   I'm trying to create a Web App that uses a Hosted Feature Layer view. I can successfully create the Hosted Feature Layer View in Portal 10.7.1 and preview (figure 1 below)       ...
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  • Create an Enterprise Site from a Template?

    A colleague created an Enterprise Site and my job is to create one for a different project that is formatted exactly the same. I tried to open his and do a "save as," and don't see that option, and I tried to create a...
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  • Geocode Server suggest returns only 50 results event if MaxSuggestCandidates is set to 100

    Hi!   When creating my address locator, I modify the MaxSuggestCandidates from default 6 to 100, then I publish it as a Geocode Service on ArcGIS Server Enterprise.   When I use the REST suggest service, I...
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  • ArcGIS Datastore

    I have 03 servers (w2016 -16GB RAM) for my GIS Server, Portal and IIS implementation. In which of all should you install the ArcGISDatastore (relational only) to get better performance? , until then I can configure my...
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  • SQL Trigger on featurclass in SQL SERVER

    I created the trigger to access information from different tables and update in the feature class ( enabled with Attachments)  and sending email notifications in trigger itself. when i try to insert/update record...
  • Federate 10.5 ArcGIS Server (non-hosting) with 10.7.1 Portal and IWA

    Hi   I am attempting to unfederate a current 10.5 ArcGIS Server from a 10.5 Portal, and then federate it with a new 10.7.1 Portal. It is intended for use as reference and historical data / services. It will not ...
  • Testing Autorecovery of AWS EC2 File Server

    AWS deployment of HA ArcGIS Enterprise - use of shared File Server.   Has anyone deployed the AWS CloudFormation template for HA ArcGIS Enterprise and done some testing of the ability of this to withstand EC2 fa...
  • Start and Stop options greyed out

    I have a feature layer hosted in Portal for ArcGIS. I was trying to "Stop" the service in ArcGIS Server to enable Enable Ownership Based Access Control ,but both "Start" and "Stop" options are greyed out as ...
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  • ArcGIS SDE Oracle Tablespace Problem

    Hello to everyone, I have problems when I try to import data into a database. I got the error ORA-01691, I tried the solutions. I removed the temporary tablespace, created a new one again, but it didn't improve. Can y...
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  • Doubts about services in Arcgis Server

    Hi,   I have a database registered on my Arcgis server, within this database I have data that has been published as a service. When changing this data in the database, will my data automatically change on the ar...
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  • Is Windows Server Core supported?

    I am migrating our 10.7.1 servers to newer VMs and wanted to take advantage of the lower memory footprint while staying on a Windows OS.   Out of the gate I get an issue with a missing dll (oledlg.dll) but I kno...
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  • How does licensing work with when consuming ArcGIS Server Rest service?

    I'm considering creating a custom web app that will use leaflet.  People would log in and be able to create new records through a form and perform queries on the rest service through a custom form I will create. ...
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  • How to switch all services from “Dedicated” to “Shared” in one go?

    How to switch all services from “Dedicated” to “Shared” in one go?   I couldn’t figure out how to switch all services from “Dedicated” to “Shared” in one go...
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  • Problem configuring Data Store

    Hi   I have installed ArcGIS Data Store on 2 servers ( primary and a failover Secondary ) but when I try to configure the second data store on the second server,  I get the following error "  Attem...
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  • 10.6.1 HA ArcGIS Server Site Crashing

    Since upgrading to 10.6.1, we have seen instances of machines in our ArcGIS Server site crashing (its not always the same machine).  After doing some deep diving into the logs and ArcGIS Monitor, we are seeing sp...
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Server Install with configuration file not working

    I'm installing ArcGIS 10.6.1 using the silent install command line option.  After much testing, it looks like there is a potential bug when specifying the use of the configpath option to read the hashed account i...
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