• Does each ArcGIS Server Role require its own Web Adapter?

    I am planning an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 deployment including a GIS Server, Image Server & GeoEvent Server.  This is the first time I have deployed Image Server & GeoEvent Server, and I'm trying to figur...
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  • webgisdr - Export Failure: Configuration store error (Non Default 'Local Repository Path')

    Hello,    We are trying to execute the webgisdr utility on one of our ArcGIS Enterprise solutions. The ArcGIS Server 'Local Repository Path' is not the standard C:\arcgisserver\local\config-store but instea...
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  • Which VM select when I install ArcGIS Enterprise in Azure

    Hello,   I will use Cloud builder to deploy ArcGIS enterprise in Azure. there are several vm we can select to do the installation and I would like to know which one is the best VM to select and do not break the ...
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  • How to estimate the number of SQL licenses necessary to install ArcGIS enterprise on MS SQL?

    Greetings   We are about to install ArcGIS enterprise which will make use of MS Standard SQL version. As non-profit organization we have access to discounted Microsoft licenses.   ArcGIS enterprise will b...
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  • Seperate layers from web feauture service into portal items

    Hello,   Currently I publish web feature service which contain all the related layers. This creates an single item in portal which lists all the layers and their service URL. I would now like to sepera...
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  • Map Service Performance: MAPX vs MXD

    We've noticed that when publishing map services from ArcGIS Pro, the map is saved to the server as a MAPX. When publishing from ArcGIS Desktop, the map is saved to the server as a MXD. From a map service stand point, ...
  • ArcGIS Server High Availability and Publishing Survey123 Forms

    I am currently using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 and have two ArcGIS Server VMs joined to the same site for high availability and load balancing. We recently experienced an issue with one of the ArcGIS Server VMs and it ...
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  • Collaborating layer published by reference as copy in AGOL

    Our goal: publish our data by reference from a registered file geodatabase in Portal. When this data needs to be external, we would like to collaborate with (via distributed collaboration) as a copy (to become a hoste...
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  • Install Server and Portal Patches with PowerShell DSC

    I'm trying to figure out how to have patches installed when running the PowerShell DSC for an enterprise upgrade from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1.  In the github Wiki I see "PatchesDir" in the variables page but all it says...
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  • Can't change service properties on federated GIS Server even though I'm an admin

    I get the following message in Manager,   "The service is owned by another user. The sharing properties can only be modified by the owner." The GIS Server is federated with Portal, so I'm logging in to Manager ...
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  • Operations Dashboard is not opening.

    Our team has recently begun testing with ArcGIS Enterprise and have configured a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 using a cloud server. In our testing and validation, noted that Operations Dashboard does not ...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.7.1: How joined machines respond in case of failure in the main ArcGIS Server machine?

    I couldn’t figure out how joined machines respond in case of failure in the main ArcGIS Server machine due to the fact that services are consumed by links containing the IP of the main ArcGIS Server machine. Fo...
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  • ESRI GeoPortal

    What Arcgis softwares like Arcgis Enterprise or ArcGIS desktop we need to run GeoPortal   What Arcgis softwares like Arcgis Enterprise or ArcGIS desktop we need to run ArcGIS HUB   What Arcgis so...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise - Portal & Hosting Server behind F5 (Reverse Proxy)

    We have our ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS Server (Hosting), ArcGIS Server (Image Server) &  ArcGIS Server (Raster Server) - all Federated and working well within the Intranet. All versions are 10.7.1 and all run...
  • Can I link my States Open Data site to my Portal

    My State has a Open Data Portal that many agencies feed into; is there a way to have my portal consume all of the shared services into my Living Atlas section feed?
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  • Any problems with shrinking enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server?

    I'm getting charged per GB for SQL Server storage, so I have an incentive to use just as much storage as I need and no more.  There are enough GB involved to create an attractive benefit to using less storage....
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  • Upgrading Data Store, password

    We are planning an upgrade of our ArcGIS for Server site from v10.4 to v10.7.1.  We experienced a service publishing error that could not be resolved with rigorous troubleshooting with Esri tech support, so the a...
  • Custom font not updated when mxd is published to ArcGIS Server Enterprise

    I have a mxd that use a custom font for point symbols. I have updated the font to add new symbols and everything is working within ArcMap. The new symbols are displayed correctly.   However, when I publish the m...
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  • GeocodeServer - ArcSOC using a lot of memory on each search

    I have discovered that our GeocodeServer ArcSOC are using up to 17Go of memory per search. This is quite a lot in my opinion. Our server machine has 44Go of RAM in total and from time to times we can see some insuffic...
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  • Change Hosted Feature Service URL on Portal

    I have published all my services prior to adding a load balancer and have noticed that the URL for the service on the Portal item still references the non-load balanced URL.  I though setting the WebContextURL on...
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