• ArcGIS Server 10.6 and Oracle 10

    I have an attribute table from Oracle 10 and ArcGIS Server 10.6. I can connect to the database directly from ArcCatalog but I can't register it in my ArcGIS Server because Oracle's version is not supported for ArcGIS ...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise #4

    Welcome to the fourth round of This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise!  This week we're going to be focusing on publishing errors.  This topic may be thought of as taboo by some but, if you've been using ArcG...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise: Archive

    This Week's Picks is a biweekly blog where Product Advocacy Leads share curated technical content.      The below list is a repository of all the ArcGIS Enterprise posts from the s...
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  • Problem with Arcgis Enterprise 10.6.1 after applying Enterprise Sites 2 Patch

    Hi  Last Friday we installed Enterprise Sites 2 Patch on our 10.6.1 ArcGIS Enterprise instance and now it seems to be broken. We have Portal and Server federated and Data Store. All software ...
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  • Versioning in MS SQL Got Turned Off

    Has anyone ran across a situation where versioning was turned off on a database with no clue as to how. Find nothing in the SQL logs to indicate how but somehow we have a database that mystically had the versioning t...
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  • How can you fix a corrupt ArcGIS Server lifecycleinfos.json file

    This question relates to an ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 implementation.    When trying the start a service, the following error occurs:   I have discovered ten services that have corrupted lifecycleinfos.j...
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  • ArcGIS Server Directories on EFS in AWS

    Hi All, This question has been asked before, but I thought I would get a refresh of current thinking. The Esri supplied Cloudformation template for an HA AGS server site with multiple AGS machines utilises an EC2 inst...
  • Is there a way to see what Python geoprocessing is available per ArcGIS enterprise/server release?

    I made a Python script that utilizes a recently developed geoprocessing tool (arcpy.SubdividePolygon_management). I can successfully run the script in ArcGIS Pro, but when I publish it as a geoprocessing service to ou...
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  • Copy content between Portal A and AGOL

    Hello fellows,   In my quest of setting up a continuous deployment for ArcGIS artifacts, I have been setup a portal for ArcGIS inside my company network, and a company account in AGOL.   My idea is to hav...
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  • Creating new site in ArcGIS Image Server 10.7

    I am new to ArcGIS Image Server, and I am having some problems post-installation. I have installed the software, and as per a former co-worker's instructions, I should navigate to localhost:6443/arcgis/manager to crea...
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  • ArcGIS Server for Linux not installing

    I am trying to install ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 son a Linux machine. I get no error message. I know I'm using the Linux installer and not Windows. I am using the command line to complete the installation.  It passes&...
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  • Collaboration guest can send but not receive?

    I have a collaboration between our ArcGIS online org and our Enterprise portal (10.6). It will update items shared from the guest (portal) to the host (org) but items shared to the host workspace are not syncing with ...
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  • WSDL & XSD files for WFS and WMS services deployed on ArcGIS Server

    I am working on creating a proxy for OGC WFS and WMS services deployed on ArcGIS server using C#.Net WCF service. For that purpose, I need to create a reference to a WFS service so that I can get its classes and data ...
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  • ArcGIS Server and CPU cores

    There are two ways cores on a physical machine affect ArcGIS Server.   1. Licensing - Every license of ArcGIS Server is for 4 CPU cores. 2. Performance - The System Design Strategy guide states that p...
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  • Custom prj file in ArcGIS Enterprise

    Hello, everyone, can you tell me where to find the spatial references used by ArcGIS Enterprise? Can I add my own PRJ file to use the Project function via rest? It's hard to find supporting documentation. Thank you in...
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  • Unable to delete item from portal

    Hi,   I was published some features in Portal. I have Server federated with Portal.   I created Server conection in Arcmap and publish de feature for tests.   Now I need remove the item from portal. ...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise #3

    Happy GIS Day, ArcGIS Enterprise enthusiasts!  For the third round of This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise, we're going  to be focusing on following buzzwords: Federation. Collaboration. Shared instances. &...
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  • Portal permissions for metadata viewing

    In Portal, is there a way to give a user permissions to see an item (name, description, maybe other metadata) but not permissions to view the data?   The idea would be to allow Team 1 to see the inventory of wha...
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  • Use ArcGIS Online Print Service with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1

    Hi,   I'm working through implementing ESRI's ArcGIS security implementation guidelines for ArcGIS Enterprise .   ArcGIS Enterprise implementation guidance—ArcGIS Trust Center | Documentation &#...
  • Need Help Configuring Portal For ArcGIS Enterprise With F5!

    We are in the process of configuring Portal For ArcGIS Enterprise High Availability with redundancy. So far we have completed the following steps:   1. Set up the portal content directory on a file ser...
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