• About managed database in Server

    Hi,   What is the difference between managed and registered database? What is the managed database for? When should I not use the enterprise database as managed?   Thank´s
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  • Restore backup to different ArcGIS Enterprise?

    So we have our ArcGIS Enterprise test environment at 10.7.1 and we would like to keep that environment just to test/QA. However we have plenty of integrations that need testing that we want to keep in a separate envir...
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  • Prerequisites for a successful installation

    Hi,   Somebody could send me information about prerequisites for sucess instalation of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1?   Thank´s
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  • Install Python 3.0 packages on ArcGIS Server 10.6.1

    My team is authoring a Pro script tool using 'arcgis' and 'reportlab' modules. I want to publish this as a web tool (geoprocessing service) to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 for testing, then finally to client's  ArcGI...
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  • Distributed Collaboration - Guest Portal Access

    Hi all,   I am looking to set up an Enterprise to Enterprise distributed collaboration in the near future. I was wondering if once the collaboration is set up between our two organizations, is it possible to set...
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  • Operations Dashboard is not opening.

    Our team has recently begun testing with ArcGIS Enterprise and have configured a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 using a cloud server. In our testing and validation, noted that Operations Dashboard does not ...
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  • Feature Service vs. Map Service

    When publishing a map service, is there any advantage/reason to enable feature access unless you are going to edit features?   For example, if I want to add a REST endpoint to ArcGIS Online and save the lay...
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  • Error exporting map Error handling service request

    Arc server list a lot of error in arc server logs as below : Error exporting map Error handling service request :Processing request took longer than the usage timeout for service 'XXXX/XXXX.MapServer i don`t know th...
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  • How to turn on\off of layers contained in a cached service?

    How to turn on\off of layers contained in a cached service?   Dears,   For example, in the screenshot below, an mxd file that contains 3 layers (in turned on mode) is published and cached. I observed that t...
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  • Install Server and Portal Patches with PowerShell DSC

    I'm trying to figure out how to have patches installed when running the PowerShell DSC for an enterprise upgrade from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1.  In the github Wiki I see "PatchesDir" in the variables page but all it says...
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  • Moving ArcGIS Portal Directories

    Hello   We have recently upgraded our enterprise environment from 10.3.1 to 10.6. Due to the way the portal was initial configured the Portal directories (excluding "content") are located on the server at C:\arc...
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  • Adding new images to cached service

    Hi All,   I am wondering about any approach to re-publish cache service after adding new images to its source mosaic.   Thank you   Best, Fatin
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  • Failed to execute (UploadServiceDefinition) Error 999999

    I recently upgrading my server site all to 10.4.1 from 10.4, and for some reason am experiencing issues publishing and overwriting map services from my 10.4 ArcGIS for Desktop.     A strange thing occu...
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  • Happy new year to all.   We intend to use survey 123 for field data collection in the Liberia Census. In addition, we are planning to acquire ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS. For this reason, I would like to get clarification on the following issues 1.     Can we

    Happy new year to all. We intend to use survey 123 for field data collection in the Liberia Census. In addition, we are planning to acquire ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS. For this reason, I would like to get clarificati...
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  • How to estimate the number of SQL licenses necessary to install ArcGIS enterprise on MS SQL?

    Greetings   We are about to install ArcGIS enterprise which will make use of MS Standard SQL version. As non-profit organization we have access to discounted Microsoft licenses.   ArcGIS enterprise will b...
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  • Level 1 Users Cannot Access Referenced Data

    I have an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 environment with a SQL server Enterprise Geodatabase.  Most of the users of Portal are Level 2 publishers or creators.  There have been numerous apps and dashboards created u...
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  • ArcGIS Portal Hosting Server and Managed Database

    Hi,  I need to use Survey123 with my ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 platform and for that need to setup Hosting Server. (OS Platform: Windows 2016 server, IIS, and PostGreSQL DB).    I see all my Data Store...
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  • Testing Autorecovery of AWS EC2 File Server

    AWS deployment of HA ArcGIS Enterprise - use of shared File Server.   Has anyone deployed the AWS CloudFormation template for HA ArcGIS Enterprise and done some testing of the ability of this to withstand EC2 fa...
  • ArcGIS Server for Linux not installing

    I am trying to install ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 son a Linux machine. I get no error message. I know I'm using the Linux installer and not Windows. I am using the command line to complete the installation.  It passes&...
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  • What's the DataStore Tile Cache for?

    The DataStore component in my AGE 10.7 install has the Tile Cache enabled, but it appears to do nothing. I was able to log in to the REST interface on port 29080 and I can see one database called dsconfig$ with a...
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