• How to download\extract the content (data) of map service layer in one go?

    How to download\extract the content (data) of map service layer in one go?   I couldn’t get the best practice in how to download\extract the content of map service layers in one go. Most of server tools e...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.7.1: ArcGIS Server fails to Join,

    ArcGIS Server 10.7.1: ArcGIS Server fails to Join,   I couldn’t figure out why the ArcGIS Server fails to join to an existing site and ends up with errors shown in the screenshots below     ...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise Migration to Windows from RHEL

    Anyone migrate from RHEL to Windows Server? We have full enterprise setup on multiple machines to include multiple ArcServers, ImageServer, Portal and a few Web Adaptors. Trying to figure out how to migrate porta...
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  • Why don't my rest services work over the internet?

    I have set up a reverse proxy so that I get access to a folder in my Rest interface. I can see all the services which are present. But when I klick on a service to enter the properties I get a 404 not found.   W...
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  • Hosting server in Portal for ArcGIS

    Hi everyone, I have a question about hosting server option in Portal for ArcGis. When I select hosting server and then save the configuration, that option change to grey out and unable to select "No hosting ...
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  • Data Store certificate renewal

    The SSL certificate used in our Data Store expires soon. We renewed the certificate "in place". The expiration date for the certificate has been updated to a date next year. I can see it in the MMC after add...
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  • Automated Reconciliation with arcpy re-identifies conflicts that have already been manually resolved

    Running into issues automating version reconciliation using arcpy script scheduled nightly on Windows Server.  ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 Enterprise Geodatabase (SQL Server) with multi-generation version tree (3+)....
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  • Cannot change sharing setting of any arcgis enterprise item

    Hi   I do not have any options to change the sharing of any of my items in ArcGIS Enterprise. The following is all that pops up for me when I click access    I can change access other ways but I wou...
  • Register Annotation view using sde command

    Hi I need to register an annotation view in SDE 10.0 using commands (I know this is old stuff).   Has anyone been able to do this using the sdelayer commands?   sdelayer -o register -l V_OSMMANFC,SHAPE -e ...
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  • Can one ArcGIS Server site have multiple portals? Or can multiple Portals connect to one ArcGIS Server site?

    So I have a mixed security model that has the appearance of having 3 different portals;   1. Public --> Collab to ArcGIS Online 2. Secure --> Custom Applications 3. Internal --> Internal\Sensitive...
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  • Operations Dashboard is not opening.

    Our team has recently begun testing with ArcGIS Enterprise and have configured a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 using a cloud server. In our testing and validation, noted that Operations Dashboard does not ...
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  • Single Sign On experience with SAML on ArcGIS Enterprise ?

    Hello,   I am trying to figure out if it is possible to provide a single sign on experience in applications built with data from ArcGIS Enterprise that requires the user to authenticate on the plateforme. &...
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  • Can single sign on be achieved using OpenID Connect with a SAML add-in for ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal?

    We have implemented single sign on for a client web application using Rock Solid Knowledge Limited's SAML2P Component for IdentityServer4, an OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 framework for ASP.NET Core. The SSO allow...
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  • How to configure web access to /arcgis/rest/services without the webadapter using a reverse proxy?

    I have been trying to set up a reverse Proxy to gain access to my rest services folder from the internet. I am trying to do this without the the webadapter. My network manager does not understand ArcGIS and I don&acut...
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  • Server-Portal Error in Feature Service While Trying To Edit

    Hi    Receiving the following error when trying to edit a text field in a feature service using ArcGIS Server-Portal 10.5.1                      Code&#...
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  • How to check who created account in Portal?

    Hi everyone,   How to check who created account in Portal?    In logs by Portal Administration Directory i found INFO that account is created without information who did it.     ArcGis Por...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1: no gzip compression on vector tile tilemap json request

    Hello,   Analysing my webapplication built with ESRI JS API regarding best practices, it's been spotted that json request to tilemap vector tiles (/tilemap/0/0/0/32/32?f=json not the pbf ones /tile/4/8/7.pb...
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  • Service sharing properties/ownership changes seemingly without cause. (Federated server, 10.5.1)

    I have published multiple image services to our federated image server on our 10.5.1 Enterprise deployment. These were shared to "Everyone" in order to share to our internal network without requiring users to sign in ...
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  • Exposing ArcGIS Server rest services from a single ArcGIS server directory through a firewall?

    I am not a network specialist first of all. I am a GIS Coordinator for a regional authority and am using ArcGIS Server 10.5 inside our firewall. All rest services can only be seen from inside the organisation. We do h...
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  • Query attachments on hosted feature service in Portal returns strange error

    Greetings Everyone!   I seem to be running into a peculiar issue with my Portal for ArcGIS installation.  I created some hosted feature services programmatically using the REST API.  I am able to add a...
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