• Reference standalone javascript file from Enterprise Sites?

    I do not seem to be able to reference from within bespoke HTML code to a Javascript file in Enterprise Sites 10.7.1...is this not possible?
    created by spk578
  • Thumbnails not being generated Enterprise 10.6.1

    Hi,   I'm having issues with thumbnails not being created in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1. When I try to create a hosted layer view I get the following error   "The item you requested cannot be found. The item...
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  • Are many-to-many relationships supported in AGOL or Portal

    I cannot find any information regarding if many-to-many relationship classes are supported in ArcGIS Online or Portal. I have one-to-many relationships working fine, but I cannot get many-to-many to view related recor...
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  • Difference between Feature Service and Hosted Feature Layer?

    I am relatively new to the Esri technologies. My question is very simple.. What is the difference between the Feature Service and Hosted Feature Layer? feature service(s), hosted feature layer 
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  • SQL Edits through Published Service

    I have a new enterprise deployment and am trying to figure out how to configure this so that when we publish a feature service to portal, edits made to the service come back into our SQL. I was told this is done with ...
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  • webgisdir.bat cannot create folder in SHARED_LOCATION

    Running Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1, on Windows 2016; no WebAdaptor, but using Enterprise and ArcGIS authentication on Portal Have 2 federated servers behind a proxy as well and fullBackupSite operation fails on both. I...
    created by agaxon
  • How to Register DataBase (DataStore) with Federated ArcGIS Server?

    Background I'm in the process of moving to new SQL Servers and migrating a bunch of SDE databases. So I'm having to update lots of SDE references for map services, FME workbenches, projects. I'm noticing some con...
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  • Login link fails when accessed from web adaptor

    My client has ArcGIS Portal and Server running behind their firewall and both web adaptors running on a DMZ server. There are secured feature services I need to access, but cannot reach because the login link doesn't ...
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  • Unable to download data on ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 10.6.1

    Hi I am wondering about an issue I am having with ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 10.6.1. I have published a feature service to my Enterprise (Hosted). I've enabled my service for editing capabilities and extract capabilities...
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  • Sharing group from Enterprise to other organization and vice versa

    I have been able to invite members from other AGOL organizations to join a group within my own AGOL organization. But I don't seem to find a way to do the same between AGOL and Enterprise - neither inviting Enterprise...
  • Renaming machine hosting ArcGIS Server

    I recently completed the setup/configuration of the WebGIS/Big Data Store and GeoEvent.   ArcGIS/Portal on one machine, Big Data Store on machine two, and GeoEvent on machine three.   Following the setup I d...
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  • Upgrading to 10.7.1 Enterprise stack - time

    How long did it take you to upgrade to 10.7.1?  I upgraded from 10.6.1 Enterprise and was faced with 6 hour install time for all parts of the stack.   I didn't use Builder, though 10.6.1 was installed w...
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  • Docker Service stops when user signs out

    I've recently installed ArcGIS Enterprise base deployement on server 1 and installed a Notebook server role on server 2. All documented steps performed, everything good to go, except, Notebooks won't open and I get th...
    created by naari.aligeti
  • Export of Portal repository fails due to missing item folder

    We are seeing this error in our DR Tool backup log.    2019-06-11 20:30:35 ERROR [pool-2-thread-1] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.Portal - {"error":{"code":500,"details":null,"message":"Failed to export s...
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  • Can editing permissions be set up in an enterprise database so users are only allowed to edit a single layer and not the entire database?

    Can editing permissions be set up in an enterprise database so users are only allowed to edit a single layer and not the entire database?
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  • How can I make Create Local Copy for Editing work?

    I have a feature service I am trying to enable for offline editing in Collector. The feature classes in the service are unversioned, and each has archiving enabled.    In ArcMap with the feature service loa...
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  • deleteItem with options = { 'force' : true }

    When trying to delete an orphaned item in portal I get the following message. Unable to reach the server where the service is. Consider using calling deleteItem with options = { 'force' : true } if the server won't b...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise

    As part of the Product Advocacy team here at Esri, I'm excited to introduce this completely unofficial recurring GeoNet post: This Week’s Picks.  As Product Advocacy Leads, we are continuously coming across...
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  • Couchdb Error in 10.6.1 Builder Environment

    While setting up the 10.6.1 Builder Environment for testing, everything seems to be working fine, until I let the machine set the "Register Data Stores with GIS Server".....then I get an error saying:  "Couchdb f...
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  • Collaboration to AGOL - Pending

    I'm attempting to setup collaboration between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal). Each time I try,my Portal keeps saying:    "Cannot execute collaboration workspace sync.  Participate wi...
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