• Low isolation and maximum number of instances

    I have read Tune and configure services—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise but still I need some clarification. What happens with pooling when I set in Processes section low isolatio...
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  • View SDE item dependencies within an organization?

    Much like how GEO-Jobe's Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online allows administrators to view item dependencies for layers or maps in ArcGIS Online, is there a tool administrators of an SDE database can use to view all of...
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  • Unable to decrypt request parameters Error message

    I uninstalled and tried to reinstall ArcGIS Server 10.1.  On reinstallation I reached the create site option.  I didn't have a useful site on the server, but the folders from a previous attempt were still on...
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  • Happy new year to all.   We intend to use survey 123 for field data collection in the Liberia Census. In addition, we are planning to acquire ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS. For this reason, I would like to get clarification on the following issues 1.     Can we

    Happy new year to all. We intend to use survey 123 for field data collection in the Liberia Census. In addition, we are planning to acquire ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS. For this reason, I would like to get clarificati...
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  • SSL error on ArcGIS Server Manager page

    Hi,    Every time I visit ArcGIS Server Manager page (https://domain.org:6443/arcgis/manager/site.html ), I get "Your connection is not private - NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" SSL error in Google Ch...
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  • ArcGIS Portal Hosting Server and Managed Database

    Hi,  I need to use Survey123 with my ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 platform and for that need to setup Hosting Server. (OS Platform: Windows 2016 server, IIS, and PostGreSQL DB).    I see all my Data Store...
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  • Fused Map Cache

    How do you set fused map cache to true at ArcGIS Server 10.2.x?  It used to be on the advanced button on the cache tab but I no longer see it at 10.2.
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  • ArcGIS Server (10.4+) cluster shared directory architecture

    Talking with Esri Support, and looking at documentation, it seems like the only supported architecture for a 2+ node ArcGIS Server cluster is using a network share for the config-store and other arcgisserver directori...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise Portal Upgrade Error 10.7.1

    I was trying to upgrade the ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1. I was stuck with an issue and the error was " Failed to execute SQL file  C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\framework\template\sql\10.7....
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise sites content search card doesn’t return useful linked results where can I customize this layout?

    We’ve discovered that the search results returned by Enterprise Sites are not useful in that the records do not link to the web app, web map or dashboard as one might expect. Anyone know where I can customize th...
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  • Using schema update tools for database replicas

    We have been trying to get replication in place for a few years.  For Simple model replication with limited datasets, replicating to a FGDB works very well.  Replicating larger datasets with the Full model a...
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  • typical/standard/proper/expected DMZ architecture?

    I'm in the process of migrating a pre-10.5 "just ArcGIS Server" -type architecture to a "full-stack" of AGE.   I could use some input from any "network architecture" gurus reading this (including just ...
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  • Items in group not showing in app made from the group.

    I have a group with six items in it. When I share the group as an app, only 3 items are in the app. All items are shared with "Everybody" as is the group.   Any idea what might be happening?   Thank you, &...
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  • Can I link my States Open Data site to my Portal

    My State has a Open Data Portal that many agencies feed into; is there a way to have my portal consume all of the shared services into my Living Atlas section feed?
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  • Server publishing errors 001487 and 001369

    I have  reviewed several other posts on this topic, but I cannot seem to resolve this issue.  I was attempting to publish a polygon feature class, in ArcMap to our ArcGIS Server, which we have done many time...
  • Install Python 3.0 packages on ArcGIS Server 10.6.1

    My team is authoring a Pro script tool using 'arcgis' and 'reportlab' modules. I want to publish this as a web tool (geoprocessing service) to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 for testing, then finally to client's  ArcGI...
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  • Failed to access the DBMS Server...?

    I have establish a enterprise database connection in arcmap. then i try to create a new dataset and I am receiving this error.  previously that database was working fine. I am not getting what happened this time...
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  • Is plan to integrate Webhooks over features

    Hello,   I remember that in Palm Springs 2019, there were a mention that webhooks would be integrated for action like - create new feature or delete feature etc.    In 10.8 release candidate I am st...
  • Error HRESULT: 0x80040501 when adding excel files

    When I try to agregate an Excel File to ArcGIS Pro it comes out an error with the message: Exception of HRESULT 0x80040501.   It doesn't show any details on the error. I have already installed the Access Databas...
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  • 10.6.1 HA ArcGIS Server Site Crashing

    Since upgrading to 10.6.1, we have seen instances of machines in our ArcGIS Server site crashing (its not always the same machine).  After doing some deep diving into the logs and ArcGIS Monitor, we are seeing sp...