• WebGIS DR: Adjust Size of Writes to BACKUP_LOCATION

    When WebGIS DR writes the backup to my company's on-premise file servers, the writes (512 bytes in length per Process Monitor) take a long time and WebGIS DR would take about 15 hours to write 4 GB, which is unreasona...
    created by Zian
  • Failed to restore ArcGIS Portal

    We are attempting to recover from a corrupted Portal machine (10.5.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2) . This is not high-availability. We successfully rebuilt the Enterprise to the same configuration from before the crash....
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  • Automate ArcGIS Enterprise Backup

    It's a good practice to backup your ArcGIS Enterprise in the event of failure or corruption.  Doing so allows you to recover the portal items, services, and data that existed at the time you created the backup.&#...
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  • Federation Issues via Rest API

    I am currently putting together a number of Ansible roles for spinning up and ArcGIS Enterprise environment and I've just got to Federation. I am using the the rest interface (https://developers.arcgis.com/rest/enterp...
    created by a.evans
  • Operations Dashboard is not opening.

    Our team has recently begun testing with ArcGIS Enterprise and have configured a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 using a cloud server. In our testing and validation, noted that Operations Dashboard does not ...
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  • Programmatic "share as image service..."

    I'm sure this is ArcGIS Server 101, but what is the programmatic equivalent of right-clicking a mosaic dataset and choosing "Share as Image Service..."? I'm trying to publish multiple image services from mosaic datase...
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  • Why am I receiving these geometry errors on my geometric network?

    I have been trying to create a geometric network for my organization's water utility system. Creation goes fine; it yields a feature class of thousands of orphan junctions, as well as a table of 36 geometry errors. I ...
    created by BonnerAlexander
  • Is there a way to identify the map services hitting an SDE feature class

    Is there a way to identify what map services are hitting / locking an SDE feature class?
  • Patches for Enterprise (10.7.1 Linux) Don't Show as Installed

    Has anyone had the following problem?   You run ./patchnotification and it shows several available patches.  You run ./patchnotification -i all to install all of the patches. All the patches show as succe...
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  • Where to view registered data source folders

    Hi   When you publish data to arcgis server form an mxd and you register a folder, where can you go within the software to view a list of registered folders ?   Thanks Jonathan
  • Cannot validate ArcGIS_Data_Store "relational" after update new license Arcgis Enterprise

    kindly help me: after renew license arcgis enterprise, i can not validate arcgis_data_store "relational". Server log: -   Message:  The connection property set was missing a required property or...
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  • Single Sign On experience with SAML on ArcGIS Enterprise ?

    Hello,   I am trying to figure out if it is possible to provide a single sign on experience in applications built with data from ArcGIS Enterprise that requires the user to authenticate on the plateforme. &...
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  • Why is the Createusers.bat tool a piece of ****

    I am trying to add users through the Createusers.bat tool and it does not work it keeps giving me an error that it cannot read the file, it gets Incorrect Format in line incorrect format in line.   I have tr...
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  • Configuration of an ArcGIS Enterprise VM Clone

    Hello   We are trying to troubleshoot an issue on a Production Enterprise Deployment of 10.6.1 (Single Machine deployment) which we believe is related to SSL Certificates.   To allow safe troubleshooting w...
    created by HARTerra
  • 10.5.1 Map Services accessing 10.7.1 Enterprise Database

    Hi.  We have 10.5.1 ArcGIS Server and a 10.7.1 enterprise database.  In reviewing documentation related to version compatibility, I concluded, hopefully correctly, that 10.5.1 and 10.7.1 can mix in some...
    created by meperko
  • Linux: Error trying to connect web adaptor to portal

    Hi,   I am setting up an ArcGIS portal 10.7.1 in Linux (Centos 7) and am running into an issue trying to configure the web adaptor. I am using a domain from godaddy and have it setup with the A names for www, po...
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  • Best practice to migrate ArcGIS Server seamlessly while upgrading / migrating from physical Windows Server to newer VM Server?

    Hello GeoNet,     We are beginning to plan an impending upgrade to upgrade our physical Windows Server 2008 R2 boxes to Windows Server 2016 VMs (About time right?). Currently, we have ArcGIS Server 10....
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  • Table schema changed after cursor declared

    Table schema changed after cursor declared [42000:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Could not complete cursor operation because the table schema changed after the cursor was declared.]  I hav...
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  • Clip or Mask Data in Enterprise

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to clip/mask referenced feature layers for a specific area.    I have referenced (SQL) data layers for an entire town that I want to clip to just a sporting precinct....
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  • Copy Content Between Portals

    The attached toolbox contains 3 tools for copying content between Portals.    Copy Services copies hosted feature services from the Source Portal to the Target Portal if the hosted feature service exists i...
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