• ArcGIS 10.4 server Linux installation not working

    Hi,   I have tried to find a similar discussion on here where some one else has had the problem of the installation not installing any files in the installation directory despite having 755 set as the permission...
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  • Locking on AGS Config directories - Linux

    Hi, we have an AGS 10.6.1 for RHEL (not Enterprise - no Portal) that has recently been migrated to a new server environment. There are two servers set up in a single site using a NetApp NAS device for shared server ...
  • Base Enterprise Deployment - Externally available ArcGIS Server, but internal Portal

    Here's the scenario: Single machine to host a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment (ArcGIS Server / Portal / DataStore) Portal will only be available internally (intranet) ArcGIS to be accessible internally and extern...
  • Cannot access the local URL of the ArcGIS Server Services Directory for ArcGIS Enterprise Upgrade 10.7.1

    I wanted to know if anyone else had this experience and to see if you found a solution. I was in the process of upgrading my ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.7.1 from 10.5.1 and was following the steps. All the upgrading proce...
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  • Duplicate Field in Service Definition

    I've added a field to a feature class in my SDE database, then republished the map service using it. The application I use to view the map service now crashes. Its called Cityview. It complains when it crashes that th...
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  • Layer Based Permissions

    I am creating a web application with feature layers of different clients. I need to make sure that client A can only see and edit their data, but cannot see other clients' data, nor can they edit. What could be the be...
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  • Is Portal really necessary in ArcGIS Enterprise?

    Is Portal really necessary in ArcGIS Enterprise for all situations?  I can see the justification for Portal in many private corporations where having an internal / private version of ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is benef...
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  • ArcGIS Server Sporadically Exports Blank Image

    Hello,   For several weeks or more our map services in our ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 setup occasionally fail to draw when browsing to their export REST endpoints.   We have a web adaptor and 2 machines on ...
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  • ArcGIS for Server - Error: Failed to start the server machine. Premature end of file

    We resolved this issue and wanted to share with the community (Knowledge Base)...   The Problem:One of our ArcGIS for Server machines was in a stopped state and would not start up.  The only valuable log mes...
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  • The data store...do I need it?

    I am rolling out the ArcGIS Enterprise products for testing.  I am wondering what is the purpose of the datastore, if I already have an relational SQL enterprise database?  The documentation makes it seem li...
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  • One data source - two rest services with diff projections

    As the GIS Coordinator for a small county in North Dakota, I pretty much use one coordinate system (North Dakota State Plane South) for everything.  It makes things simpler.   Now our 911 director has a...
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  • Defining License Manager

    We have a network server setup for our ArcGIS 10.5. I had them install the software on my machine. When I go to License Manager to check out licenses, there is an error response ("Not_Set" is an invalid hostname. Plea...
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  • webgisdr fails trying to write data store backup

    Hello.   We are not able to run webgisdr in our Enterprise ArcGIS 10.6.1 environment. We receive an error in the log that reports the Data Store is not happy with the SHARED_LOCATION path. It reports that i...
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  • ElasticSearch and SDE

    I will like to stand up ElasticSearch with our current MSSQL server based SDE, is anyone implementing this or can share how to implement this. 
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise switched to using internal machine name instead of web adaptor URL after 10.7.1 upgrade

    I just wanted to provide some information to the community after experiencing some major struggles with my 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 upgrade. This is just one of the major issues faced, but the fix is easy to describe for some...
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  • Using Python 3 Runtime in ArcGIS Enterprise

    Hi Everyone,   I am collecting user experience about using Python 3 in your ArcGIS Enterprise, any feedback, benefits/challenge/expectation is welcomed, for example:  1.  We have deployed python ...
  • com.esri.arcgis.discovery.admin.security.AGSSecurityException

    Anyone know what this error is and how to fix it?  When I log into Server Manager, the root folder (and sub folders) show up as empty, but if I connect via ArcMap or go to the services REST endpoint I can see my ...
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  • Esri's CloudFormation templates fail to deploy on AWS

    I've been trying to deploy one of Esri's predefined templates for AWS that are available on this website. Specifically I'm trying to deploy the "Single-machine Deployment" which seems to be one of the l...
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  • LABELS Visibility Range not respected in web scene layer

    I have a scene with a simple point feature layer  for geographical place names. This is labelled in ArcGIS Pro  (2.4 version) with two Label Classes.  Each class  is configured by simple definitio...
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  • arcgis server rest: error 500 with international characters

    So I've been really baffled by this problem: portal and agol mapviewer stop working when I remove some layers from an arcgis server map service.   After digging around, I saw that the error only happens when the...
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