• Arcgis manager LogIn page is not opening

    I have ArcGIS server 10.6 installed when trying to access the ArcGIS manager URL from any web browser the login page does not display properly as per the attached snapshot. trying to access using Https and HTTP connec...
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  • Issues creating Enterprise Geodatabase

    Hi,   I hope this is the best spot to ask this question, if not, please tell me where to put it.   I'm currently trying to create a new enterprise geodatabase for my company, unfortunately I have limited e...
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  • Custom Print Service and Custom Spatial Reference

    Hi,   I am having problems with a custom print service published via ArcGIS Pro 2.3 to Enterprise 10.6.1.   I followed the tutorial to share my print service with custom layouts to arcGIS enterprise but wh...
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  • ssl certificate for arcgis

    How does arcgis 10.6.1 pick up the ssl certificate? In other words, I how do I add the keystore location to arcgis server. Documentation mentions the following : In versions 10.5.1 and earlier, you imported CA-signe...
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  • Make MapService public only in the context of specified clients.

    I would like to limit access to a "public" map service so that it can only be used by specified client applications. For example, any public app that we publish. We are wary of unintended resource use outside of these...
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  • ArcGIS Architecture Series: Tools of an Architect

    The Architecture Practice team in Professional Services is pleased to announce a new series leading up to the Esri User Conference.  We will be highlighting various tools and best practices for ArcGIS Enterprise ...
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  • Publishing python script to ArcServer

    Please can someone explain the following error I get when I attempt to publish my python script to Arc Server?     Thanks in advance R.
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  • Reminder: GPS Week Number Rollover

    Naval Oceanography Portal The United States Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NMOC) provides critical information from the ocean depths to the most distant reaches of space, meeting needs in the military, s...
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  • Cannot connect to ArcGIS Server as admin

    Hi,   I am trying to connect to an ArcGIS server as an admin and have entered all the connection properties for my organisation  ( server URL, User Name and Pass ) correctly. However when I double click on ...
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  • URL redirects

    Anyone seen this before? This is from our internal 10.6.1 Enterprise. I built two apps on our Portal and made them publicly accessible from our network. I made Sherman Surveyor with the ESRI Configurabl...
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  • Scheduling a notebook in ArcGIS Notebook Server

    Is there a way to schedule a notebook in a notebook server ? Is there a plan to enable this functionality?
  • enable editing and attachments

    Its written that enable attachments should appear in (item details)overview(layers), and enable editing should appear in settings(feature layers settings) - can't find those options in those sections.&#...
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  • ArcGIS Server Linux 10.7 Installation error

    Hello,   I encountered an error "Invocation of this Java Application has caused an ExceptionInInitializerError. This application will now exit. (LAX) " when trying to install ArcGIS Server Linux 10.7 on Manjaro ...
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  • Email alerts from ArcGIS Server

    There's all sorts of ways to get email alerts from ArcGIS server (Configure email notifications—ArcGIS Monitor Administrator | ArcGIS Enterprise, A simple e-mail notification system for Survey123 for ArcGIS...
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  • High available ArcGIS Server config-store on AWS DynamoDB

    Hi,   We are deploying an ArcGIS 10.5.1 Windows Enterprise setup to AWS and need to configure a highly available ArcGIS Server with a shared configuration store on AWS storage services, following the steps descri...
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  • arcGIS Server Setup Wizard - Create New Site Error

    I am doing a new install and I keep getting the following error when I try and create the site.  Using all defaults.  Does anyone have any idea what this is about? failed to register the activation group T...
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  • Anti-Malware Software Impact on GIS Processes

    I would just like to start a discussion to get a Knowledge Base about the impacts of running Anti-Malware software on GIS processes on Windows Servers.   Recently my organization had to implement Anti-Malwa...
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  • MuleSoft Anypoint Connector for ArcGIS?

    Hi "Geonet"ers, Has anyone had any experience integrating MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange with ArcGIS Enterprise?     Our utility organisation is looking toward using this technology for our Asset Manageme...
  • Webgisdr file to clean walarchive in HA

    Hi,  In our infrastructure we have two Portal for Arcgis machines in High Availability. We have being monitoring the size of the directory C:\arcgisportal\backup\walarchive.  We have read that webgisd...
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  • Unifying the coordinate systems in GIS

    Hi there,  Would anyone explain to me how I unify the coordinate systems between GPS and Total Stations measurements in GIS? I have the satellite image of the area of interest. GPS data is mat...
    created by Isr281