• Server Error 6543 When Trying to Join Existing Site

    Installing multiple machine deployment with ArcGIS Server 10.1.1, build 3143 on two newly created Windows Server 2012 Standard virtual machines.  The machines are named DOUCWAGS01 and DOUCWAGS02.  The instal...
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  • Maximum number of instances per machine

    I am going to create caches on some image services. It is said increase number of instances on the CachingTools can improve caching speed. I checked the instance number, it is set as 3. I guess it is the default. My...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS (Configuring Enterprise with AWS Load Balancers & using WebGISDr Tool)

    Hi All, I have a dilemma I am facing with our ArcGIS Enterprise configuration on AWS. First, I will describe our system to give context to the issue. Note our system is fully up and running and we are not experiencin...

    Hello Everyone, I can't seem to get ArcGIS Server to register a .sde, direct connection to an Oracle database in a domain that's not the same as the one my ArcGIS server is a member. This .sde connection works fine w...
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  • Reminder: GPS Week Number Rollover: Part 2 is Starting just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019

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  • Problem publishing first map service to new site

    I've got a multi-machine 10.1 site that's been chugging along for a while.  It's got 20+ map/feature services working. I've pulled one machine from that site and created a new, separate single machine site to d...
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud - pros/cons?

    We are thinking about deploying the ArcGIS Enterprise stack in Azure or AWS. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Willing to share any pros/cons both from a technical and/or business perspective? Hybrid vs full...
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  • Editable Feature Service

    I have published a Feature Service, however am unable to edit it. I try editing in ArcMap and receive two messages: "No editable layers" and "The workspace containing this data cannot be edited." I have registered the...
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  • Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80070057 : The parameter is incorrect. .

    When I am in ArcMap or ArcCatalog and I go to Share Service As - Overwrite Existing Service it just hangs. Nothing happens, like it is stuck in an infinite processing loop. I checked the Log File in Manager and it say...
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  • AGS & Portal migration in AD

    We have had a change of domain name.  This means that all my servers will have to move from xxx.domain1.busininess to xxx.domain2.businessAre there any best practices or guides available for this.  We have a...
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  • AGS Config-store in a Windows Cluster (oplocks)

    We are facing some publishing (error 001369) problems in our ArcGIS Server 10.6   Deployment:    - ArcGIS Enterprise  (HA) with 6 machines (2 for portal, 2 for server, 2 for datastore) ...
  • 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 benefits

    Is there any benefits to moving from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1? also please provide the benefits compare between portal 10.6.1 Vs 10.7.1     I understand from the provided links and these links were already rev...
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  • ArcGIS Geoevent Gateway Service

    Hi Guys,   I'm getting some trobles with ArcGIS Geoevent 10.7.1. It's looks a problem on the Geoevent Gateway service. When I'm triyng to access the geoevent manager https://XXXXXma01:6143/geoevent/manager/login...
  • ArcGIS 10.4 server Linux installation not working

    Hi,   I have tried to find a similar discussion on here where some one else has had the problem of the installation not installing any files in the installation directory despite having 755 set as the permission...
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  • Locking on AGS Config directories - Linux

    Hi, we have an AGS 10.6.1 for RHEL (not Enterprise - no Portal) that has recently been migrated to a new server environment. There are two servers set up in a single site using a NetApp NAS device for shared server ...
  • Base Enterprise Deployment - Externally available ArcGIS Server, but internal Portal

    Here's the scenario: Single machine to host a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment (ArcGIS Server / Portal / DataStore) Portal will only be available internally (intranet) ArcGIS to be accessible internally and extern...
  • Cannot access the local URL of the ArcGIS Server Services Directory for ArcGIS Enterprise Upgrade 10.7.1

    I wanted to know if anyone else had this experience and to see if you found a solution. I was in the process of upgrading my ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.7.1 from 10.5.1 and was following the steps. All the upgrading proce...
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  • Duplicate Field in Service Definition

    I've added a field to a feature class in my SDE database, then republished the map service using it. The application I use to view the map service now crashes. Its called Cityview. It complains when it crashes that th...
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  • Layer Based Permissions

    I am creating a web application with feature layers of different clients. I need to make sure that client A can only see and edit their data, but cannot see other clients' data, nor can they edit. What could be the be...
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  • Is Portal really necessary in ArcGIS Enterprise?

    Is Portal really necessary in ArcGIS Enterprise for all situations?  I can see the justification for Portal in many private corporations where having an internal / private version of ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is benef...
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