• can't register database

    I am trying to register an sde database that I have stored on the same machine arcgis sever 10.1 is installed on. I am running 64 bit sql server express. This is the error I get: Machine: XXXX [database: The connecti...
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  • Problem publishing first map service to new site

    I've got a multi-machine 10.1 site that's been chugging along for a while.  It's got 20+ map/feature services working. I've pulled one machine from that site and created a new, separate single machine site to d...
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  • ArcGIS server - spatial query without result

    Hi,   I created a table (CTAS) in Oracle and joined data from multiple tables and a feature class. The new table includes spatial geometry and I registered the table in the geodatabase (using the ArcMap 10.5 too...
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  • "Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80070057 : The parameter is incorrect" in AGS 10.1 log

    I have several map services running on the same server / AGS instance and one of them, which sources all its data from File GeoDatabases (which are registered folders on the server) periodically logs the following mes...
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  • What exactly is ArcGIS Server using javaw.exe for?

    I'm having memory problems with our server and the main culprit is javaw.exe being used by ArcGIS Server. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26725[/ATTACH] Any idea why it's constantly using so this much memory? And what exactly is it...
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  • Portal Install Fails with datastore errors?

    After installing portal for arcgis 10.7 on Windows Server 2008 I am attempting to create a site and it is failing. The errors I am seeing are:   There was an error creating your initial administrator account. ja...
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  • Issue with relationship class in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1

    Hello, I'm facing an issue with relationship class in ArcGIS Enterprise :   I've created a new project in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.3 with : - One feature class Origine (with a global ID) - One feature class D...
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  • Maximum Number of Basemaps in Map Viewer

    We have a lot of base maps available to our users with ArcGIS Enterprise, however, I've noticed something in the Portal Map Viewer which I'm curious if anyone else has experienced...   From my testing, it seems ...
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  • Problem registering folder as data store in ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP1

    I have ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP1 running on Windows Server 2008.  I am trying to register a shared folder using the UNC path as a data store.  I've tried this in ArcCatalog 10.1 sp1 and through the web manager ...
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  • ArcGIS Server Sporadically Exports Blank Image

    Hello,   For several weeks or more our map services in our ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 setup occasionally fail to draw when browsing to their export REST endpoints.   We have a web adaptor and 2 machines on ...
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  • Hosted Feature Service VS SDE and Arc Server in Deploying ArcGIS Solution

    I am relatively new to an Enterprise deployment, in the past, I have published to my Arc Server and consumed the services via AGOL.  I have been using ArcPro off and on for over a year and started messing around ...
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  • ArcGIS Service Account Permissions

    On Windows Server 2008 local security policy User Rights Assignment, what permissions does the ArcGIS service account require?Leah Creiglow
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  • Transportation Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the transportation industry:   CalTrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) dashboard   ...
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  • Arcgis manager LogIn page is not opening

    I have ArcGIS server 10.6 installed when trying to access the ArcGIS manager URL from any web browser the login page does not display properly as per the attached snapshot. trying to access using Https and HTTP connec...
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  • Issues creating Enterprise Geodatabase

    Hi,   I hope this is the best spot to ask this question, if not, please tell me where to put it.   I'm currently trying to create a new enterprise geodatabase for my company, unfortunately I have limited e...
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  • Custom Print Service and Custom Spatial Reference

    Hi,   I am having problems with a custom print service published via ArcGIS Pro 2.3 to Enterprise 10.6.1.   I followed the tutorial to share my print service with custom layouts to arcGIS enterprise but wh...
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  • ssl certificate for arcgis

    How does arcgis 10.6.1 pick up the ssl certificate? In other words, I how do I add the keystore location to arcgis server. Documentation mentions the following : In versions 10.5.1 and earlier, you imported CA-signe...
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  • Make MapService public only in the context of specified clients.

    I would like to limit access to a "public" map service so that it can only be used by specified client applications. For example, any public app that we publish. We are wary of unintended resource use outside of these...
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  • ArcGIS Architecture Series: Tools of an Architect

    The Architecture Practice team in Professional Services is pleased to announce a new series leading up to the Esri User Conference.  We will be highlighting various tools and best practices for ArcGIS Enterprise ...
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  • Publishing python script to ArcServer

    Please can someone explain the following error I get when I attempt to publish my python script to Arc Server?     Thanks in advance R.
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