• Changing default arcgis server port number using web adaptor

    ESRI documentation indicates you can readily change the default ports used by AGS (e.g. 680 or 6443) using web adaptor but does not indicate how you do this?  Having not installed the web adaptor just yet, can I ...
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  • How do Schema changes affect Map Services in ArcGIS Server

    Do Map Services have to be republished when an field in a feature class is altered?  We have a URL field has been increased from a 128 string to 254.
  • Manually adding an enterprise account in Portal for ArcGIS 10.7/10.8 does not work with defaultIDPUsernameSuffix value defined

    ArcGIS Enterprise Team,  When creating an enterprise account with a SAML login, the organization's enterprise ID is not added to the end. Example: in 10.6.1 the result would be amanda.huber@threeriversparks...
  • Best Practice to Re-License ArcGIS Enterprise

    I have an existing 10.7.1 base Enterprise deployment. Services have been published and users have created content in this environment.   We're moving it from more of a development environment to a staging enviro...
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  • Migrating on-perm Enterprise Geodatabase SQL Server instance to Azure SQL DB

    Hello All,   Does esri has any enterprise geodatabase migration related documents. We are planning to migrate our on-perm Enterprise Geodatabase SQL Server instance to Azure SQL DB. We are currently using ArcGIS ...
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  • ArcGIS for Server - Error: Failed to start the server machine. Premature end of file

    We resolved this issue and wanted to share with the community (Knowledge Base)...   The Problem:One of our ArcGIS for Server machines was in a stopped state and would not start up.  The only valuable log mes...
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  • Search for Empty Strings

    Is it possible to search/filter for empty strings in the Portal/AGO map viewer?   We are using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 and have text fields that contain empty strings.  I can't find a way to search/filter ...
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  • Duplicated label problem in ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 cached map services

    Hi everyone I have an interesting problem related to cached maps service. So, When I publish dynamic map service to ArcGIS Server 10.7.1, it works well not exist any duplicated label. But When I publish cached map s...
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  • Unable to restore datastore on standby server

    I am trying to perform a restore of our primary datastore onto our secondary server in hopes that it will allow our webgisdr restore process to complete without issues.   I have not been able to restore a d...
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  • ArcGIS Server Pricing

    I cannot find any good info on ArcGIS server pricing. Could someone help me find a resource or pricing guide?
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  • Unable to Import CA Certificate into Data Store Tile Cache 10.6 (Azure)

    Hi,   We are setting up an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 on Azure manually (without using cloud builder). It is a multi VM deployment with a web server (2 Web Adaptor), Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server, Relational and...
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  • Webgisdr backup - automating and testing

    Hello. We are a small, conservation non-profit with a single-machine 1071 enterprse configuration. In addition to the enterprise server, we have a web server and a dedicated data server that participate in the system....
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  • Geometric networks details from a database export

    Hi Experts,   I need your help to answer 3 questions about some Electric Geometric Networks. I have a .dmp file from an oracle database, from an older production environment. I imported it into a test environme...
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  • Portal update failure (10.6.1 to 10.7.1)

    I’ve been trying to make an upgrade from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 and we encountered error while Importing Licence File and Continuing Portal upgrade. It’s a two-machine deployment (ArcGIS Serve...
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Stable?

    I thought it might be beneficial to hear other people's (including Esri's) thoughts on the quality and stability of the code powering ArcGIS Enterprise. There are two main reasons I bring this up. One is my organizati...
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  • Multiple roles on the same machine?

    Hello, Can I put ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Geoevents Server roles on the same machine? Presuming I have enough resources? Can I put a Spatiotemporal Datastore on the same machine? Are there implications with i...
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  • Notebook Server - Unable to load notebook

    I just completed the Notebook Server installation process and everything appeared to go well.  Federation, and registering as a notebook server in Portal also completed successfully.  However, when I click o...
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  • Could not analyze datasets DatabaseName.DataOwner.FeatureClass

    ArcMap 10.6.1 and Pro 2.2.0 Error "Could not analyze datasets DatabaseName.DataOwner.FeatureClass. (You might not have sufficient permissions.)" This occurs only on datasets that are using Esri Binary spatial type. H...
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  • ArcGIS Server multi-machine license doesn't match

    I have two virtual servers: ER-MARISS1 ER-MARISS2   I followed ESRI's web help page (Configure a multiple-machine deployment) to setup my multiple machine servers.   I shared a directory on ER-MARISS1 fo...
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  • Server Sizing for "large" number of services

    A discussion similar to this one is here:  Related discussion   I started this discussion in the hopes of getting as well as giving help to those that hit the similar issue that I suspect can manifest itsel...
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