• How long would it take you to recover your Enterprise stack from a disaster event?

    Once our ArcGIS Enterprise systems are stable and running we don't often think about things outside of our control happening to them and what we would do if they were to be broken to an unrecoverable state.   Th...
  • When is GIS Day?

    I read that we can choose different days for what works at each site but what is the world-wide "GIS Day" standard schedule?
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  • What is the current version of ArcGIS Server you are using

    ArcGIS server versions users count
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  • Failure rates when editing a Hosted Feature Service in ArcMap

    Looking for failure rates when editing a Hosted Feature Service in ArcMap. (Right click Create Local Copy for Editing)  The HFS could be from AGO or ArcServer.  Feel free to also answer based on Collector al...
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  • GeoEvent Server Enhancements

    Does GeoEvent Server needs an output configuration for SMPP Protocol. Do you guys feel the need. This is required for sending bulk SMS using SMPP instead of SMTP which is currently available with GeoEvent Server Exten...
  • How many machines are in your Cluster?

    Those of you that use clustering, how many machines have you found useful to use in your sites? I'm hoping to find some examples and best practices for how and when to use clustering.  Could you describe your dep...
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