• The Language of Spatial Analytics Poster

    FYI,   Checkout this great 11 x 17 poster that describes how the Science of Where can be used to help better understand our world - mapping where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions t...
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  • ArcGIS: Common Patterns of Use Poster

    FYI,   Checkout this great 11 x 17 poster that outlines the 9 common patterns of use for the ArcGIS Platform.     1. Mapping & visualization 2. Data management 3. Field mobility 4. Monitoring...
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  • Download ArcGIS Online Feature Service or ArcGIS Server Feature/Map Service

    I've come across a lot of users that have requested the ability to download ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services and ArcGIS Server Feature/Map Services. See that attached tool to do just this.  The tool will als...
  • Clone Hosted Feature Service in Portal for ArcGis

    Hello,   is it possible to clone a Hosted Feature Service in Portal for ArcGis and give the "new" one different permissions (e.g. not editable) then the original service?   Thanks for your help and any ide...
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  • Solution:Could not initialize class com...discovery.security.manager..; w/Active Dir

    This was listed as a question in the older forums.   Converted to a document since it contains a Solution.  -Rebecca   Problem: When using ArcGIS Server 10.1 with the Active Directory as the Secur...
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  • ArcGIS for Server 101 - ArcUser Technical Article

    This technical article is for GIS managers and analysts who want an understanding of the fundamental concepts of ArcGIS for Server and its capabilities. It provides a general overview of ArcGIS for Server and discusse...
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