FYI: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 Functionality Matrix Now Available

Blog Post created by dlaw-esristaff Employee on Jan 20, 2017

The ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 Functionality Matrix whitepaper is now available from here,



FYI: at the 10.5 release, the product "ArcGIS for Server", has been renamed to "ArcGIS Enterprise". The product was re-branded to better reflect the idea that with the software you get "Web GIS" in your own infrastructure. Learn more here.


What is ArcGIS Enterprise?—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 


ArcGIS Enterprise still includes the following components:

- GIS Server (aka, ArcGIS Server)

- Portal for ArcGIS

- ArcGIS Data Store

- ArcGIS Web Adaptor


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