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We have a test set of individual servers running as follows in a development environment:   ArcGIS Server (Server) ArcGIS Portal (Portal) ArcGIS Data Store connected to (Server) IIS with web adapters for (Server) and (Portal) (Both using web-tier authentication) SQL Server with multiple enterprise geodatabases registered with (Server) Everything… (Show more)
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I am having an issue moving the content directory from the local drive of the ArcGIS Server to a network file share. Within ArcGIS Server Manager, I specify the new location and it begins to transfer the files over to the new location. But after a few minutes it gives me the following error message: "Could not update config store connection on one… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIn our highly available ArcGIS Enterprise, we are seeing the error message below, logged every 5-10 minutes. As a result, we are seeing portal performance issues. The database server was found to be stopped. Re-starting it.  When investigating the Portal DB framework logs, we found this error message logged at the same frequency: The process… (Show more)
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Portal 10.6.1 / Server2012 R2 / DataStore  Portal Content - Create - Feature Layer:  All Feature layer Templates return this message when I click 'Create':' does not exist or is inaccessible.   This is because I "cleaned" the C:/arcgisportal/content/items… (Show more)
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Hello, up to 10.4 using mosaics for server required Image Extension. For later versions it does not appear in the list of extensions for ArcGIS Server in ESRI docs. Is it still required for publishing a mosaic?   Thanks!
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Is there a two factor authentication in Portal ? In AGOL this can be activated and users can log using Google Authenticator as an additional code, but it seems no equivalent feature is available in Portal. If it's not possibile, is it something that qill be available in the next future ? Thanks Gianni
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Click to view contentThere's all sorts of ways to get email alerts from ArcGIS server (Configure email notifications—ArcGIS Monitor Administrator | ArcGIS Enterprise, A simple e-mail notification system for Survey123 for ArcGIS , python - Is there any way to get an email when ArcGIS Server services are stopped/down? - Geographic Information Systems… , GeoSystems… (Show more)
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Hey guys,   I recently installed Portal on-top of our DEV instance of ArcGIS Enterprise. This is my first experience with Portal/ArcGIS Online outside of setting-up some geocoding services in AGOL. We are using Enterprise/Portal 10.6.1.   When I attempt to register a routing service using REST, I receive the following response/error:   {"error":… (Show more)
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I have my current ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabase at version 9.2 on MSSQL Server 2008.i am planning to replace MSSQL server 2008 with PostgreSQL 9.4.5(Which is compatible with ArcGIS 10.4).   Could anyone advise me if i have to upgrade my current geodatabase to 10.4 before replacing MSSQL with PostgreSQL?   i created geodatabase in… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHey all,   I am unable to register a database in the ArcGIS Server Manager (ArcGIS Server Manager >Site>Data Stores>Register>Database). When I try to import the .sde file a portal login prompt appears and when I enter my credentials the 'Unable to access the authentication service' error below appears. Note: We use IWA to authenticate so I pretty… (Show more)
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