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Hey All,   We have a federated GeoEvent Server @ 10.6.1 and I'm trying to set the default connection to the Portal, to use the built-in Portal admin account, not one of our Active Directory admin accounts.   All our Enterprise authentication uses AD and IWA, however, for this I would like to use the built-in, so as not to store a specific users… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI was trying to upgrade the ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1. I was stuck with an issue and the error was " Failed to execute SQL file  C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\framework\template\sql\10.7.0_to_10.7.1\livingatlasdiff.sql " Since in my case case it is a disconnected environment and I am not using internet in my machine and also I am… (Show more)
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Hi All,   We are considering deploying 10.7.1 Enterprise in the cloud, using Amazon Web Services.  We're looking at installing and configuring all components (ArcGIS Server, Portal, Data Store, Web Adaptors) in AWS, while keeping the server hosting our SDE geodatabase on-premise.  Does anyone have any words of caution doing this?  Our main… (Show more)
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We are attempting to configure a Proxy Page to allow some 3rd party developers the ability to access secure services in ArcGIS Enterprise.  Our Portal is open to the internet with our Web Adapter in the DMZ.  The Web Adapter is configured to authenticate with Active Directory (AD) using Integrated Windows Authentication.  We have a copy of our AD… (Show more)
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What is the theoretical limit for the number of services the 10.6.1 data store can handle? What is the documented limit?
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Click to view contentI am trying to upgrade our Enterprise to 10.7, and the it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I have stopped and restarted it, and it always seems to be stuck here, with no progress being shown.   The Task Manager seems to show that it's doing something, but other than that, I've got no feedback whether the installation is working or not.  
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Click to view contentIn the never ending journey to convince people to move from Google Earth to a different platform:   If folks load a KML file into Google Earth, in the table of contents, there is the ability to toggle every placemark in a folder (see image below) However, if the same KML is loaded into AGOL, we lose the ability to see the individual place… (Show more)
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I am creating a web application with feature layers of different clients. I need to make sure that client A can only see and edit their data, but cannot see other clients' data, nor can they edit. What could be the best possible options to achieve this? Should I do this in ArcGIS Server/Portal for ArcGIS in the backend?   Thank You    
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Click to view contentBackground I'm in the process of moving to new SQL Servers and migrating a bunch of SDE databases. So I'm having to update lots of SDE references for map services, FME workbenches, projects. I'm noticing some confusing behavior when trying to register datastores (SQL Server databases) with a Federated ArcGIS Server (10.6). Wondering if it has to… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have a customer I am setting up ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 for.   Customer wants to use DNS alias based admin URLs for ArcGIS Server, Portal and Data Store. I could achieve this for  Server but I am not sure how I can force ArcGIS Server to register the Relational Data Store over the DNS based URL rather than FQDN of the server. e.g. use… (Show more)
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