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Hi   I have installed ArcGIS Data Store on 2 servers ( primary and a failover Secondary ) but when I try to configure the second data store on the second server,  I get the following error "  Attempt to configure data store failed. Extended error message:  Connection timed out while waiting for the primary data store machine to become available". … (Show more)
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Hi,   I created two connection in Arcmap. One to Server other to Portal. The Server is federated with Portal.   What is the difference between publishing directly to the server than publishing directly to the Portal (both using arcmap)?   Thank´s
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Hello,   I'm in the process of upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise 10.4.1 to 10.7.1 at a customer site. Before starting the upgrade I successfully made backups of all components separately (portal, server, datastore) as well as with webgisdr. No problems.   Server 1: Portal for ArcGIS + Webadaptor 'portal' (content directory in netw file share) Server… (Show more)
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If a child version gets deleted can you recover that information if you have a sql backup?
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Click to view contentArcGIS Server 10.6 and ArcMap 10.6.1 for publishing.   I've built a cache of a small area using a mosaic dataset. When I view the cache rest endpoint i'm seeing missing tiles (or slivers) between 1:4000 - 1:6000 (1:5000 cache scale).    All tiles are 100% complete. All other caches being served from AGS are not displaying this issue.   Here's a… (Show more)
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When trying to delete an orphaned item in portal I get the following message. Unable to reach the server where the service is. Consider using calling deleteItem with options = { 'force' : true } if the server won't be available anymore.   Where or how do I use the options = {'force' : true}   I cannot find this in any documentation.
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Click to view contentThis Week's Picks is a biweekly blog where Product Advocacy Leads share curated technical content.      The below list is a repository of all the ArcGIS Enterprise posts from the series.   2019   11/13/2019: Buzzwords 10/30/2019: Making Life Even Easier 10/16/2019: Questions from the UC
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So I wanted to apply a number of patches to ArcGIS Server and Portal machines but apparently there is a BUG in the "ArcGIS Enterprise Updates" tool for 10.6.1 that's included. If you click "Install All Patches", it will do so for one, and then shut down.   If you try the first proposed workaround,     "If there are multiple ArcGIS… (Show more)
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Running the following gives 2 different results if run from server Standard 10.7 machine or Desktop Advanced 10.4 machine. Where CODGEO_Datasets and Offline_Datasets are lists of full path strings. Where some feature class in the dataset has attachments   # Process: Copy CODGEO Datasets for i, val in enumerate(CODGEO_Datasets):… (Show more)
Custom Text Elements are not showing up in my templates that I created using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1. I have the correct print service selected in the WAB application. The templates themselves show up when I go to print. The custom elements do not show up in the advanced button like they did in v10.6.1.  We are now using 10.7.1 portal. When I go to the… (Show more)
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