• Creating a surface buffer?

    Hello,   I'm trying to create a buffer (polygon or raster) around a single point, but I cannot seem to get it to work. What I want is a buffer on a specific length around the point, according to the length along...
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  • Mosaic To New Raster documentation question

    Can someone tell me how the Mosaic Method parameter works?   ArcGIS Desktop The documentation says: "The method used to mosaic overlapping areas. FIRST —The output cell value of the overlapping areas w...
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  • Where to get ST_geometry.so

    I am looking where I can get the ST_geometry.so library file required to enable Geodatabase for PostgreSQL.  Tried to search it in the downloads page but to no avail.  I hope somebody can point me to the rig...
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  • Multiple layer to kml conversion

    Hello guys....! I'm looking to a python script which can help me to convert multiple shapefiles in a folder to multiple kml files.I'm not good with python so i need your help please! Regards! Kelvin.
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  • Statistics and histograms getting computed everytime I bring in the same raster

    Hello- When I bring in the same rasters ArcMap will compute stats and histograms each time. I would think that after it has created stats and histo once, it would save them and have them available the next time anyon...
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  • ECW images in ArcMap

    Hi Peoples,   Much of our image library is in ERDAS ECW format.   What we have found is ArcMap is not displaying the images with the clarity it should. When we take the same image, convert it to JPEG2000...
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  • AWMC Mapbox tiles as basemap in ArcMap Desktop 10.2.2

    I would like to use a basemap from the Ancient World Mapping Centre, available as maptiles via Mapbox, as basemap in my ArcMap desktop version 10.2.2.   I tried to import it as a new WMTS server with the followi...
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  • shape file size still have a size limit?

    It is 2015 now, and shape file still have a file size limit at 2GB? Can anyone please help me out of this?
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  • PostgreSQL Database Connection Issue

    I have two separate computers, each of which are running ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 and PostgreSQL and PostGIS 2.1.7. The only difference is one is running PostgreSQL 9.3.4, the other is running 9.3.5. I am trying to make ...
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  • auto sequential numbers with python

    Does anyone know how to automatically sequentially calculate numbers in an ID field with python? i.e.,I have all the manholes in my system numbered sequentially. Say the last number is 17000. So I draw in 30 new manho...
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  • License Error when Reading or Writing to Esri Geodatabase in FME

    Hi All, After Upgrading ArcGIS from 10.2.2 to 10.3, FME 2015 fails to run any workbench and shows this massage.   “Unable to perform licensing related tasks. Please ensure that ArcGIS is correctly install...
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  • How to assemble connected lines into unique groups

    Hi All - Let's say I have a single shapefile with 5 connected lines (edges) in one group, and another 7 connected lines in a second group. I want to assign all the lines in group 1 with a unique ID and all of the li...
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  • Relationship Class: Workaround for "Null" Values in Destination Table

    I have a geodatabase that contains one origin feature class linked to multiple standalone tables by Simple one-to-many Relationship Classes. The foreign keys in the destination tables are all nullable, deliberately, i...
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  • Custom Dynamic Text

    Hi   I have a series of layout templates that we use to create figures for reports. One of the features of these layouts is the project number (Pxxxx for example). I would like to create some dynamic text to au...
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  • Is there anyway to group layers of a webmap in ArcGIS Online?

    There is a link about grouping layers of a Map Scene in ArcGIS Online but is there any way to group similar layer together in a web map of AGOL? Thanks
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  • Does opening multiple ArcGIS desktop windows use multiple concurrent licenses?

    Howdy,   Updated: Apparently there was some misunderstanding between me and the user, he had one ArcMap window and one ArcCatalog window open on the same desktop. The license usage is still peculiar i.e. he is r...
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  • Single User Consuming Multiple Licenses

    Recently this started happening and I have no idea why.  We use a single virtual machine, Windows Server 2008 R2, with 4 concurrent licenses. While a user is working, I've noticed they are consuming 2 licenses.&#...
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  • Using Multiple Seat Concurrent Licenses

    I have a license from ESRI for 10 "authorizations" for a concurrent license of ArcGIS for Desktop. How do I set things up so that I can make use of all 10 at a time? I tried doing a normal authorization and set up th...
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  • Text disappears in legend when wrap applied (ArcMap 10.3.1)

    In ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop), very often when I apply a text wrap to a legend and then export the map to a PDF or other graphic format, some of the legend text simply disappears in the exported graphic!! It is a co...
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  • Is it possible to manually rename versioned views in ArcGIS 10.2?

    Hello, I am in the process of upgrading our GIS system from 9.3 to 10.2.  We have tons of views that are created when our datasets are registered as versioned. However, our triggers and many applications referen...
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