• Geographic Transformations: Where are these files stored?

    Where are the Geographic Transformation files stored on a typical ArcGIS Desktop install? I am referring to the parameter one sets in the Projection GPTool, for example (e.g. NAD_1927_To_NAD_1983_NADCON). Additionally...
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  • Broken search window in ArcCatalog but not ArcMap (ArcGIS 10)

    I like the new search window. it's really useful - when it works. In ArcCatalog, my search window is broken. The attached image shows side-by-side screenshots of the ArcCatalog and ArcMap search dialog boxes (I added ...
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  • Data join - field doesn't appear

    Hi. I'm trying to join a n excel table to a shapefile with the Join command. The shapefile is a census file of block groups, and the excel sheet is some income data downloaded from American FactFinder. I am trying to ...
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  • Convert mxd to earlier version?

    Hi. I created some mxd's in 10.2. However, I am now back to using 10.0, and I wasn't able to convert them to an earlier version before I changed. Now I can't open them. I'd rather not recreate the whole maps. Is there...
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  • Does anyone have documentation comparing different GIS softwares? The idea is to present a comparison of software that allows to justify why I propose to use ESRI technology in a project

    I am preparing the documentation for a project, the client asks me to justify using ESRI technology, it seems to me that arguing that ESRI is the best software has not served them I have to present a comparison betwe...
  • Text disappears in legend when wrap applied (ArcMap 10.3.1)

    In ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop), very often when I apply a text wrap to a legend and then export the map to a PDF or other graphic format, some of the legend text simply disappears in the exported graphic!! It is a co...
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  • Increment dates by one week in attribute filed

    Hi, I have 52 records in a point feature class and I have about 20 of these tables/feature classes. Is there any way i can key in the first date then run a field calculation to populate the next record with a date 7 ...
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  • ArcGIS Collector and PostgreSQL/PostGIS

    Hello,   I want to organize data collection on the field (offline). The data in the office is stored in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. Is it possible to sync field work with the database? It seems that Collector...
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  • Importing arinc 424 / Jeppesen data?

    Hello Is there some way to import arinc 424 (a.k.a. Jeppesen) data into ArcGIS? Best Regards Alexander
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  • shape file size still have a size limit?

    It is 2015 now, and shape file still have a file size limit at 2GB? Can anyone please help me out of this?
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  • How to Configure ArcGIS Server for Smart Card Authentication?

    Fresh upgrade to Server 10.2.2 with the SSL patch....for some reason I recall someone telling me that Smart/PIV Card Authentication was now possible with 10.2.2? Is that the case? I don't see any documentation for tha...
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  • Legend Disappears When Moved

    Original User: SStrand I am running into an issue with my legend disappearing if I try to move it to a new location in the layout. This typically does not happen, but with this legend I am using the option to only sh...
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  • Is it possible to have multi-line text inside an attribute table?

    Is there a way to split the text inside a cell in the attribute table into different lines?
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  • Labels not showing in ArcMap 10

    I created a map with polygon shapefiles and I wanted to label them. I added a field to the attribute table named 'name' and typed the name of my polygon in/under that field. I then went into properties and checked th...
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  • Two Layer Names in Legend! (I only want one...)

    I'm creating a web app using web maps on ArcGIS Online but there are always two headings for my layers in the legend, one of which is the file name and thus not very user friendly: I uploaded a shapefile (zipped) fr...
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  • Unable to save edits - ArcGIS 10

    After calcualting a field in feature class (Buildings) of file gdb I'm unable to save edits. Does anybody know why? Here the message I'm getting: Unable to save edits. Error stopping an edit session with save edits ...
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  • Copy features with attachments from file geodatabase to ArcSDE

    Hi Peoples,   I have a file geodatabase that contains points with attachments (photos). I simply want to append this dataset, with the attachments, into the SDE dataset containing the same schema.   Shoul...
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  • search window: doesn't show up  in arc map

    Hi, I was installed the 10.1 version sp1 on windows7 and I have problem with the search window: doesn't show up when I click only on the arcmap. the icon is ther but not responding when i click on the arcatalog - it'...
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  • search window: doesn't show up

    Hi, I was installed the 10.1 version sp1 on windows7 and I have problem with the search window: doesn't show up when I click only on the arcmap. the icon is ther but not responding when i click on the arcatalog - it'...
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  • Batch define projection

    hi everybody, i would really appreciate if anyone could help with the following problem: i have app. 100 rasterdataset which do not have any projection defined (anyway i know they are xxxx because of the coordinates...
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