• Convert mxd to earlier version?

    Hi. I created some mxd's in 10.2. However, I am now back to using 10.0, and I wasn't able to convert them to an earlier version before I changed. Now I can't open them. I'd rather not recreate the whole maps. Is there...
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  • Calculating slope of a line between 2 points

    I have a sewer map with sewer lines connected to manholes.  Each manhole has a manhole number and invert elevation.  Is there a way to calculate the slope of the sewer lines by the connecting manhole invert ...
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  • Base Map Services from ArcGIS Online Crash ArcMap

    Hi, I've had no problems using basemaps from ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS 10 until today. I started getting a message after clicking the Add Basemap option asking if I wanted to enable something (I can't remember exactly ...
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  • Sliver Gaps Between Tiles in Mosaic Dataset

    I am having trouble getting a good set of footprints generated for my mosaic dataset. The outer edges are generally good enough, but I occasionally get sliver gaps between tiles. I am running the Build Footprints tool...
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  • can open multiple ArcGIS Map Document(.mxd) ?

    Hi , I would like to know that I can open multiple ArcGIS Map Document(.mxd) simultaneously or not ? The scenario is like the following : I opened the .mxd file with "Open Map Document" command on the toolbar and cr...
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  • Best way to import KML with attributes

    Hello, I have a point KML which has attributes in it, with each placemark's attributes in a table in html (tr/td etc). What's the best way I can get the attribute data into the resulting shapefile? I've tried Data I...
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  • ERROR 000210: Cannot create output ... WORKAROUND

    Hi Forum, Using Clip (Analysis) function in ESRI ArcMap 10.0 SP3, I keep getting error 000210 referring to the output file, no matter where I write the file, whether it's in a gdb or not. After numerous tests, the WO...
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  • Display order of Polygons in same layer

    Original User: landmark I am having trouble correcting the display order of polygons. Within the same layer, for example PolygonLayer1, there are 600 polygons, some smaller ones are being hidden behind the larger o...
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  • Zoom to Selected Features tool not working

    Hi all.  I have added the Zoom to Selected Features tool to a tool bar on my .mxd.  No matter what object I select (Point, line, poly, anno) in either data or layout view, the tool remains grayed out.  ...
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  • Opening the selected ArcMap document failed.

    I have been working on a mxd in ArcMap 10.1. When I open it in ArcMap 10.2 on a different computer, it won't open and gives me an error message. Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. The data frames of the ma...
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  • Find unsnapped lines

    I need a way to find roads that have the same roadname but are located in different locations.  Currently one road may have 30 segments which are all snapped at the end of each segment to form the entire road....
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  • my arc map main menu tool bar is missing

    I have tried clicking off to the side to refind the main menu set of tool bars to in click on tools file  selection etc....... it says there not sir how to unhide it. I have clicked on set of tool and says clicke...
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  • Stuck on pan tool

    I contacted tech support about this a few weeks ago but it's still an issue (that isn't easily solved, apparently).  I'm running 10.0 (SP 4) and maybe a couple times a week, without warning and with no standard l...
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  • Add Attachments and Export to KML

    Using ArcGIS Advanced 10.1, I want to use the Add Attachments tool to add photos to a feature class then export the feature class as a kml/kmx and have Google Earth users see the table information and the photos. I am...
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  • Reorder ObjectID

    I have a point layer that has a time stamp field (string) that is inconsistent with the ObjectID numbers. Typically, I get GPS data where the time stamp is sequential with the ObjectID and allows me to perform other n...
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  • Export raster based on attribute field

    I have a raster with numerous attribute fields, all of type double. What I would like to be able to do is save a new raster for each of my attribute fields so that in each case, the values of the attribute are stored ...
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  • Spatial Definition Query

    In ArcMap 10 is there a way to create a definition query based on location? I have a polygon layer and a point layer. the spatial extent of the points is beyond the polygons. I want to create a map that only displays ...
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  • Table of contents

    How do I get the check box to the left of each map layer in the table of contents back.  I have a folder icon now.  James
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  • Error code: 000594: Input feature <value>: <value>.

    I have 4 point files that i want to merge. I keep getting the following error message. Please help. 000594: Input feature <value>: <value>. Description:  These specific input feature(s) require atte...
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  • Toolbars won't stay where I move them(!)

    Very annoying, I move them around and every time I close then open close Arc they are back to where they started!!! Any ideas?
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