• ERROR 000210: Cannot create output ... WORKAROUND

    Hi Forum, Using Clip (Analysis) function in ESRI ArcMap 10.0 SP3, I keep getting error 000210 referring to the output file, no matter where I write the file, whether it's in a gdb or not. After numerous tests, the WO...
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  • "An unexpected failure occurred..."

    I am working with a street centerline personal geodatabase.  I would like to add to my feature class two roads from another version of the centerline. I tried to copy and paste the desired centerlines from one fe...
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  • Joining in Arcmap-populating with null values!

    Hi! I''m trying to join a table with 2952 records to a shapefile with 3183 records by a common table head. After the join (tried also Keep all records or Keep only matching records) the shapefile contains the borro...
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  • ArcGIS 10: Fail to delete selected objects...why?

    ArcGIS 10: Fail to delete selected objects...why? please, see the attached image that shows my question what might be the behind that the arcgis can't delete this raster???? why????? so many problems!!!!! each sing...
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  • Measuring Angles

    Using the Measure Tool, I know how to measure lines, area, etc., but how can i measure the angle in a feature.  For example a power line running north turns west at a pole.  What is the angle of that turn?
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  • Data frame disappears from layout view in ArcGIS 10

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader, first time poster. My students are experiencing an intermittent problem with the 'layout view' of ArcGIS 10 where the data fame completely disappears. Here are some additional ...
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  • Orphaned ArcMap Process After Closing ArcMap

    One of my users always seems to have a concurrent license in use.  It turns out that occassionally after closing ArcMap there's an orphaned ArcMap.exe process.  This is only happening to this one user. ...
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  • my arc map main menu tool bar is missing

    I have tried clicking off to the side to refind the main menu set of tool bars to in click on tools file  selection etc....... it says there not sir how to unhide it. I have clicked on set of tool and says clicke...
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  • Track and report concurrent license usage

    Does anyone know of a software (commercial or open source) that works with ArcGIS Desktop concurrent licensing to track and report usage?  We would like to find something that keeps a historical database of usage...
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  • Edit Lyr File

    I am working with raster data that reflects a temperature range of -60 to 30 degress C.  I want to create a gray scale to match this range so 0x000000 to 0x5a5a5a ( where 0x5a is 90 decimal).  So I can open ...
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  • Outline around multiple polygons

    I have an area that contains one polyon for every 1/2 square mile area and these polygons are all connected.  For example, if you were to take the city of New York and cover it with adjoining 1/2 square mile poly...
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  • Missing Attribute Table

    I have installed ArcGIS10 on 7 computers with ArcInfo license.  Everything works fine, but one of the users in our office just recently was unable to open his attribute table from the table of content.  Ther...
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  • Extract Block Numbers From Address Ranges

    Is there a way to extract block numbers from address ranges?  The police department has requested a map with the block numbers of each street (e.x. 100, 200, 300, 400, etc.). They are asking for the hundred block...
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  • Points to Geodesic Lines

    Hi all,   I have a point feature class with many points.  I wish to construct geodesic lines from this feature class.   What would be the most efficient way to do this?  I know the 'Points to Lin...
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  • Replace function in Label Expression v10

    I am trying to remove the word "HIGHWAY " (including the space) from my label using the vbscript replace function. Function FindLabel ( [Road_Name] )   NewString = Replace([Road_Name], "HIGHWAY ", "")   Fin...
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  • Export raster based on attribute field

    I have a raster with numerous attribute fields, all of type double. What I would like to be able to do is save a new raster for each of my attribute fields so that in each case, the values of the attribute are stored ...
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  • Entering curves in COGO

    I was entering a subdivision with the COGO Traverse, and couldn't Finish the traverse. Error message said bad values, tangent. There were two curves, and when I changed them to a straight line it worked. Then I notice...
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  • ArcMap 10.1 - Bing Logo/Microsoft on Maps

    Any way to turn off the Bing/Microsoft watermarks on the data and layout views for service layers?
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  • Classification of image of 3 bands (red, green, blue),

    Classification of image of 3 bands (red, green, blue), I wanted to calculate the area of the olive oil trees from a satellite image of 3 bands and I have the concerns below regarding the classification of an image (t...
  • �??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues,

    �??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues, I tried to apply the �??Interactive supervised classification�?� to capture the areas of olive trees from an image of 3 bands (layers). 1. What is the effect of ...