• What license is required to delete a raster?

    I have been attempting to delete a raster from an uncompressed file geodatabase, through ArcCatalogue. I keep getting the error "Failed to delete selected object(s). The application is not licensed to perform this ope...
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  • Exporting only Symbolized Data from a Shapefile to a new Shapefile

    Ok I swear I used to do this easily in 9.3, but for some reason I am not able to figure this out.   I have a shapefile that I have gone in and symbolized using the Unique Values, Many Fields.  I want to jus...
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  • Convert Labels to Annotation : No annotation features are created

    Summary: If the Data Frame Properties, Extent Used By Full Extent Command is set to an area outside the data extent, conversion of labels to annotation will not create any annotations. How to reproduce: Create a ne...
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  • Can't View Tiff Images In Arc To Use Them  :(

    I need help... hopefully soon.   :(   We have a folder that has PNG files, TFW files, and TIFF files. The PNG files we have no problem viewing in ArcMap and ArcCatalog, but the georeferenced TIFF f...
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  • How to Send Crash Report Files to ESRI

    When ArcMap 9.3 crashes, the program creates a dump report.  The user is presented with a popup dialog asking if the program may send the file to ESRI.  If the program is unable to send the file, at the user...
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  • Changing Annotation Reference Scale for Copied Feature Class

    As the title indicates, I'm duplicating annotation feature classes (copy/paste) in my geodatabase and I need to change the reference scale of the copy. However, the first time I open the properties of the feature clas...
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  • ArcMap not responding - Waiting on splwow64.exe

    I am doing a lot of conversions from CAD drawings to GIS and every so often I am running into a problem.  After adding the CAD drawings to a geodatabase, I then use spatial adjustment to move the prints to the co...
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  • Snapping Toolbar not displaying

    I've tried to bring up the snapping toolbar using the in Editor menu in ArcMap, but nothing shows up, even though the tick box is ticked under the snapping submenu. Anyone else have this problem/know how to fix it?
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  • Opening the selected ArcMap document failed.

    I have been working on a mxd in ArcMap 10.1. When I open it in ArcMap 10.2 on a different computer, it won't open and gives me an error message. Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. The data frames of the ma...
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  • Linear referencing - measure in miles - measure rounded to nearest integer

    I have a fairly simple application where I want to create a measure system of miles for a subset of our roads.  The route is created correctly with measure units in meters, but when I attempt to use miles, the is...
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  • Symbology Tab under Layer Properties: Categories Disappear

    If you double-click your layer in the table of contents and select the Symbology tab, under "Show:" you have Features, Categories, Quantities, Charts and Multiple Attributes.  This is the normal list... But, for ...
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  • script/modelbuilder access to 'add xy data'

    Hello, is there a way to access the 'add xy data' function from a script or modelbuilder?  (ArcGIS 9.3.1) thanks,
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  • Likely simple...ArcMap opening on alternate/wrong monitor of two

    Greetings - There is probably a simple answer to my issue but searching has turned up nothing specific yet. I have two monitors, one larger than the other on which I place ArcMap and the other, smaller one, is used...
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  • ERROR: Provide your license server administrator with the following info. *Resolved*

    Hi All, I have just installed the trial version of ArcGIS 10 and when I try and run it I recieve a 'License' pop up box containing, 'Provide your license server administrator with the following information' but nothi...
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  • Polygons with transparent fills and solid outlines

    I need to create polygons with transparent fills and solid outlines. I can do this by superimposing the same poly over itself on a separate layer so that the bottom layer is a transparent fill with no outline and the ...
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  • Cannot Direct Connect To Oracle SDE DB With 10

    I have two workstations, one with 9.3.1 and the other with 10 Pre-Release.  The 9.3.1 can do a direct connect to our Oracle Database running SDE 9.3.1 on it just fine.  But when trying to direct connect on t...
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  • (again) �??The coordinates or measures are out of bounds�?�

    (again) �??The coordinates or measures are out of bounds�?� [ATTACH=CONFIG]11198[/ATTACH] Sometimes as we are digitizing, we get the message �??The coordinates or measures are out of bounds�?�, then is there a tool ...
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  • editing data from feature services

    I'm trying to edit data from a feature service in ArcMap 10 (SP5). The feature service is on AGS 10.1. I'm following the steps as discussed here: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//01m60000000s...
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  • Can�??t SELECT title and legend on layout view, why?

    ArcGIS 10.0 I can�??t change title or edit legend on layout view. It looks like disable the �??edit�?� function. What can I do? Thanks!
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  • SQL for selecting integer values only

    How does one select only those records containing an integer value for a particular field, in a personal geodatabase?
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