• Can�??t SELECT title and legend on layout view, why?

    ArcGIS 10.0 I can�??t change title or edit legend on layout view. It looks like disable the �??edit�?� function. What can I do? Thanks!
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  • Bulk Export/Edit/Import of Metadata

    We have many feature classes in our ArcSDE/Oracle database (9.3.1) whose metadata need to be updated. I understand that we can export, edit and import metadata from ArcCatalog but it seems that this process needs to ...
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  • Why the name of the connected hard disk is not shown in the catalog of ArcMap?

    Why the name of the connected hard disk is not shown in the catalog of ArcMap?   Please, see the attached screen shot that show my question   Why the catalog doesn�??t show the name of the hard disk connec...
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  • Calculating elevation for point features using DEM

    This seems like a rather simple operation, however I cannot figure out how to calculate the elevation of a point feature class using a DEM. I have a feature class with 15 or so points in it and I have a DEM in the map...
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  • Raster mosaic 'Export Data' and export as PDF problems

    When using raster mosaics made from 16 bit NTF files in ArcMap 10.1 we have two problems we cannot solve: 1) Right clicking the Image of the mosaic, selecting 'Export Data' and exporting creates a visually corrupted ...
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  • ERROR 000210: Cannot create output ... WORKAROUND

    Hi Forum, Using Clip (Analysis) function in ESRI ArcMap 10.0 SP3, I keep getting error 000210 referring to the output file, no matter where I write the file, whether it's in a gdb or not. After numerous tests, the WO...
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  • Calculate increasing Number - Field Calculation

    Hi, in ArcMAP 9.3.1 i used the following script to calculate the increasing number for a field static n as long n=n+1 n (codeblock) But this script cannot calculate in ArcMap 10, there is allways an error 999999. ...
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  • Generating a Data Dictionary in ArcCatalog

    How do I create a data dictionary in ArcCatalog? For example, if I have 30 shapefiles in a folder, I want to create a data dictionary table of that folder in which each record of the table corresponds to a shapefile. ...
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  • Can't see map in Layout View

    I was building a map and adding a legend in Layout View when I clicked on the Preview button to see the legend set up.  The map went blank and I can not get it back.  When I switch to Data view it's there bu...
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  • Data Frame Dynamic Text - MGRS/USNG

    Hi All, I've seen several examples on using dynamic text to display coordinates for a data frame's center, corners, etc. in geographic coordinates.  What I'm also looking for is a way to use dynamic text to disp...
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  • Cutting a hole using a feature from another layer

    Hi guys I have feature which I have created and I would like to cut a hole in it.  The hole I would like to cut is the boundary of another polygon feature from another layer.  How would I do this?  I a...
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  • Where Have All the Licenses Gone Functionality

    To All ArcGIS Desktop Users: For ArcGIS v9.x, there is an ArcScript called Where Have All the Licenses Gone that would connect into the License Manager and provide a report of all users of the various core concurrent...
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  • Applying symbology to all layers

    Hello everyone, I'm having issues trying to apply the symbology of one layer to many. Firstly, has anyone noticed a spooky black shadow on the page when you apply more than 100 classes in the classified symbology? I...
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  • Update symbology, labels, etc across multiple mxd files?

    Apologies in advance if this is simple, I'm relatively new to ArcGIS... In any given project, I will have several maps, all with a common set of basemap layers.  From time to time, throughout the life of a proje...
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  • Toolbars won't stay where I move them(!)

    Very annoying, I move them around and every time I close then open close Arc they are back to where they started!!! Any ideas?
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  • Removing Duplicates in Records

    Hi, I created a shapefile containing the intersection points. It has a field named the RDCLASS. I need to remove duplicates fron the records of RDCLASS Field.(Intersection Shapefile contains that RDCLASS Field) The R...
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  • Search Window disappeared?

    I'm using ArcGIS 10.2 on Windows 8.1. I started working on a project on one of my schools computers and when I loaded it back onto my personal laptop the tab for the search window had disappeared. Trying to launch it ...
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  • Use of World Imagery service - Do we have to pay to use this service?

    I would like to use the world imagery (resources.esri.com) to make maps for our environmental engineering reports and distribute them to our clients.  I was at several ESRI conferences where the use of the layers...
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  • Identify Geometric Sink or Source

    Does anyone know if it's possible to identify the connected source or sink for a geometric network? I'm trying to assign the associated lift / pumping station IDs to the gravity manholes and mains without having to s...
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  • Job Boards specifically for GIS?

    Hi Everyone,   What are the best job boards for jobs in GIS? Or is it better to use sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc? Thanks in advance.   -Joaquin
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