• Esri 2020 Virtual User Conference - Attendee Guide & Video

    FYI, since the Esri 2020 User Conference is virtual, please download this handy attendee guide to help you navigate the UC platform environment. Hope you have a great week at the largest virtual GIS meetup!!   ...
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  • Simple Street Index

    The simple street index creator, creates a street index and exports to a pdf. The tool selects only roads that intersect the chosen grid layer. It must be run from ArcMap. ESRI has a solution here http://support.esri....
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  • ArcInfo Workstation Guidance

    Key Things To Know ArcInfo Workstation 10.0 was the final release (Windows and Solaris only. (No Linux, sorry.. though perhaps you may be able to get it to run under WINE). ArcInfo Workstation 10.0 entered Retired...
  • Feedback on this map please?

    I produced this map in my GIS class during one semester. This is the first time I have ever used ArcMap but this one class made me want to learn so much more about GIS. One day I would love to have a career in the fie...
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  • DDM_coordinates_problem.xls

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  • ArcGIS Online Workshops

    Washington College is hosting an online Geospatial Technologies Fall Workshop! Whether you are just starting, getting back into, or using ArcGIS daily, this class has a place for you. We are offering basic, standard, ...
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  • Arabic-speaking GISers, Openware would like to share with you a copy of Jack’s recent interview with Forbes.

    نتمنى لكم قراه سعيدة    
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  • topology_rules_poster.pdf

    A wonderful ArcGIS Geodatabase Topology Rules poster, courtesy of ESRI, naturally. This gives a really great graphical explanation of topology rules, a utility that I'm just starting to get my head around. I might hav...
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  • My Gift.jpg

    The limits set by the colonial countries without regard to the identities of peoples and beliefs and desires.  Most Arab countries includes several denominations inconsistent.  Judgment obsessed specific range (in som...
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  • Expropriations WORK.jpg

    this our work which we need your feed back  we use Drive Page to fill Form from small geodatabase  which we loaded from excel sheet  Excel sheets updated day by day
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  • Python Toolbar Information (I need help, please)

    I needed some help in being pointed in the right direction for creating this particular specific toolbar with pop up window or how to create it. Thanks.
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  • ArcPy Error message in ArcMap 10.2.1

    Can anyone give me a solution how to fix it? Please see the following screenshot.   Thanks Muqit
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  • Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Master (2).docx

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  • UnionScrapGPS.zip

    Dan Patterson there are three shape files. two points and one line. The points were located near Rome, New York. The line should have no projection. Thanks so much for your help it is greatly appreciated!
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  • Forest Code - Brazil

    Análise da Legislação Brasileira
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  • Benthic Terrain Modeler Demo Theater Presentation

    Esri UC 2014 Demo Theater Presentation File: Exploring, Analyzing, and Understanding Davey Jones' Locker: Using the Benthic Terrain Modeler Take an exciting dive to the briny deep and enjoy an interactive demonstrat...
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  • geneGIS Demo Theater Presentation

    Esri UC 2014 Demo Theater Presentation file Mapping Tools: Where the Wild Whales Are Marine mammal researchers and ocean conservationists will enjoy this discussion and demo of a new suite of mapping tools to browse...
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  • vmi.gdb.zip

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