• Pop-up display issue

    Pop-ups using standard viewer do not appear to work the same when using the Operational Dashboard.  Is there another way to configure my Pop-ups to work properly on Operational Dashboard?  I've publishe...
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  • Adjust height between bars in series

    Is there any way to adjust these bars to be close in height? Without looking at the numbers it looks much greater than 1 unit.
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  • Two line graphs on operation dashboard

    Hi there,   I have got data of crime data along with the date column. Now I want to display two lines graph in such a way that one line graph shows the current year average crime data (on monthly basis) and othe...
  • Arranging Month name in natural order in serial chart

    Hi there,   I am creating a serial chart in which category field contains Month values (i.e. January, February so on) and statistic field value is sum. Its a line graph. The problem I am having is I couldn't arr...
  • Applying filters to the dashboard that populates empty charts

    I have over 2000 data points to display, and this is too much for Operations dashboards to show quickly. It is also not a welcoming sight when you first arrive to the dashboard and there is tons of overlapping data. M...
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  • Filter a Large dataset based on User on Dashboard

    We have an Operations Dashboard with a very large dataset. Inside the dataset, there is a field that has an Account Manager. We were hoping within this dataset that there would be a way to filter the data based on whi...
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  • Dashboard Layer Actions for the Map Do Not Work As Expected

    In earlier iterations of the Dashboard, Layer Actions could be configured in the map to either filter, flash, pan, or zoom to a feature(s) of a layer that is acted upon by another filter (category/number/date selector...
    created by wbrewer.CALFIRE
  • "X Days Until Y" card

    I'm looking for a way to add a card to an Operations Dashboard, Sites, or Hub site that will dynamically count down the days until an event. It looks like it should be possible if I use an Indicator in Operations Dash...
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  • Serial chart x-axis legend

    Hi there,   I am trying to show some data on serial chart. Data is related to regulatory year which starts from April to next year March. The X-axis of the serial chart contains the month of the regulatory year ...
  • Data Not Displaying

    Hi there, I have a web map which displays polygons from a feature service and also displays other data from a map service (this was set to use as basemap when saving the web map):  When I add this web map int...
    created by cwholmes
  • Operations Dashboard not fully configured

    Any one with an idea of what causes the 'not fully configured' message and how to fix it
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  • Generating third graph on serial chart

    Hi there,   I have generated serial chart on dashboard while looks like as below:     I used grouped value option to generate the grpah. X-axis shows the month and I also used split-by-field to gene...
  • Cannot Access Data in Indicator - Operations Dashboard

    I am trying to create a fairly simple operations dashboard that displays the total number features in an indicator. When I try to create the indicator, I get an error that says "Cannot Access Data." I have the appropr...
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  • Dashboard Displays Incorrect ObjectID

    I have a dashboard that consumes one feature service (created from Survey123) with 4 copies of it with different filters and different symbology assigned to each. I also have a list in this dashboard.   When I c...
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  • How do I change the background of the dropdowns to match the background of the dashboard?

      I can't find where to change the color of the dropdowns. Where can I edit this?
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  • Replicate Dashboards

    I make a dashboard and I want to know if I can duplicate the dashboard with the same template just by changing the data and generating a new one. I want to know if the dashboards are replicable and how can I do it
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  • How to share a dashboard publicly from Enterprise 10.6.1

    Enterprise question. When 'allow anonymous access to your portal' is unchecked, my dashboard can no longer be shared without a login prompt. It and all it's components are shared with everyone and the dashboard is not...
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  • Operations Dashboard; Activate Map with List

    I have a couple lists, and a couple associated maps.  The lists are stacked on top of each other as are the maps. Is there a method such that when I activate a given list,  that activation wil...
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  • Sharing Operations Dashboard Outside of Organization

    Is there a way to share an operations dashboard with people outside of my firm's ArcGIS account (people without accounts)?   Thanks
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  • Want to display field in timescale but only can show statistic

    I'm trying to use an operations dashboard to make a serial chart that displays multiple records for one field on a time scale, but I'm unable to customize how those values are displayed. For example, I want the x axis...