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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

20 Posts authored by: dlaw-esristaff Employee

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a configurable web app that provides location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view of people, services, assets, and events. You can monitor the activities and key performance indicators that are vital to meeting your organization’s objectives within a dynamic dashboard.

This blog is meant to be a live resource that will be updated to share the latest resources for working with Operations Dashboard. FYI: access the general help documentation here.


Last edited: Oct 18, 2019


Video Resources


Operations Dashboard Tutorial Videos by Esri Canada


How to Blogs


Best Practices Blogs



Dashboard Examples


ArcGIS Living Atlas - Dashboard Gallery



If you have a Dashboard to share, please email: Derek Law ( or post on Twitter tagged with #OpsDashboard as we love seeing example Dashboards from users.

Excellent tips & tricks blog for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS by Sumaiya Siddiqi from Esri Canada. Contains some great content, definitely worth a read!


Dashboard tips that will make you say, “I didn’t know I could do that!”





FYI, this blog discusses the new URL parameters functionality that was added to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the recent ArcGIS Online December 2018 update. It explains the concept and reviews several examples.


Make your Dashboards more Dynamic using URL Parameters 




The State of Iowa Dept of Transportation just deployed an awesome Winter Operations Dashboard built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. It displays real-time weather and snowplow status, camera feeds at certain traffic locations, and historic resource usage.


Iowa DOT Winter Operations Dashboard




FYI, the Windows-Desktop based Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app - which uses Operation Views, will be retired on Jan 1st, 2019. Please review this blog by Jeff Shaner for more details.


Operations Dashboard v10.3.4 is Retiring!




Hope this helps,

FYI: Excellent tips & tricks blog on leveraging Indicator elements in your Dashboards by David Nyenhuis.



This article provides 3 techniques to add context to your indicators through reference values and conditional formatting.


  1. Apply situation-based styling
  2. Compare your metric to a baseline
  3. Normalize your metric


Provide Context to Your Dashboard Indicators



This is a great 1 hour video that discusses Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS and how it can be used for assessment, tax, and land records. Session description:


Dashboards give assessors the ability to make decisions at a glance, based on the latest available data updated in real-time. You can configure dashboards to always have the information most important to you at your fingertips. This webinar will go over how the Value Analysis configuration


Leveraging Dashboards: Information at the Assessor's Fingertips




FYI, here's a great video from the Esri 2018 User Conference of the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS: An Introduction technical session presented by Patrick Brennan and myself. A nice starting point to learn about Operations Dashboard.


Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS: An Introduction - YouTube 




There was lots of interest and activity for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS at the Esri User Conference last week. Checkout this nice summary blog by Jeff Shaner


Dashboard @ Esri User Conference




A good blog that discusses strategies, best practices, and tips & tricks to consider when deploying dashboards for use on mobile phones.


Strategies & Best Practices for using Dashboards on your Smartphone




Checkout all the latest enhancements for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the latest ArcGIS Online June 2018 update. Blog by Jeff Shaner


What’s New in Dashboard for ArcGIS (June 2018)




Checkout this great StoryMap by Sergio Domenech from Esri Spain, on applying GIS to the Jurassic Park movies!! Very creative and interesting - great job!!


JuraGIS Park: Applying ArcGIS in Jurassic World 



It contains a really nice example Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS dashboard app example!!


Jurassic Park OpsDashboard




A couple of useful videos on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS are now available online:

1. What's New in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


2. Operations Dashboard Tip and Tricks


FYI: Elleni Rogers from Esri UK recently published another great blog post that discusses the new enhancements that were added to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the ArcGIS Online April 2018 update.


Bring your Operations Dashboard elements together with the new update — Esri UK 






This blog highlights events and activities related to Operations Dashboard at the 2018 Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs. It also discusses the top 5 questions that were asked by attendees


Top 5 Questions about Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS & Esri Dev Summit report - ArcGIS Blog