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The State of Iowa Dept of Transportation just deployed an awesome Winter Operations Dashboard built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. It displays real-time weather and snowplow status, camera feeds at certain traffic locations, and historic resource usage.


Iowa DOT Winter Operations Dashboard




FYI, the Windows-Desktop based Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app - which uses Operation Views, will be retired on Jan 1st, 2019. Please review this blog by Jeff Shaner for more details.


Operations Dashboard v10.3.4 is Retiring!




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FYI: Excellent tips & tricks blog on leveraging Indicator elements in your Dashboards by David Nyenhuis.



This article provides 3 techniques to add context to your indicators through reference values and conditional formatting.


  1. Apply situation-based styling
  2. Compare your metric to a baseline
  3. Normalize your metric


Provide Context to Your Dashboard Indicators