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Click to view contentHi all,   I have a field named IP(implementing partners) which is repeated in a number of records. I want to apply a distinct count  and put the count in front of each IP in my list element: I would appreciate your useful comments.     
Click to view contentHello,   Is there a way to change the text font size and specify the number of decimals shown on the pie chart in Operations Dashboard please?       Thank you, Emily 
Hello,   We are trying to utilize layers from an OGC compliant Web Feature Service on a dashboard and we are running into some problems. The map obviously shows up fine but when we try to add another element, like in Indicator that sums up features from one of the WFS layers, we are getting a message that says "the map doesn't have any layers… (Show more)
A newly created Operations Dashboard that consumes a hosted feature service (both of which are shared to the Public) prompts for an ArcGIS Online user name and password. I've made sure the ArcGIS Online site is set for Anonymous Access and I've tried stripping out the organizational name in the URL. Neither of these actions fix the issue. Here's… (Show more)
dashboard displays collector attachments fine in the web map pop-ups but the attachments (all images) from survey123 feature service are not being displayed.... known limitation or bug or user error?
Hi team is there an option to add a 'vertical' guide to a series chart - would be useful to define a point in time our dashboard:   Cheers,   Conor. 
How do I use the previous value for the reference in the Indicator?  when I choose previous value it is displaying the same number.  I have multiple entries in a related table associated to an event ( 1 to many) and trying to calculate the difference from the current and previous value.
Click to view contentHi.   I just made a gauge in Operations Dashboard en when I created it and tested it in Chrome and Edge devices it works fine.   Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS      But in Firefox it looks like this     Is there any issue?   Greetings
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