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We have a Water Pumhouse and Reservoir checklist survey set up in Survey 123. Every 2-3 days, the cheklist is filled up. We'd like to users/reviewers to be able to view that data in a table where the checklist items would be on the left axis while the dates would be at top so data can be compared day-to-day. I have yet to find a way to show all… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi all, I am brand new to Enterprise & Operations Dashboards, so I am trying to set up a sample for my department to give them an idea for what's possible.   Anyway - I cannot figure out how to add dollar signs in front of these numbers I have circled in the image below - it is an indicator. I've been looking on Google for a little while now and… (Show more)
I have a few indicators disapplying live numbers. I want to take these indicators and put them on my side panel which only contains a category selector that filters data in the map and list when changed.   I hope this is a easy solution that I overlooked.   Thanks
Hi All,    We have a database, services, ops-dashboard setup that collects and displays data from locations all across the US.  The widgets in the ops-dashboard are tied to a date-based filter using the "TODAY" setting.  The problem is the query that gets generated is TODAY for the browser not TODAY for the location being collected.   Even if we… (Show more)
Click to view contentI'm trying to use a DarykSky Widget to get a weather forecast, but it shows up twice with ugly black code throughout. This link was created by the website automatically. Getting the link to work in the first place required me to take out <script> tags on either side to get to the https link. Here is the widget link condensed to show what I mean.… (Show more)
Our corporation has three servers, Dev, Tst and Prod. We have created few Operations Dashboards in Dev server and wish to promote to Tst for testing and later to Prod. We also have some works (Dashboards and Story Maps) done by consultants currently saved in their server which we would like to move them back to our server.    We are wondering how… (Show more)
Hi all,   In short, I'd like to add a panel with a summary table in the ArcGIS Online Dashboard, but it does not appear that there is an option for that.  Has anyone done something similar?    To get more in detail, I have a street centerline file where each street segment is coded with the type of on-street bicycle facility (bike lane, cycle… (Show more)
I added a new layer to my Operations Dashboard, and now its loading REALLY slowly- and I've had some complaints from viewers.  The new layer has over 27,000 records.  So I'm wondering how much is too much as far as loading data onto web apps? Or maybe the slowness has something to do with the queries I have?  Any suggestions? 
I have a selector that allows me to filter data in my charts, but not in my map.  The map is an ArcMap map service.  The Ops Dashboard map, charts, and selector are all using the same layer from the map for their data.  Any idea why it won't let me filter the points in my map? 
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