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Click to view contentSetting the Stage In winter months, many cities are struck with extreme snowstorm events that can leave people stranded for hours or even days. Operations managers need to monitor snow event responses and determine which streets are not getting attention.   Using Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS let’s create a dashboard that can be used to see the… (Show more)
Hello, I am creating a dashboard that includes a serial chart, with data broken by dept. For some reason I'm getting duplicate values of Depts with different counts. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so what did you do?   Thanks!
In ArcGIS portal, I cannot get the map to filter out data through the category selector. I have all the actions set up so that they all the charts and graphs talk to each other, but having selections talk to the map has not been successful. Here, the data selector is set to "No Data Selected", and we see Sideswipe, Rear End, and Other types of… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi All,    I'm trying to set zoom level for polygon by setting Point Zoom Scale, but this is not working for me, when Selecting Features in Category Selector.     Please let me know how I can achieve this.   Derek Law   Thanks, Krish
I have a data set that has 3 types of line data in it , Plow, Grader, and Sweeping.  I have created copies of that layer and filtered out each type of the line work i want to show..... but in the legend it is still showing the other two sets of data.  How do i only show in the legend what i would like it to show...  Thank you for your time. ZC
I added a new layer to my Operations Dashboard, and now its loading REALLY slowly- and I've had some complaints from viewers.  The new layer has over 27,000 records.  So I'm wondering how much is too much as far as loading data onto web apps? Or maybe the slowness has something to do with the queries I have?  Any suggestions? 
Hello,   I am trying to create a new dashboard with charts to show the count of plots based on their types. The field type is using coded value so my charts are showing type using number. example: Type = 1, type = 2   what can i do to show the text field and not the coded value?   Thank you
Hi all,   In short, I'd like to add a panel with a summary table in the ArcGIS Online Dashboard, but it does not appear that there is an option for that.  Has anyone done something similar?    To get more in detail, I have a street centerline file where each street segment is coded with the type of on-street bicycle facility (bike lane, cycle… (Show more)
Click to view contentI have data in an Operations Dashboard that is a rate.  As far as I can work out, by default an indicator shows a sum/count etc. of the features of a layer but this no sense for a rate or percentage.  What I'd like to achieve is an indicator that remains blank unless a single feature is selected.  Is this possible?  Or any thoughts around… (Show more)
I have a selector that allows me to filter data in my charts, but not in my map.  The map is an ArcMap map service.  The Ops Dashboard map, charts, and selector are all using the same layer from the map for their data.  Any idea why it won't let me filter the points in my map? 
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