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I have created a dashboard which looks at data that has been published to my SDE. The SDE feature service contains 2 polygon layers and 1 point layer. My 2 polygon layers are being drawn out but are filtered down with the initial startup of the dashboard. My point layer is considered "big data" of which I have turned off visibility and am… (Show more)
Have been using Ops Dashboard for a while now and starting to feel the impact of change over time.  For example, when an underlying Web Map, service, data source, etc. changes it can disrupt the availability of any Operations Dashboards that have been built against it. This can be mitigated by timing and coordination of the changes to the… (Show more)
Hello,   We are running 10.7 on prem and have an operations dashboard that is embedded within an iFrame on an internal portal that flashes violently on the screen VERY sporadically.  It is not isolated to one user, rather all experience the issue on different workstations.  It occurs randomly and I'd ballpark the frequency at 1-2 times per week… (Show more)
My feature service is from a survey where one of the questions is multiple choice, so there are different combinations of answers.  In Web App Builder I can create a filter based on a search string, so that any of the results with a certain choice pop up. This is… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello!   It seems like through trial and error, what we are trying to do may not be possible, but i wanted to confirm and fish for alternate ideas...   From a dashboard, we are presenting some links to additional charts and pages that supplement the data.  Ideally, these links would be presented in a specifically sized pop up window, rather than… (Show more)
Hey Ops Dashboard world,   Just got a simple question and see how other folks go about accessing dashboards on mobile devices. I saw the blog post, Strategies & Best Practices for using Dashboards on your smartphone, by Derek Law. Good article and helped me along the path in design and functionality but know thinking about how my end users will… (Show more)
when a dashboard is made from arcgis online, the sizes of the letters that are available in a computer are edited, but when accessing from a cell phone it is saturated with the sizes of the dashboard widgets, I want to know how I can configure the visualization in the cell phones
In Operations Dashboard, when grouping widgets together in edit mode there is an outline around each widget.    Is there a way to keep/add this outline so that it shows in the final view mode? Thanks 
I have been trying to use Query Layers in Operations Dashboard (ArcGIS Portal version 10.7.1) , but I am not able to visualize the data in a diagram, pie chart, indicator, etc. , as I used to do it in the older version. I only see the error message "Cannot access data".   Is this a known issue for version 10.7.1?
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