• Collector on Windows 10 - Getting UTM to Display?

    I am currently configuring the Collector application on Toughbooks for my company. We exclusively work with UTM coordinates, and upon going through the Windows 10 application configuration, I cannot for the life of me...
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  • Search by Layer Attributes not working on Collector for IOS

    Whenever I make a map on ArcGIS Online, I allow the search bar to search by items ID (or really any other attribute). It always worked perfectly on the webmap, and on my Collector app, which I use on Android.   ...
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  • ArcGIS Collector The collector fails to display labels of a service,

    ArcGIS Collector The collector fails to display labels of a service,   Despite the fact that labels of a service published in ArcGIS Online and web map viewers are properly displayed, Collectors fails...
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  • Has the Aurora version of Collector been scheduled for Windows?

    Now that the Aurora version of Collector is available for iOS and Android (beta) is there a timeline for the Windows' version?   Thanks, Bob
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  • Has somebody used Collector in an Apple Watch?

    I would like to take advantage fully of my instruments, so I think using an Apple Watch to collect data would be wonderful. So I'd like to know if somebody has tried it?
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  • Disconnected Editing in a Disconnected Portal

    using Collector, If a user collects some data offline on his phone, and then collects some data on his tablet offline, and then returns to the office, how does collector/portal manage the simultaneous edits from diffe...
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  • Unable to Open Map "Invalid call with current token type"

    Collector for ArcGIS on iPad Unable to Open Map "Invalid call with current token type"   Trying to open existing map created in ArcGIS Online.  Using a global account to log in to Collector for ArcGIS and ...
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  • Will Field Maps support webhooks?

    A question about the new/beta Field Maps application:   Are there any plans to support webhooks in Field Maps?   More specifically, will the functionality that was formerly in Collector, but is now in Fiel...
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  • Add row to related table

    We have a number of assets (point features) in our system that we want our field crews to take photos of. The easy option would be to create attachments to the Feature Class   However, we would like to cre...
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  • Possible to include SQL view in OFFLINE Collector?

    We have the following: Sewer Main=feature class Sewer_SLRAT_Insp=related table SEWER_MAIN_RAT_REL=Relationship class between fc and table (1:M) v_WC_SLRatInsp=SQL view of related table   The related table h...
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  • Points not showing up in Collector but do in Collector Classic

    Trying to create a simple Collector map to allow for adding new entries to a related table. There is only 1 point in the feature layer and everything works on Collector Classic but not normal Collector. The feature la...
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  • Error syncing with edits from the field.

    I have synced one time after collecting data with a series of line features. I went back to the field in offline mode and collected another series of lines as well as point features and also captured some photos/video...
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  • Sync problem on offline mode

    Hi everyone   we have been using offline mode within tile packages. I have a sync problem with that.  When I sync it no error message. But I could not see from the portal.  But still able to see from ...
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  • Photo attachment mix-ups in Collector

    I have configured a web map that inspectors use to collect data on a Hosted Feature Service through ArcGIS Collector (Classic), generally in offline mode but not always. There is a point layer with related tables, two...
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  • Using Collector Offline via Laptop

    I'm struggling to figure out if I can set up an Collector map for my organization, but allow the users to edit the data offline in the field via the browser on a Windows laptop and sync when back in the office, rather...
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  • Feature Search with Barcode -- How To

    Hi,   In Li Lin's talk "ArcGIS Collector: Best Practices for Inspection Workflows" at time 20:54 she mentions "Feature search with barcode" as a topic she covered but I didn't see it anywhere in the demo.  ...
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  • Why does my Collector for ArcGIS keep shutting down on my Android phone?

    I have installed Collector for ArcGIS version 20.2.1.  I am trying to access my collector project from phone running android OS.  I can sign into my enterprise portal and I see all my projects but when I cli...
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  • When will feature snapping be available in Collector for Android?

    Regarding feature snapping in ArcGIS Collector for Android: What’s new in Collector for ArcGIS (January 2020)  Enable feature snapping in Collector App  What's new—ArcGIS Collector | Documenta...
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  • Any way to avoid full map rebuilds all the time?

    It is getting to be more and more work to have to rebuild the maps all the time.  Looking for any way to avoid this?   Simple one today.  I Enabled attachments on a layer that is in an existing map....
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  • Labels not showing in Collector Map

    I have a published map on ArcGIS Online with labeling turned on for 1 feature class.  I can see the labels in the map in ArcGIS Online but the labels do not display when viewing the map in Collector.  Is thi...
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