• How to resolve Pre-Planned Work Area Woes?

    We have a Portal 10.7.1 and GIS Server 10.7.1 as the hosting server.  We are using the most current Collector on iOS.   I've created a web map and added a hosted layer created from a template in Portal....
    created by rhughes522
  • Are the Arcade FeatureSet functions supported in Collector?

    I have created Arcade expressions that display pop-up data from a related table using FeatureSets.  They work in ArcGIS Online but not in Collector.  Does Collector (the new iOS version) support FeatureSets?
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  • Audio files in Collector

    Hello,    I have a quick question. When will it be possible to attach audio files?
  • Maps Shared to Organisation Not in Collector

    There is this nice sharing feature in ArcGIS Online for Sharing with your entire organisation, pretty stock standard feature very useful. Collector for reasons unknown ignores this feature, you must share your maps to...
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  • Cant select features on Collector app - iPad

    I am no longer able to select certain features in Collector on my iPad, instead it just keeps zooming in on the location or drops a pin. The features were created in the field with a bit of tweaking back at the office...
    created by Connicks_Support
  • Pop-up Not the Same Between WebMap, Collector, and Collector Classic

    I've created a webmap and enabled and configured pop-ups on different layers. Collector (version for iPad is not showing the pop-ups correctly. In fact, it is showing pop-ups for layers that I have *disab...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS

    Hello. I am new to "Collector for ArcGIS". The municipality I work for is wanting to streamline the method for gathering data in the field and updating our asset inventory in the office. I am working on developing ...
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  • Collector update failed for desktop only (i.e. windows)

    Hello,   I have created a map to be edited in Collector. All my services are hosted features in AGOL, each has a related table for adding information in the field. Moreover, I also enabled attachments, so that p...
  • Collector: use related layer to symbolise feature

    In the post below it describes using ArcGIS Collector to carry out inspections of assets by creating a relationship to an inspection table. This works really well and is a good way to separate asset edits from mainten...
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  • How can I hide the Update Point button?

    Is there a way to remove the giant center Update Point button?     Our users update attributes only.  It is VERY confusing to the user that they do not hit the big center Update Point button and i...
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  • Collector: Anyone else find moving the map to add features awkward?

    With every GIS app that I've used to add features (points or polygons), you click on the map location where you'd like to add a point or start drawing. With the new version of Collector, one must move the map to ...
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  • Roads & Highways Data

    Has anyone found a way to update attribute information for an event from Roads & Highways using Collector?  From my knowledge ESRI wants you to redline and update in the office but that's duplicating work and...
    created by RGalos
  • collector offline areas

    Colin Lawrence Hi Colin or anyone else, I had a quick question that I was hoping you could help me with. I am struggling to get an offline area downloaded on Collector. When I look at the troubleshooting logs I don't...
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  • Map Downloads with Collector Classic but not the New Collector

    Has anyone else experienced this? 
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  • Related records not showing in the new collector

    I have a web map with a feature with related records that worked in the old collector but not the new collector. Any reasons why this would be the case? 
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  • Best tablet to use with Arc Collector

    Hi,   I work for a wildlife conservation NGO, we are looking to supply our field surveyors with new tablets to assist with data collection. We have a budget of around £400 or so per unit. The tablets must s...
    created by becky@plantlife
  • Not recognizing TPKX in either Android or Windows

    I'm not sure what the problem is but Collector is not recognizing the TPKX file that I created to uses as off-line basemaps on either my Android device or on Windows.  Are there some sort setting that need to be ...
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  • Collector Classic managing downloaded versions

    I've found related info about downloaded maps in Collector documentation-for-versions-and-replicas-created-by-collector and some esri documentation but it doesn't quite answer my question. We don't...
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  • Collector - The Aurora Project

    Update: Collector's Aurora Beta is available. Already have it? Join the discussion in our Early Adopter Community.   Collector for ArcGIS launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play in January 2013, fol...
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  • Collector on Android: "A cellular or wifi connection is required" after checkout?

    In Collector for ArcGIS on a couple different Android devices, I get the error message "A cellular or wifi connection is required" when trying to open the Collector for ArcGIS app after checking my data and basemap ou...
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