• Has anyone used a Leica GS15 receiver with Collector?

    I'm using an Android smartphone for Collector (Samsung Galaxy S5). The phone pairs via bluetooth just fine with my receiver but Collector is still showing my location to be about 15 feet off from where it is. Yes, I t...
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  • Cannot Create Points in Collector

    For some reason I cannot create points in collector.  I can create points for the same layer on desktop and AGOL/Portal.    I have publish a few layers from a mxd on my server. I can edit existing poin...
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  • Survey 123 Links in collector not working on Android 11

    Hi, I have a field in a feature service that has a hyperlink to open Survey 123 and add some information to the survey from Collector.  These links work in ArcGIS Online on Desktop, Collector in iOS, Collector Cl...
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  • Downloading maps for offline use

    Hi all,   SImilar question has been asked previously, but the error message I receive is different. Trying to download an existing map with numerous layers, plus a basemap (ideally satellite imagery but topo map...
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  • "An error occured downloading the map area" - New Collector

    Hi all,   My organization has recently been running into a consistent problem downloading Offline Map Areas in the new Collector. This may be similar to other issues users are experiencing but I have not seen an...
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  • ArcGIS Collector has no developer options

    Hello,    I have recently been experiencing a large number of issues taking web maps offline in Collector for ArcGIS. I have enabled the developer options on my android device to attempt to troubleshoot the...
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  • Taking photos in Collector

    Hello everyone,   I am working with Collector (not Classic) to enable inspectors to collect points while in the field. Currently I need to create a point feature layer for use in collector that will allow me to ...
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  • Recommendations for improving accuracy while using Collector

    Hi, the city where I work is switching over to ArcGIS Online. I am trying to get Collector up and running for our field crews. They will be using Ipads and Iphones for collection. My boss asked if we could try and get...
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  • Offline Layer Fails to Load

    I'm having trouble getting feature layers from my geodatabase (enterprise level, SQL Server 2019) to work in Collector in offline mode.  I can get them to work while connected - but am having trouble going offlin...
  • Untrusted host error message - Android Collector for ArcGIS

    Some of our Rangers are getting an untrusted host error message (see attached). And if you select trust it just throws up the error message again.  You can flick the app out and on most occasions it opens again a...
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  • Collector (Android): Not getting to arcgis.com on sign in screen

    Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10, Collector 20.2.1  (connected via both unrestricted network and wi-fi)   I tap on Collector, and I get standard login screen, I tap on "Sign in with ArcGIS Online", then inst...
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  • why wont my layer from online load on my app

    domain: com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error code: 2     description: invalid argument 
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  • Point feature not showing is collector in IOS

    I created a point shapefile feature in collector that when I mark it on my Iphone it doesnt show up but it will be there on Arcmap online and when I look at the map in my Samsung tablet.   
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  • ArcGIS Collector offset x,y,z values

    Hello,   We are migrating a current project that is in ArcPad to ArcGIS Collector. There are a number of point features that are collected that are offset (not under the plane) and surveyors might use the 'colle...
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  • Photo attachment mix-ups in Collector

    I have configured a web map that inspectors use to collect data on a Hosted Feature Service through ArcGIS Collector (Classic), generally in offline mode but not always. There is a point layer with related tables, two...
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  • Update existing field, Related ID lost

    Hello all, Here's my problem. We have a point layer in Collector which is currently in use. The customer gave us a list of accessories attached to a point layer. We proceeded to the creation of a relational tab...
  • Of map layers and offline usage..

    I'm struggling with this topic as I get more familiar with Collector. I've read the docs about offline maps and how all layers must be enabled for offline use and to a large degree, I understand what's being said and ...
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  • Problem connecting to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 through Collector over VPN

    Since upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.6.1 we are not able to sign in to Collector on iOS. We use a VPN to connect to our network and use Portal level authentication. It looks like Collector tries to log in through a...
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  • Blog discussion: Make your first Collector map

    I've written a blog to take you through making your first map for Collector. You'll learn how to prepare a new layer (including setting choices for one of your form entries), put your layer into a map, and then u...
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  • Attempted to Use Invalid JSON - ArcGIS Collector

    Hi,   I wanted to see if anyone else was getting the Attempted to Use Invalid JSON Error in ArcGIS Collector.   Background information:  - I am able to get this working still in Collector Classic but...