• Input feature class is not registered as versioned???

    So calculating geometry (area) on a SQL 2014 Enterprise Feature Class, Geography Storage Type, GCS projection in 2.5, not registered as versioned, no branch versioning, archiving enabled returns  &...
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  • Copy pasting in attribute table causing an infinite loop lock up in Pro 2.5

     Copy pasting in attribute table causing an infinite loop lock up in Pro 2.5 After a fresh Pro 2.5 install we are seeing a bug with copy pasting in attribute table. If the "Do not show again" box is not checked a...
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  • Creating Reports in Pro

    The Pro team is excited to begin work on Reports for a future release. We would love to get some input as to what our users' needs are in regards to functionality and appearance. If you frequently make reports and wou...
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  • 12-digit code in ArcGIS License Manager service.txt file

    Hello,   I would like to know what the 12-digit code represents in my service.txt file of the License Manager. I am using my Portal for ArcGIS as a licensing portal for my ArcGIS Pro.   I noticed that in ...
  • ArcGIS Pro Tips and Tricks - I share mine, you share yours

    I recently saw a Twitter post (a tweet?) with this ArcGIS Pro tip: Nathan Shephard on Twitter: "Random @ArcGISPro tip - you can click the 'Selected Features' count label (on the map's sta…    An...
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  • FYI if you're creating a new enterprise GDB in 2.5

    ....you will need to rename keycodes to keycodes.txt (Create a geodatabase in SQL Server—Manage geodatabases in SQL Server | Documentation ). I gonna go with this is not by design, as Server doesn't put an ...
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  • Exception Breakpoint error on install of 2.5

    I tried to install 2.5 and I am getting the break point error below.  Additionally, i checked my system requirements using the link below and I passed.
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  • ArcGIS Pro: 2.4.2: In general, ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap,

    ArcGIS Pro: 2.4.2: In general, ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap,   I observed that the ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap. This observation is related to all tools and behaviors  
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5

    Just noticed that ArcGIS Pro 2.5 is available for download....
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  • Schedule Geoprocessing Tools in ArcGIS Pro 2.5

    With ArcGIS Pro 2.5 release (due out this month), you can now schedule a geoprocessing tool (including ModelBuilder and Python script tools) to run at specific times and days within the geoprocessing pane! Here is a b...
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  • Measure distance between points across polygon. Least Cost Path?

    How do I measure distance around an object?   Here is my situation. I am trying to measure distance between points across an area of water. The water area is broken by swamps, islands, and other pieces of land. ...
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  • Validate Topology Fixes - Suggested Functions Remove Entire Features

    Hello,   I am validating geodatabase topology rules "May not Overlap (Area)" and "May not have Gaps (Area)" in a single feature class of administrative boundaries. When I run validate topology for these err...
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  • Help with transforming coordinate values

    Hello, I am building a data pipeline that ingests a table of latitude/longitude coordinates and plots them on a map. All data points are located in Santa Monica, CA.    Here are some sample coordinates...
  • Hydrographic workflow

    Hello all. Can someone recommend a workflow for storing viewing and sharing Hydrographic data? We have a lot of data and would like to do more with it.   I have maybe 10+ different surveys of small areas acros...
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  • An ArcMap User's Wishlist for ArcGIS Pro

    The other day, I decided to start a list on the whiteboard at work of what ArcGIS Pro would need to have before we would be able to consider adoption of ArcGIS Pro in our current environment.   So here are some d...
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  • When moving a feature, the feature snaps back to its original location if you subsequently edit an attribute

    Scenario: I have a point.  I open up the edit toolbar, select the Move tool, and move the point.  I then edit a value of that same feature in the attribute table and press "enter" to save that edit.  Th...
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  • Issues with Historical Dates (pre-1900)

    Recently, I discovered a sneaky sorting bug for date/time values before 1900 30 December 1899 in date fields (ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3). The dates sort correctly but the times do not (see screenshots below). It also seem...
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  • Locator configuration in LocateXT for ArcGIS Pro

    locatext arcgis - pro Pro  When the customer try to use LocateXT without internet connection,  LocateXT ask a Locator file (for Place name). Is possible to configure LocateXT to point a custom/local Lo...
  • Cannot Select a Metadata Style in Pro

    I have been tasked with adding metadata to many of our shapefiles. In Pro when I go t set the metadata style, the dropdown is grayed out and the only option is FGDC CSDGM Metadata. We need to add metadata in either...
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  • Open Web Maps - Pro (Bing/ArcGIS/Google/OSM) Add-in

      For those who are interested, I just released my first ArcGIS Pro Add-in. Get it here:  http://arcg.is/2nMXq4M   Description Have you ever been working in ArcGIS Pro and you want to view (B) Bing ...
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