• Georeferencing bugs in ArcGIS Pro

    Hello Geonet! Has anyone else had issues with georeferencing images in ArcGIS Pro? It's something I do on an almost daily basis in ArcMap, and I keep attempting to switch my workflow to ArcGIS Pro to practice using t...
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  • Creating Reports in Pro

    The Pro team is excited to begin work on Reports for a future release. We would love to get some input as to what our users' needs are in regards to functionality and appearance. If you frequently make reports and wou...
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  • How to get rid of alignment guides in layout

    Hi there,    Is this possible to get rid of the blue dashed alignement guides in ArcGIS Pro layout?  All the elements (drawing, text, etc) snap to this and do not allow to place «where we want&raq...
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  • Using the Explorer tool to get coordinates?

    I have used the identify tool in ArcMap for years, to identify and obtain coordinates within my view extent.  I have previously transitioned over to the newest version of ArcPro and the main issue I am running in...
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  • Does ESRI Want Pro to be an ArcMap killer?

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  • Append tool in Model Builder not keeping my field mapping settings

    ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1. I am using the append tool in model builder to append a file geodatabase feature class to an sde feature class. The schemas do not match so I  am using the field map to reconcile the differences...
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  • Arc Pro Stereo Viewing Workflow Issues

    Hi All,  I am attempting to replicate a workflow in ArcGIS pro from ArcMap Desktop that utilizes Stereo pairs of imagery for Stereo viewing. I have over 100 different sites with consecutive stereo pairs in TIFF ...
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  • arcpy BUG: ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 FGDB lock files not clearing

    Quick summary:   ArcGIS Pro 2.2: arcpy starts an editing session on a polygon Feature Class in a File Geodatase (LOCK files created in FGDB), exports a MapSeries map to JPG with that Feature Class as the index l...
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  • Long Live the Shapefile

    Since the release of ArcGIS Pro my main challenge has been the inability to access my GIS data in Pro, from within Microsoft Access. Access is very popular in my environment (engineering/asset management) and has powe...
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  • Failed to open map view - ArcGIS Pro

    I have quite a few different ArcGIS Pro project files that contain different sets of data, maps and layouts.   On opening certain project files, I then receive the "Failed to open map view" message and it d...
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  • publish with python a feature service that is not hosted

    Hello, Is there a way to publish with python a feature service that is not hosted (in my sde)? Thank you.
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  • Trouble Removing Schema Lock After arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer (Pro Only)

    I'm having trouble removing a schema lock from a feature class in a file geodatabase after running arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer(). The typical arcpy.Delete(layer) isn't working.   I only experience this issue when run...
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  • Add To Display

    In ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1: When I select "Add To Display"  for the output of a Kernel Density function, the name is wrong.  The name appears as %Name2%_Estimatexxx.img instead of the filename... AMCR_Estimatexxx.i...
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  • Graduated Colours - some points missing!

    Hi,   I am having issues using the graduated colours symbology feature with one layer. This is extra frustrating as I have five other layers with the same/ similar data that are displaying perfectly!   Bac...
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  • Finding Sasquatch with Pro and Python

    Finding Sasquatch with Pro and Python
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  • Biggest Hurdle Migrating to ArcPro - Labels

    My biggest hurdle to moving to ArcPro from ArcMap is labels. I've created hundreds of maps in ArcMap, so my transition to ArcPro is importing the layouts and maps from ArcMap to ArcPro however the labels do not import...
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  • Bug Fix with Create Locator Tool

    A couple weeks a go I posted ArcGIS Pro Create Locator fails : Turns out the create locator tool is very sensitive to empty geometries but the error returned upon failure is rather ambiguous: "Error hap...
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  • AG Pro crashes on startup after new installation

    As the title states, a new installation of ArcGIS Pro crashes immediately. I've uninstalled and reinstalled different versions several times & cleared the Registry. The associated tools, command line & jpython...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3 will not publish services

    I'm testing ArcGIS Pro 2.3 currently within a 10.6.1 Enterprise environment.  I have found that 2.3 will fail to publish any services.  The log simply says, error publishing service (all the other staging/et...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0 Create Features Bug

    Simple creating a new feature (polyline) and the object does not show up on screen until i save, remove feature layer and then readd feature layer. Anyone else experience this?
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