• “Raster to other format” fails to work properly and make the jpeg output raster dark

    Hi All,   I couldn’t figure out why “Raster to other format” tool make the jpeg output raster dark?   I used “Raster to other format” tool to convert tiff- 8 bit unsigned raster...
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  • how to change the background of a raster from brown to white?

    Hi All,   I couldn’t figure out how to change the background of a raster from brown to white?   Please note that I want to make this change in the raw image not for displaying purpose using symbol...
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  • ArcGIS Explorer Offline Maps

    I'm building a Mobile Map Package (.mmpk) to use in ArcGIS explorer because we need to be able to access the map when internet connection is spotty. I've authored the mmpk fine, and it shows up, but when I download it...
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  • Symbolising points with the same or similar coordinates

    How do you effectively display points on top of points like the following images? For example, collecting multiple species of insects from the same catchment site. Something like the callout box with the legends ...
    created by SophiaBiol
  • Will the end of TLS 1.0/1.1 support stop Explorer access to base maps

    ESRI is dropping support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in ArcGIS Online for their map servcies (e.g., basic imagery and streetmap). Will this end base map access for Explorer
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  • Spatial Index frequently looses on Feature class

    Hello All,   My feature class loses spatial index frequently. I am not able to figure out why is this happening. The only may be the reason my client is suggesting is due to a python script they run to abandoned...
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  • Insert / Export attachment photos to report ?

    Hi, The attachment function in ArcGIS desktop is great. However, I wonder whether it's possible to export the attachment (mostly are photos in my case) to report, something like asset report that have a few words for...
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  • Random Sample Road Network

    Hello, I would like to develop a model that will take a road network and randomly select a specified percentage (based on total road lengths) of roads (based on road name). An added trick is that once a road is select...
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  • Display all popup windows

    Is there a way that I can display all popup windows at once, in some kind of list or table, instead of having users clicking to go through one by one?
    created by venus.vokim
  • save number of images in one project file with extension name  .tlmnd

      Hi All I couldn’t figure out if there is a way to save number of images in one project file with extension name  .tlmnd   Best, Lubna
  • Need explanation of GetPerimeter.GetPaths point list

    Original User: Scole Trying to work with the list of points returned by poly.GetPerimeter.getPaths and I don't quite understand the "under the hood" dynamics. The biggest problem I have is that the list of points do ...
    created by geonetadmin
  • AGX 1700 Odd Reference Scale-Type Behavior

    I created a new layer with some bogus data, including a Class field and some miscellaneous points with Class set to A or B. I set up two layers in ArcMap, one for each Class (using definition queries), and loaded up i...
    created by PeterLindstrom
  • RESOLVED: Clearing the display of trackPolygons

    Original User: Scole I have a tool in an add-in in which the user draws a polygon on the screen using trackPolygon and then the geometry of the polygon is used to query another data layer. This all works just fine bu...
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  • Using GPS with ArcGIS Explorer 1700

    Original User: jraines Is there a way to specify the COM port for your GPS receiver even if Explorer doesn't identify that a receiver is connected?  I have a Dell XFR XT2 (ruggedized laptop/tablet) with a built ...
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  • Popup window with url opens and does not enlarge

    We have a point layer with urls to 360deg (panorama) photo's. The url is to an asp which opens an interactive viewing window for viewing the photos. Unfortunately the popup remains small and our users have to manually...
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  • Image service "fuzzy edge" doesn't disappear until zoom out

    I am working with a service created from a mosaic raster dataset that contains over two hundred images.  These images vary in pixel depth, bands and sensor type.  They display properly when viewed in AGX.&...
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  • How do I/Can I do this?

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to ArcExplorer 1500 and really trying to get my feet wet in the world of GIS/IT. I have a question. I am trying to get my ArcExplorer GIS map to look like the map below. I'm using Albemarle Co...
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  • Multiple AGE 1500 problems

    Original User: BrerRabbit I thought I'd post my issues since I'm seeing people having similar issues but independently. 1.) AGE opens but the viewing area is blank (in my case it shows my desktop background picture)...
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  • 3D Polygon Not Drawing Correctly; Same 2D Polygon Fine?

    See attached pictures. The polygon was drawn first in 3D mode, which came out looking odd.  Then, I switched to 2D and it is drawn correctly. Any suggestions to correct the polygon in 3D mode?  Why does th...
    created by JerryGarcia
  • ArcGIS Explorer crashes when attemting to add content from ArcGIS Online

    Original User: CityOfGreenvilleSCGIS Please help!  I created a project in ArcGIS Explorer Online and I am trying to get it over to ArcGIS Explorer desktop.  When I attempt to add the map from my ArcGIS Onli...
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