• How to reduce Shape file size + Generalize the map

    HI ALl, I am using world countries shape file provided in arcgis website , we have to use it our application. The problem is it has data around 8MB but the loading this much data in browser hangs the system , so i w...
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  • Navigate Explorer Desktop using a tablet stylus?

    I'm exploring using Explorer Desktop on some windows tablets which we navigate with a stylus.  Because this software seems to require the middle scroll wheel on a mouse I can't find a way to easily zoom.  Do...
    created by carneson
  • Tool or Add-in that displays coordinates on map ala Google Maps

    Users came to me with another "make it like Google" request. They click on the Google Maps map, right-click "What's Here" and get a green arrow. Then click the green arrow and they get what they want. A nice arrow and...
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  • Intersect fails with FeatureLayer with PolygonZ geometry

    I recently changed a polygon feature class to be enabled for Z values. Thus the geometry type went from Polygon to PolygonZ.  I soon discovered that this broke some functionality in a custom AGX Add-In.   H...
    created by dhaines
  • Label features in ArcGIS Explorer?

    Unless I'm missing something, the inability to label features in ArcGIS Explorer is inexplicable to me and basically renders this product useless. Why isn't something as simple as labeling a feature included?
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  • No Basemaps in Build 2500

    The new build, 2500, seems to not want to show any basemaps in the basemap gallery. I am aware of the previous bug and thread, and have tried deleting the cache both manually and through the "Explorer Options" menu, b...
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  • SARX 1.3 now available

    Greetings,   I'm pleased to announce that version 1.3 of SAR Explorer (SARX) is now available for download at   http://www.sarexplorer.com/downloads.html   SARX is a suite of custom tools for gro...
    created by roguenorm
  • Snap Capability with Measure Tool

    Hi, I'd like to know if there is a "snapping" capability hidden somewhere in ArcGIS Explorer, or if there is a way to add it, for use with the measure tool.  Any thoughts? Kent
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  • Invalid Geometry when Reconciling a Version and Replication

    Hi guys, The geometric network tools do not detect problems but when I try to reconcile a version I get the following error: "The version could not be reconciled. The junction has invalid geometry..... "  (see ...
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  • AGX equivelent in Runtime .NET?

    I have been using ArcGIS Explorer Desktop as my development platform for a Search & Rescue application I have developed over the last year. I chose to use AGX's SDK because AGX already provided so much of the capb...
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  • Definition Query for Service Layers?

    According to build 1500, you can create a defnition query for a service layer: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2010/08/24/what-s-new-in-arcgis-explorer-build-1500/ "�?�Definition query on feature and service layers...
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  • Bug report for AGX 2500-corrupted nmf when editing multiple text notes

    Not sure where else to actually submit a bug report for AGX.   This issue relates to the nmf file becoming corrupted after editing the attributes of multiple text notes that are located in a folder.   To r...
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  • Bathymetry Tool from Merwade

    Good afternoon! Does somebody ever used Bathymetry Tool from Venkatesh Merwade? I would love to make some questions! Thank you.
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  • KML change updates for LineStrings and Polygons don't work

    I am using a NetworkLink to dynamically update a map.  So far, I am only able to get Point coordinates to change properly.  I need to be able to update the coordinates of a LineString as well as a Polygon.&#...
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  • Importing geotagged iamges from Nikon D2X

    I have numerous images taken with a Nikon D2X that are geotagged.  When I view the "Properties" of the images in Windows I can see the center coordinate and altitude of camera.  I have been able to read thes...
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  • Failed to execute (Select)

    Hi! I have a problem with my model. I have to run a model for 15 countries in Europe for calculating the best spots for implementing Hydro stations. For all countries it runs fine except for one. Every time I get the...
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  • Attachment Help; Multiple records, same location.

    v.1750 1. Do you have to create and utilize a .lyr file for attachments to work?  This seems to be the only way I can get attachments to show in the popup. 2.  If using a .lyr file, is there anyway to cont...
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  • Explorer difficulties- hard to click and type in Explorer

    Anyone know why when I open explorer, the hourglass next to my mouse appears and disappears every second? Makes it difficult to type and click things... I have this issue even when I don't have a single basemap or la...
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  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop - pinch to zoom on touch devices

    A few people have noted that when using ArcGIS Explorer Desktop on a touch display or surface, pinching to zoom does not zoom in or out very far or very quickly.  This is related to the ArGIS Explorer Options - N...
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  • ArcGIS Explorer 2500 Connections Not Remembered, Configuration File Won't 'see'

    Hello I'm trying to set up a configuration file in ArcGIS Explorer 2500 and have it connect to various servers automatically. In the configuration utility I click Add (see image) but it tells me I have to define the ...
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