• Features disappear on zoom?

    I have an AGX 1200 project with a series of boundary shapefiles in it. At the full extent of the shapefiles (all shapefiles have the same extent), I can see all the features of all of the shapefiles. However, when I z...
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  • Insert / Export attachment photos to report ?

    Hi, The attachment function in ArcGIS desktop is great. However, I wonder whether it's possible to export the attachment (mostly are photos in my case) to report, something like asset report that have a few words for...
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  • How to Use Wind Barb for Symbology

    Hello folks, Can someone briefly explain to me how to symbolize two fields of wind speed and wind direction using the wind barbs in the weather or meteorological reference styles? Not sure how to make it ingest two ...
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  • Troubleshooting Layers Disappearing on Zooms

    I am using AE Desktop Build 1700 on several computers which pass the system requirements check.  I have about 10 layers of water & wastewater (manholes, lines, hydrants, valves, etc.) in a fgdb, added as .lyr...
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  • Dividing an irregular polygon into equal areas

    Hello Fellow GIS Folks: I have what seems to be a difficult task. Is there an easy way I can sub-divide an irregular polygon into equal areas? Thanks in advance. JD
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  • Using ArcReader and Pulisher insted of ArcExplorer

    Hi to Everybody, I have two separate queries regarding 01) Use of ArcExplorer 02) Use of ArcReader and Publisher   01) ArcExplorer:   Hi, I am Rahul Pawar, working In Offshore Survey Company in UAE. I ha...
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  • Hyperlink in ArcExplorer

    I have created link by clicking which I can open a folder related to the information of a feature. I have saved my GIS data in geodatabase format. I can open the folder by clicking any feature. But same .gdb i open in...
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  • ArcGIS Explorer 1500 crashes on launch

    I get the splash screen for about 45 seconds, then it crash with a "serious application error".  I'm running XP, with 9.3 installed on same machine.  Am I missing something?
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  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and 10.4.1

    Hi all   I have seen similar articles before but with no reply.   My users are using Exploret desktop and are happy with its easy to use interface..... Until now!   Specifically we cannot get place s...
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  • georeferencing, tools greyed out

    About 25% of the time, when I add an image for georeferencing, most of the tools are greyed out and I can't work (Fit To Display etc. see attachment). I don't have the image highlighted in ArcCatalog, I don't know wha...
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  • Using ArcGIS Explorer with no Basemaps

    I would like to use ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) with no basemaps - in fact, no internet link at all.  The County's Roads and Bridges Department needs to view the GIS roads we maintain as they populate and proof PubWork...
    created by wbporter
  • Unable to add service ArcGIS Explorer 2500

    I have 10.2 server up and running.  I am capable of publishing services, and viewing those maps through javascript, and the Arcmap online features.  If I try to add content -> GIS Services and select one ...
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  • Working offline with basemaps.

    I know AGX doesn't like to run offline, but is there a way to have it come up without the error box about the basemaps when offline?  I've installed a totally local file basemap, but it still comes up with the er...
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  • Is there a future for the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop Application in 2017?

    The last new release of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop for Windows was in 2015, version 3400.   Is there any new development planned by #esri?
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  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and future Esri support...

    Hello. I have been told by an employee at Esri that the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop product will no longer be supported in the future, and that it will only exist as an online viewer.  I assume this would be http://...
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  • ArcGIS Connection has stopped working

    Anybody having trouble with the ArcGIS Connection failing in version 2500 with Windows 7? It doesn't seem to fail with any other 10.1 ArcGIS software.  Here's the Windows Problem signature:   Problem Event ...
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  • Error on Symbol.CreateMarker()

    I began experiencing an error in code that creates a symbol from a PNG file. It is noteworthy that this same code has worked from build 1200 through 1700, but recently began throwing an error without any direct modifi...
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  • merge line segments

    I have a shapefile of roads, most roads have multiple segments but have the same road id number, how can I combine these road segments into one long continuous segment? Remember these segments are all in one shapefile...
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  • Displaying multiple symbology for a layer

    Hi,         How can we add multiple symbology(Unique value renderer concept) for a layer based on its columns attributes data in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop.   Regards, Kishore K...
    created by kishorekumar146
  • Is there any Editing Capability in ArcGIS Explorer

    Hi,    Is there any Capability of Editing Shape File and Feature class in ArcGIS Explore. I Created Graphic and I want to insert Graphic into Shape File.,through Development is it possible.     ...
    created by siva.123