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FYI, great new blog by Noora Golabi that discusses how you can leverage selectors instead of map extent filters in a dashboard, which can help improve performance for dashboards with high traffic.


Improve your extent-based filtering in ArcGIS Dashboards 




ArcGIS Dashboards beta is now live and available for any ArcGIS Online users to try!  ArcGIS Dashboards beta is the next version of ArcGIS Dashboards built using ArcGIS API for Javascript 4x.  New enhancements include improved usability and performance, plus ArcGIS Arcade support for list and indicator elements. We invite you and your users to join our beta program, try out the beta software and share your thoughts and suggestions through ArcGIS Dashboards Beta GeoNet space.


Here is the beta announcement blog that just published.

FYI, some news about the forthcoming ArcGIS Dashboards beta,


Introducing the Upcoming ArcGIS Dashboards Beta 



I will update this blog post when the beta is released in April.


Updated - 4/9/2020

EDIT: ArcGIS Dashboards Beta is now available in ArcGIS Online.


FYI: for more resources go to ArcGIS Dashboards Beta 



FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, that help convey general information. These examples are not really industry specific.


Top 2000 Songs Dashboard



Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Student Creativity Program Dashboard



Fire Dept City of Austin, TX - Wildfire Division – Fire Prevention Outreach Events Dashboard


GIS Programs in the US Dashboard




You can learn more about Operations Dashboard here,

Esri Live Training Seminar: Real-Time Decision Making with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS



If you're an ArcGIS Online user with operation view items in your organization, please read this blog post:


Operations Dashboard: Upcoming Change to Operation Views in December 2019 Release 



FYI: Operation View items were created using the legacy Windows-based Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS product - which was retired on Jan 1, 2019.


Hope this helps,

Explore some examples of visualizations in dashboards and how to improve their effectiveness.


See the article on the ArcGIS blog site: Visualizing Data Effectively on Dashboards

ArcGIS Dashboards is a configurable web app that provides enables users to convey information by presenting location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data visualizations on a single screen. Every organization using the ArcGIS platform can take advantage of ArcGIS Dashboards to help make decisions, visualize trends, monitor status in real time, and inform their communities.




This blog is meant to be a live resource that will be updated to share the latest resources for working with ArcGIS Dashboards. Access the general help documentation here.


FYI: ArcGIS Dashboards Beta - which includes enhanced support for Arcade is now available.


Last edited: June 23, 2020


Video Resources


ArcGIS Dashboards Tutorial Videos by Esri Canada


ArcGIS Dashboards Training Videos for COVID-19

An Esri Training Learning Plan which consists of a series of videos that helps new users learn about creating dashboards from scratch.



How to Blogs


Best Practices Blogs



Dashboard Examples


ArcGIS Living Atlas - Dashboard Gallery



If you have a Dashboard to share, please email: Derek Law ( or post on Twitter tagged with #ArcGISDashboards as we love seeing example Dashboards from users.

This article provides techniques for configuring a real-time dashboard to automatically stay focused on the latest events.


See the article on the ArcGIS blog site: Making an Auto-Focusing Real-Time Dashboard 

Excellent tips & tricks blog for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS by Sumaiya Siddiqi from Esri Canada. Contains some great content, definitely worth a read!


Dashboard tips that will make you say, “I didn’t know I could do that!”





Learn how to use pie charts effectively, fix problematic pie charts, and consider alternative chart options in your dashboards.


See the article on the ArcGIS blog site: Operations Dashboard: Pie Charts: Dos and Don’ts 

FYI, this blog discusses the new URL parameters functionality that was added to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the recent ArcGIS Online December 2018 update. It explains the concept and reviews several examples.


Make your Dashboards more Dynamic using URL Parameters 




The State of Iowa Dept of Transportation just deployed an awesome Winter Operations Dashboard built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. It displays real-time weather and snowplow status, camera feeds at certain traffic locations, and historic resource usage.


Iowa DOT Winter Operations Dashboard




FYI, the Windows-Desktop based Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app - which uses Operation Views, will be retired on Jan 1st, 2019. Please review this blog by Jeff Shaner for more details.


Operations Dashboard v10.3.4 is Retiring!




Hope this helps,

FYI: Excellent tips & tricks blog on leveraging Indicator elements in your Dashboards by David Nyenhuis.



This article provides 3 techniques to add context to your indicators through reference values and conditional formatting.


  1. Apply situation-based styling
  2. Compare your metric to a baseline
  3. Normalize your metric


Provide Context to Your Dashboard Indicators



Through our GeoNet community, Support and other communication channels, we answer many questions on how you can effectively use your enterprise data in dashboards via query layers. Check out our new article on the ArcGIS Blog site!