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Click to view contentFYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, that help convey general information. These examples are not really industry specific.   Top 2000 Songs Dashboard     Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Student Creativity Program Dashboard     Fire Dept City of Austin, TX - Wildfire Division – Fire Prevention Outreach Events… (Show more)
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I was able to use this article Effective use of HTML—Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | Documentation to successfully color code a List based on my field {listcolor} in an Operations Dashboard on ArcGIS Online. However, when attempting to create the exact same List in an Operations Dashboard on our Enterprise Portal, the <span> formatting tag… (Show more)
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Hi. I have two List elements in my dashboard (they use the same layer). I want to have the following behavior: when I click on an item in one of the lists, then any selection on the other list should be "canceled" (or unclicked, so nothing is selected on the other list). How can I do that?
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Is there a way to find and change the source of data in an Operations Dashboard app? The Configure button for each widget, including the map just gives options for that widget. I would like to see the Configure dialog for the map give you the option to change the map.
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Hello,    I have an operations dashboard that pulls COVID data from our governmental source. The REST services the government provides has almost all of its data fields as strings... Age field.. date field.. count fields... this is making it very difficult to create charts from the data on my dashboard. For instance, if i try and show cases by… (Show more)
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I see a lot of Dashboards that are connecting their fire, police, and 311 calls. In general I just want to know how they are doing that? Is it by taking the calls from a Computer Aided Dispatch and using python or some or programming language to update web maps that are integrated with Dashboards?   I also see a lot of 311 dashboards being linked… (Show more)
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I'm having trouble getting elements to size and line up just right -- does Ops Dashboard have a grid that can be snapped to and/or layout design functionality that allows precise placement, sizing, and alignment of elements? For example, I have two tabbed maps with some accompanying indicators and text boxes. The widgets need to be the same size… (Show more)
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Click to view contentESRI dashboard , Portal 10.7 , has issue in Arabic Test display as separated characters, For example if you configure dashboard indicator element with Arabic text value it will look as following, This issue show only on IE and Edge.   The issue is related to font "Avenir Next", Any advise how to fix this issue ?   Example :           
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Hi Everybody,    I am creating ArcGIS Dashboard and I was wondering if there is possibility to use filter to change some value? For example if Column 2 is null, show it as No data. I know this is easily done on backend but in my case data is already used by whole organization so messing with data is no no.    Thank you
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I think it would be valuable to have an option to set increments for the slider. For example, I want a map of travel times, that can be filtered by the various time increments. I have 15, 30, and 45 minute travel times. I don't like the drop-down as it feels slower and cumbersome when there are only a few options. But the slider is doesn't allow… (Show more)
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