• Calculate the mean of multiple rasters and save the result into a new raster.

    Hi, I have a set to 502 rasters (time series) of MO11A2 products (MODIS LST 8-day product), MOD11A2.A2008001.tif, MOD11A2.A2008009.tif etc. They have the same extent and CRS. I want these 8-day products to be av...
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  • Collecting Moran's I output values

    I am running an iterator in model builder that ultimately takes the output from each iteration (a point feature class) and runs the spatial auto-correlation tool (global Moran's I).  I have about 450 output featu...
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  • how to change the distance of the semivariogram on the geostatistical wizard

    hello hi, i am new , a student in learning arcgis , but i have been trying to do some interpolation using the Geo statistical wizard (kriging), but on the semi variogram graph, the distance is showing in distance not ...
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  • Unnamed error with Optimized Hot Spot Analysis, v 10.5.1

    Hi, I am trying to run an Optimized Hot Spot Analysis in ArcMap version 10.5.1. This tool worked for me a couple of weeks ago but now there is an error icon next to the Input Features (screen shot attached) and no ma...
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  • How to normalize feature data between 0-1 in ArcGIS Pro?

    Hi, I have a feature table, and want to normalize the data in a field between 0-1, and I know the normalization method should be "(x-min(x))/(max(x)-min(x) ". I have tried "add field---field calculator", but I h...
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  • Math and Stats with NumPy...  Normalize data

    Short one   Came up in a question.  I sadly suggested a spreadsheet.  To correct this, here is the numpy solution. Normalizing data... Here is the input and output tables names = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd...
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  • Generate Spatial Weights Matrix error in ArcGIS 10.3

    When I was trying to generate spatial weights matrix, once I opened this tool, there was an error like this: ERROR  updateParameters Syntax Error: Runtime error Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\progra...
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  • Which type of log transformation is most appropriate?

    Hello Esri community,   I am a doctoral study at DU and I am working on a research project that includes data of Colorado's 178 school districts. Guided by theory, I have compiled a list of variables to run OLS ...
  • Applying 3D-bars symbology to statistic map

    I am looking for the way of using 3D-bars for showing statistic map in ArcGIS Pro. I would be grateful if you advise me the steps or any tutorial for this purpose. I attach a picture as an example of what I am roughly...
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  • What test or method would allow us to measure spatial clustering of one phenomena around another? 

    We are looking to determine if there are statistically significant clusters of a particular business type around schools. 
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  • Error loading Exploratory Regression tool

    I would like to run the Exploratory Regression tool using ArcCatalog, and when I open the tool I have an immediate error in the Input Features field, shown below: Has anyone run into this problem?  I don'...
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  • What is the algorithm to generate interpolation surfaces of the independent variables using GWR?

    When using GWR, based on point data, to conduct spatial analysis, interpolation surfaces are also generated for the explanatory, independent, variables. In the "how GWR works" page (How GWR works—Help | ArcGIS...
  • Average Nearest Neighbor

    I have a question regarding the Average Nearest Neighbor analysis. Is there a scale that describes the levels of the Nearest Neighbor ratio? Are there benchmarks in the literature associated with various Average ...
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  • raster to polygon, still looks like raster

    I have a DEM file, I generated slope/aspect(raster format) using the Surface tool, then I used Conversion tool convert them into polygons(simplified polygons checked). What I wanted are TIN(triangular shaped...
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  • How to do regressions with log 0 transformed data ('-Inf' value) ?

    Hello !  I'm performing regression analysis (OLS and WGR) using biodiversity data, between sampling effort and species richness values. I have a country-size grid-cell data set and I want to find out how do...
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  • How to delete 0 data in ArcMap?

    Recently I'm working on a project that needs me to calculate the LST of an image. I clipped the raster image by mask and there are many data with an invalid value (pixels outside the mask region) after calculating LST...
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  • Weighted Least Square when calculating errors of GWR

    Hello,   Does anyone have a clue of how to set the global weight for each feature when calculating the total errors of GWR using the Arc GWR tool?    Thanks, Chongyang
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  • How do I map the electricity demand for a country in ArcGIS?

    I am learning ArcGIS and would like to know the step by step process on how to map electricity demand of a country. I would also like to know what datasets are needed to complete this task.   How do I map the ele...
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  • Control GWR coefficients

    Hi All,   I'm doing a GWR model but getting a little bit concerned about the overfitting problem. There's a small portion of the coefficients are negative which does not make sense to me. I'm wondering if Arc ha...
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  • Image Resampling and Edge Effects

    Hello,  I want to resample an image, using something like neighborhood statistics, but I know this will lead to edge effects. Is there a tool in ArcMap or Pro that will resample an image while adjusting for edge...
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