• Categorical variables while using Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR)

    Hello! I have a question regarding Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) in ArcGIS. So, I am using ArcMap 10.2 version. I have a large dataset of different parameters of groundwater geochemical constituents and phy...
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  • Emerging hot spot analysis and non-continuous time steps

    I have 10+ years worth of data that I would like to run an emerging hotspot analysis on. My time steps are not continuous (e.g. covers all years from 1998 to 2010 except for 2006). I know I can physically run the anal...
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  • Hello, I am going to perform Spatial Analysis with GWR. Regarding with data, I cannot use Binary Variables (0,1) in GWR. For this case, how can I use categorical variables such as (CBD,Suburb, Metropolitan) to be usable in GWR? Although my friend say "use

    spatial anaysis gwr
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  • Tool has failed to open: stats.ClustersOutliers

    I keep getting this message: Tool has failed to open: stats."name of the tool "  on every tool of the Spatial Statistics toolbox. I updated Arcgis Pro to version 2.5 advanced license. Does someone know how to sol...
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  • Hot spot analysis - how to set distance band if no peak distance is found

    I have a question about Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*). I use points data of land surface temperature (that has been retrieved from Landsat images) with a minimum one neighbor distance of 30m.  I have to choos...
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  • Can I use no-normal distributed data with spatial statistics tools?

    Hello, I have gathered from Tripadvisor the reviews number/hotel, for all the hotels of my region (population and not sample). The distribution of that review's number is not normal Can I directly apply spatial stati...
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  • Average Nearest Neighbor

    Working virtually with students ... curious if anyone has suggestions for determining average nearest neighbor other than using ArcGIS (many students are Mac users and or older stations) as they dont have ac...
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  • Statistics and travel time

    Hello,   Does anyone know a good way to express the difference in travel time from the same demand to a set of facilities? Let's say you use OD cost matrix to find the closest distance to two seperate facilities...
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  • How to calculate landscape metric "shape index" in the field calculator?

    I'm searching for a possibility to calculate landscape metric "shape index" in the field calculator? Shape index = 1 when the patch is circular and increases without limit as the patch becomes more irregular.
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  • diversity index

    Dear all I would like to use the shanon diversity index to calculate the diversity (number of years) of cleared areas as an indicator for shifting cultivation. I'm working with ArcGIS Pro. I've downloaded this Di...
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  • Calculate prediction zone from the crime analysis solution is not giving the expected output. Instead ArcGIS pro shuts down and send report window pop up. Any Ideas why this is happening? Thanks

    The input feature class has 3419 features. 
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  • How to delete 0 data in ArcMap?

    Recently I'm working on a project that needs me to calculate the LST of an image. I clipped the raster image by mask and there are many data with an invalid value (pixels outside the mask region) after calculating LST...
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  • Regression/OLS for point data?

    I have been looking around online and whenever I see reference to OLS or GWR, few to no one using point (x,y) data in their tutorials. Why is this and is there a way to do a "what is the relationship between these var...
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  • Arcpy rejecting outputs of recursive math expressions/python methods

    9/10 spatial analysis I do involve mathematical expressions. Users want me to execute recursive math functions,to aid spatial analysis and clustering. I have challenges passing such expressions into arcpy.da and Code ...
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    Hi. I have over 10 000 polylines spread over 430 polygons. I would like to sum the length of all polylines within each polygon. Do anyone know how I can do this in ArcGIS 10? I tried Hawth's Analysis Tools for ArcGI...
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  • Ripleys K Function in ArcGIS Desktop

    I am trying to use the Ripleys K function in ArcGIS Desktop and the output graph result is not showing up. Is there a trick to get the output graphs to show up? I searched through all of my output folders and tried th...
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  • Neighborhood Time Step in Emerging HotSpots Tool

    In the Emerging HotSpots Tool, users could use the parameter "Neighborhood Time Step" to include previous N time-step intervals in the analysis neighborhood.  My questions are : 1) If the Ne...
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  • How can I aggregate incident points for OLS and GWR while preserving the detail of my explanatory variable dataset?

    Hi everyone,   I want to run an ordinary least squares regression in ArcGIS Pro on my dataset which is composed of about 400 fire occurrences (point data) and demographic variables (100x100m polygons of income, ...
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  • What is the intercept's variable in Generalized Linear Regression (GLR)'s result.

    Hello, I am Vita Now, I am doing my analysis with GLR. I would like to know more about the intercept's variable, which always shows in the " summary of GLR Results," what is the function, and what happens if this var...
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  • Why do we get different COtypes or outliers on repeating the "Optimized Outlier analysis" and "Cluster and Outlier analysis"

    Hi all, I am new to ArcGIS and am looking to find outliers (high and low) in my data. The variable I am using is a disease severity variable ranging from 0 to 60 (i.e. my analysis field). I am trying to...
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