• Spatial Join Slow

    Hi, I'm using arcmap 10.0 SP5 to do a spatial join with a file that has about 61,000 observations, many of which are null, but it is taking an extremely long time (around 1 day). I thought that it would take a shorte...
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  • Calculating the centroid of each polygoin, but weighted by points from another layer

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the centroid of each polygon in the attached image, but I want the centroid calculation to be based on the clusters of green dots in each polygon. The purple polygons are from one layer and ...
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  • Spatial Analyst? Query? Help!

    A co-worker of mine is asking me to do something for him that he claims a GIS person at his old company was able to do. I, however, from his description can't for the life of me figure out what he's wanting. We have...
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  • Arc GIS 10.1 Set Unique identifier field

    Hello, I wanted to perform a Grouping Analysis in ArcGIS 10.1. When opening the analysis tool and trying to select a unique ID field the entries where all blanck. I therefore thought, that mayber the unique identifie...
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  • Field not diplaying in Quantities Symbology

    Hi I am trying to create a graduate color quantities symbology for a string field in my attribute table but in the drop down menu it doesn't show up. If I go to categories>unique values it shows up in the drop down...
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  • Introduction to Spatial Pattern Analysis Video

    I am looking for a video clip posted tot he Esri site in the past that discussed various tools in the Spatial Statistics Toolbox. The link I have for the video is no longer active, and I ask if anyone knows of a live ...
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  • fuzzy c-means cluster analysis

    Hello, Does ArcGIS Desktop 10 with Geostatistical Analyst perform fuzzy c-means cluster analysis?  I am currently working with a procedure that requires I export tables to the R environment to do this. Would be ...
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  • Issues with a ratio as dependent variable?

    Hi All, As many of these questions start, I am new to spatial statistics.... I feel like I know just enough to be dangerous, and can't tell if what I want to input into the various Esri tools is legit (OLS, GWR, Mora...
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  • How to convert .dbf to a spatial weights matrix .swm; quick and dirty

    If you are trying to personalize your spatial weights matrix so that you can modify adjacency relationships (i.e. to modify LISA satistics) here is how you do it.  Perform the usual spatial weights matrix gener...
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  • Interpolation

    Here is the map with sampling locations. The locations are scattered yet clustered.  The concentration of contaminants have been measured against each locations and the variation in concentration is quiet high. C...
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  • Can Ripley's K be used if events are not possible at every location in the study area?

    I have calculated Ripley’s K function for households and household-events for a district. I get unusual graphs with observed above expected at all distances - 2 almost straight lines. I would expect clustering o...
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  • How to deal with nominal and categorical data in geostatistical analysis?

    Hello! I have a set of questionnaire data for my project. It's in point format and the data is either in nominal form (eg. What's your hair color? Answers: blonde, black, brown, dyed) or in Lickert's scale.   I ...
  • Advance Spatial Pattern Analysis

    Hi all,   Please I would like to know which spatial pattern analysis is more advanced that Getis-Ord G* for the analysis of clustering. Thanks
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  • hotspot analysis fails to execute

    Hi, I tried to execute a hotspot analysis which so far always worked. Now I received this error message: "Executing (HotSpots_4): HotSpots 710br_data_C1 710_br_cde F:\Offshore\EXTRA18_trials_for_more_regional_approac...
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  • raster to polygon producing blocky results

    Short(er) version of the question: I have a raster surface (decimal values) that I want to convert into 5 categories of polygons based on class breaks, and the output must be smooth and visually appealing. Using the "...
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  • Hot Spot Analysis Tool / statistically significant isolated areas?

    On behalf of my colleague who has technical problems to access this forum I would like to ask: Using the ArcGIS 10.5 Spatial Statistics Tool Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*) with a data set for agricultural indicato...
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  • Issues with Create Space-Time Cube By Aggregating Points using the defined locations option

    Dear GIS colleagues,   I am trying to use the Create Space-Time Cube By Aggregating Points using the defined locations option (Not the Grid or hexagons!). Please find two screenshots with the parameter...
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  • point density area expansion

    I know this is a basic question, but I haven't been able to figure out the answer.  I'm trying to do a basic point density analysis and the data is cropping at my last point and not completing the circle density ...
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  • Normality test for Directional Distribution tool?

    I am anticipating a question in class this week about the Directional Distribution (Standard Deviational Ellipse) tool.   I will be pointing out that when you use a standard deviational ellipse and make a ...
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  • Hotspot analysis

    I want to do Hotspot analysis for crash data, How should I define the threshold distance? 
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