• Extract by Mask issue

    Hello! I've been working with a .tif of the National Landcover Dataset obtained from the National Atlas. I've been trying to use extract by mask on it (with the mask being a polygon), however I have been encountering...
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  • Iterator not working

    Hello,   I am currently attempting a Least Cost Path analysis, specifically, a "From everywhere to everywhere model".   Cost raster = Slope_Raster Surface raster = 0 value extracted_DEM Vertical Factor: ...
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  • Interpolation runs infinitely - never returns results

    Attempting Spatial Analysis methods but the processing never stops, never returns results.  Tried point density, IDW, kriging, others.  Same results.  Tried various maps.  Opened new map.  Sam...
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  • How do I derive slope from a very large DEM?

    Hi there,    I'm trying to calculate slope based from a national DEM - USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), found here: 3DEPElevation (ImageServer)  - and am having trouble with the spatial anal...
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  • The goal is to join point data to lines.

    The goal is to join point data to lines. I have 305 points and 1023 lines. The points are Crime Incidents, the lines are street lengths. The goal is to determine which street segments are the reported locations of the...
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  • Join Lines

    I have two sets of line or the same data as polygons, some long and a few shorts, I want a single output that combines add the shorts to the longs. Shorts can only be combined once, Longs may have many shorts connect...
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  • How to use a mask layer during Natural Neighbor Interpolation?

    Is there a work around that will allow the use of the Natural Neighbor interpolation method within a boundary or mask layer?
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  • Impossible correlation coefficient values

    Hi, I just computed the correlation and covariance matrices for a set of rasters using the "Band Collection Statistics" tool. The correlation matrix includes several values that are below -1 which should be impossibl...
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  • How to categorize a raster based on pixel count within a moving kernel?

    I have a classified raster with four land cover classes - built-up, vegetation, water and barren land. Now, I want to categorize the built-up areas into three more classes - high built-up density, medium built-densit...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop. Surface Volume VS Cut Fill

    Hi  Does anybody know how Surface Volume is differ from Cut Fill? Thanks
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  • Problem with tabulate area

    I have a problem with Tabulate area tool.  All the area of the grid is assigned to on landuse class although the grid has multiple classes in it. all the data (grids and land use) have the same projection. tabu...
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  • Sink results in very different demarkations?

    Sink results in very different demarkations depending on the resampling of the raster data. Could someone explain why? I don't understand this? In the attached images you could see the differences. I use elevation da...
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  • How does the Rescale by Function tool work?

    I am trying to fit all of my pixel values on my raster in between 0 and 255. Currently, they range from 0 to 65535. I wanted to use the Rescale by Function tool with the TfLinear to scale it, but when I put the output...
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  • Create new weighted raster from DEM and polygons

    I am attempting to create a new, weighted raster from the combination of a regional DEM and a polygon shapefile.  I've attached an image - the DEM is the background - the red/yellow region -- and the black p...
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  • Generalize a Slope Surface

    My adventure into creating and visualizing slope surfaces has moved into a third and possibly final chapter.  See Using arcpy to create slope surfaces  and Display A Slope Raster for chapters ...
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  • Raster calculator

    Dear GIS experts. I can't get my raster calculator expression to run. I have two different raster datasets: - wnb_near - svo_near I want to create a new raster. When the value of svo_near ist smaller than the va...
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  • Training samples (identifying based on orthophoto)

    Hi guys, I wanted to identify "private plots, gardens" (like in picture) based on orthophoto.   I thought about training samples, but it results wrong of course, because of the all the colors which were included...
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  • How to multiply two layers based on particular fields?

    How to multiply two layers based on particular fields? In the screenshot below, I wanted the first raster based on the field named ???I_factor??? with the second raster based on the field named ???value??? but couldn?...
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  • Flow Direction or Aspect: Which one is more suited to predict surface flow path?

    I am new to GeoNet community and had tried to search for the answer to my question, but couldn't find one. So I am writing it down here to my GIS community members, asking for their help on it.   If I was to dep...
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  • Error/Warning in Reclassify

    Hi, everyone. Last week I started getting an error when reclassifying an Aspect raster that says something like "The input raster minimum/maximum (-1) is out of range.  To ensure a correct reclassification, edit...
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