• Random trees in ArcMap

    Hi!   I have a question regarding Random Trees in ArcMap.   I am running “train random trees” and then using the output as input in the “classify raster” tool.    Wh...
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  • Random Forest Regression on multiples years of harvest

    Imagine have a number of variables what represents explanatory variables of production of sugarcane or soy whatever. For best results in prediction I train my random forest regression model with variables of three yea...
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  • Isochrone estimation problem

    Hello,   I am using ArcGIS 10.1 and I am trying to use the contour tool in order to get isochrones on a time cost raster. The raster has been estimated in the raster calculator by summing the path distance outc...
  • Euclidean Distance on polygon shapefile giving errors with default values

    Hi,   I have ArcMap 10.3 and it is up to date.  I have the following in an .mxd:   "State" layer of California - one polygon with a handful of attributes "Protected Areas" layer - one polygon for pro...
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  • Point to Raster not working. But no error messages.

    Point to Raster is not working for me. What is odd is that there is no error message. In fact, there are not messages at all.  The "Results" show as if the tool worked, but there is no raster created, and viewing...
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  • extract by attributes not working reliably

    I am working on a project in ArcMap. Sometimes the Spatial Analyst > Extract By Attributes tool will just...not work on my classified rasters. Occasionally I can exit the program, immediately open it again, and all...
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  • arcpy: Shapefile did not show up after joining, doing field calculator and updating data source

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to update a map based on a pre-built template. However, after everything ran successfully (python code below), the shapefile that was updated did not show up on the map. Its symbolo...
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  • Symbolize a city as a circle and a capital as a star

    Hi,   I have a state layer with cities and the usual city attributes (name, population, etc.).  The attribute table also has a "capital" attribute (Y/blank).  If the city is the capital of the state, t...
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  • Calculating flow accumulation in area?

    I want to calculate the total flow in an administrative area which is independent of the basin boundaries. I used the DEM file from HydroSHEDS and so far I have followed these steps: 1. Spatial Analyst -> Hydrolog...
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  • 3D Analyst Toolbar with ArcMap 10.5

    Has anyone experienced problems with the 3D Analyst Extension/Toolbar tools in ArcMap (v10.5)?  I am having trouble using the Contour tool (but this seems to work in the Spatial Analyst Extension/Toolbar) and the...
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  • Surface volume tool results in NaN values

    I am attempting to calculate the volume of basin raster files with depth-related z values using the surface volume tool. This process has mostly been successful, however in some cases I receive the following error cod...
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  • Kernel density units for line data

    Is it true that when performing kernel density analysis with line data, the values on the output raster will be calculated as units of length per area units (e.g. m/m^2)?
  • How to idenfity flood areas

    Hi all, I'm quite new to Arc so I'm still working things out. Would anybody be able to give me a bit of guidance on how I might identify potential flood areas based on different river level scenarios e.g. were it to r...
  • Multicriteria Analysis

    Hello,   I use ArcGIS 10.1 and I would like to create a suitability map using the multicriteria analysis. Let me point out that I am new of this analysis and I tried to read something about it, but it is not ver...
  • Question on about raster classification.

     I have a  raster data set displaying elevation. I'm trying to create a Boolean raster in which the cells meeting the elevation criteria have a value of 1 and the rest have a value of 0. The reclassify tool ...
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  • Random Forests in Desktop 10.7 vs Pro

    I have been looking at the documentation for the Train Random Trees Classifier for Desktop 10.7 and the documentation for the Forest-based Classification and Regression tools in Pro and have a couple of questions...
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  • How to count the adjacent cells that have a different value in a raster dataset?

    Hi,   I'm using a raster dataset and I'm trying to determine a value for land use adjacency as used by Stathakis & Tsilimigkas (2014) (Measuring the compactness of European medium-sized cities by spatia...
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  • The average directional distance or Width inside

    Hi Folks, I am trying to calculate the directional distance of the yellow regions( the distance of the edges in sidebthe red lines) shown in the figure by using the lest cost path. I want the width of the inside poly...
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  • ERROR 999999: Error executing function Failed to execute (Nibble)

    I am trying to use the Nibble tool to clean NoData in three Digital Elevation Models. The problem is that for the first DEMs it works But the last one keeps giving me this error: ERROR 999999: Error executing function...
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  • how to calculate overlapping rasters

    Hi,   There was a similar question 3 years ago, but still I have some difficulties executing a code in Raster Calculator. So, I have 2 rasters : 1. "Seal Density", with 5 classes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 2. "Fishing Inten...