• spatial join with "IF" operator

    Hi All, I would like to spatially join my points with polygons which are representing weather conditions. Each of the point has his own date (each point represents only one day). Polygons has their own date too. Unfo...
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  • In Cost Path option to add Horizontal Factors - How do I convert table to raster?

    I want to add wind direction and strength to a cost distance surface.  The Help file show example of file with two columns - Direction in Degrees, and second value strength (which I assume would cover the full 36...
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  • Fill not removing peaks

    I have a high resolution DEM scanned from mobile LiDAR.  From this I need to create 3D curbs.  The problem is, where the curbs are, there are peaks of data (Could have been a small bush, car, bug)  Afte...
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  • Batch raster calculator with two different raster images

    I have 30 years of southerly wind speed and northerly wind speed raster image. I need to calculate winds shear for every 30 years with yearly westerly and southerly images. How to create the model builder to iterate&#...
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  • Inverse of Euclidean distance?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to do the reverse / inverse of a euclidean distance. For example, I am doing distance to roads analysis. The output from the distance raster shows roads as 0 and areas closest to roads as 0.1,...
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  • How to select the maximum value in a row

    I would like to know if there is a way to find a maximum value in an attribute table in a row.   I have few columns representing different valuables of an object and I would like to know which variable...
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  • Using Weighted Overlay tool - no fuzzy generated rasters listed as selectable rasters

    Hi,   I generated three fuzzy membership rasters then went to use the Weighted Overlay tool but none of the fuzzy generated rasters show up in the dropdown.  The one selectable raster is a raster that was c...
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  • Overlay raster not selectable when counting raster values in polygons

    Hi,   I'd like to get a count of raster values in each polygon and I'm using ArcMap 10.3.1.  I looked into both Tabulate Area and Zonal Statistics but can't seem to get either working.  After reading a...
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  • Least cost path help needed (unwanted straight lines!)

    Hello!   So, I’m very much a beginner with GIS and I’m stuck creating a least cost path, so I was wondering if someone could help me, please! Basically, I’m trying to highlight which river...
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  • Use arcpy to extract bands from ECW image

    Hi folks This may be more of an arcpy question than an SA question, but I'll ask anyway.   I'm looking for an automated way using arcpy to extract bands from ECW images. The only way I've been able to do this ...
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  • How to join a .CSV to a .SHP to have a spatial location

    I am trying to associate data (.csv file) with a spatial location (.shp file). Both attribute tables include a zip code which I am trying to join them by. In addition, the are multiple rows of data associated with a z...
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  • Region Growing

    I am learning how to do Region Growing using the Locate Regions tool in ArcMap as that is the only way to do that there. I do not have access to ArcGIS Pro at the moment. I was wondering. How do get it to do region gr...
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  • How to Expand a raster with many zone values

    I am using ArcMap 10.6.1 and I need to expand a large raster with thousands of zones by 1 cell using either the expand tool or a map algebra expression.  How can I write the expression to expand all zones in the ...
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  • Buffer a polygon based on a raster

    Dear Experts,   I'm using ArcGIS 10.6.1.   I have a polygon shape file along a river stretch (represents maximum flooding area) and a DEM (30m x 30m raster) reperesnting the eelvation in and around the are...
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  • How to concatenate raster images in one representing value?

    Hi all,  I'm trying to concatenate the values of two raster images in order to have a value that includes both of them (e.g. 02 + 07 = 0207). I'm trying to use the following in Raster Calculator "image1" & "...
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  • Viewshed vertical angle problem

    I use ArcGiS 10.1 and I am doing some visibility analysis by using the viewshed tool. I need to set the vertical angle (VERT1-2) within a range between 0 and 180, but this parameter is enclosed between 90 and -90 so i...
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  • please help me

    I have some shapefiles of building & structures (point), roads and administrative boundary (polyline), rivers, wetlands, swamp forest, agricultural land, forest, water bodies (polygon). Now I want to make a single...
  • arcgis pro draw toolbar

    I am a new-ish user to ArcGIS Pro am running into a bit of a roadblock that I could easily get past using ArcMap 10.6. I am in the process of delineating multiple watersheds using a pretty standard routine of geoproce...
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  • DEM to Polygon

    Dear Experts, Working on a DEM (30m x 30m raster) of a large area, I need to find out the area (polygons) which is greater that 5,000 hectares and within which average slope is less than 10 degree. The shape ...
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  • Fill Tool Error 010429

    I'm trying to fill a DEM.  I keep getting multiple Error 010429 messages.  I can't find great documentation on this problem.  I've tried running the tool on multiple input DEMs, saved in various locatio...
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