• Spatial Analyst UC 2020 Workshops and Demos

    The 2020 Esri User Conference (July 13-16) is almost here, and we are going virtual! So, if you haven’t already, register to join the world’s largest, virtual GIS conference and be able...
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  • Spatial Analyst Resources

    Last updated: 07/09/2020 The original resource blog is located here.   The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension provides a broad range of powerful spatial modeling and analysis capabilities, like distance a...
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  • Identify regions in common on two rasters

    Hi,   Am new here so excuse me if my question is naive! I have a terrain-filter raster in pink and another raster filter in purple (shown overlying the first). I am only interested in the areas where the pink an...
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  • Error 000906 in Model Builder

       Hi everyone.      I use Grouping analysis to create 4 groups from my data.    After that, i use Model Builder to explain that.    However one of m...
  • Does it usually take extremely long time to execute geoprocessing functions when working with big files?

    Hi,   I have been working with a DEM of size 35GB geotiff file of a watershed and have been experiencing extremely long processing times to execute different geoprocessing tools such as flow direction, accumulat...
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  • Why am I getting null values for area and volume in my storage capacity output table?

    I'm using the spatial analyst supplemental tools and I'm running the storage capacity tool using a DEM raster and a feature class that I've been working with for months now. I've been using the storage capacity tool e...
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  • Focal statistics coordinate shift

    In focal statistics, if the size of the neighbourhood is larger than a specific limit (for example 2 for circular radius), the output raster is shifted by the size of the neighbourhood... Seems like a bug, or is there...
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  • Interpolating FROM points TO points (i.e. not to a new raster)?

    Imagine I have two sets of XY points, lets call them A and B, roughly coincident in space. Points A also have an attribute, lets call it N. I’d like to estimate (i.e. interpolate) the same attribute N for points...
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  • Hi all,I am using IDW to interpolate my data points in ArcGIS ,the default number of points in the search radius is 12.Is there a way to determine the number of points to use based on the available sample points?Assumming I have 50 sample points.Thanks

    Spatial interpolation using IDW 
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  • Extract by Mask issue

    Hello! I've been working with a .tif of the National Landcover Dataset obtained from the National Atlas. I've been trying to use extract by mask on it (with the mask being a polygon), however I have been encountering...
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  • Iterator not working

    Hello,   I am currently attempting a Least Cost Path analysis, specifically, a "From everywhere to everywhere model".   Cost raster = Slope_Raster Surface raster = 0 value extracted_DEM Vertical Factor: ...
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  • Interpolation runs infinitely - never returns results

    Attempting Spatial Analysis methods but the processing never stops, never returns results.  Tried point density, IDW, kriging, others.  Same results.  Tried various maps.  Opened new map.  Sam...
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  • How do I derive slope from a very large DEM?

    Hi there,    I'm trying to calculate slope based from a national DEM - USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), found here: 3DEPElevation (ImageServer)  - and am having trouble with the spatial anal...
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  • The goal is to join point data to lines.

    The goal is to join point data to lines. I have 305 points and 1023 lines. The points are Crime Incidents, the lines are street lengths. The goal is to determine which street segments are the reported locations of the...
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  • Join Lines

    I have two sets of line or the same data as polygons, some long and a few shorts, I want a single output that combines add the shorts to the longs. Shorts can only be combined once, Longs may have many shorts connect...
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  • How to use a mask layer during Natural Neighbor Interpolation?

    Is there a work around that will allow the use of the Natural Neighbor interpolation method within a boundary or mask layer?
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  • Impossible correlation coefficient values

    Hi, I just computed the correlation and covariance matrices for a set of rasters using the "Band Collection Statistics" tool. The correlation matrix includes several values that are below -1 which should be impossibl...
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  • How to categorize a raster based on pixel count within a moving kernel?

    I have a classified raster with four land cover classes - built-up, vegetation, water and barren land. Now, I want to categorize the built-up areas into three more classes - high built-up density, medium built-densit...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop. Surface Volume VS Cut Fill

    Hi  Does anybody know how Surface Volume is differ from Cut Fill? Thanks
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  • Problem with tabulate area

    I have a problem with Tabulate area tool.  All the area of the grid is assigned to on landuse class although the grid has multiple classes in it. all the data (grids and land use) have the same projection. tabu...
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