• Question on about raster classification.

     I have a  raster data set displaying elevation. I'm trying to create a Boolean raster in which the cells meeting the elevation criteria have a value of 1 and the rest have a value of 0. The reclassify tool ...
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  • Random Forests in Desktop 10.7 vs Pro

    I have been looking at the documentation for the Train Random Trees Classifier for Desktop 10.7 and the documentation for the Forest-based Classification and Regression tools in Pro and have a couple of questions...
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  • Kernel density units for line data

    Is it true that when performing kernel density analysis with line data, the values on the output raster will be calculated as units of length per area units (e.g. m/m^2)?
  • How to count the adjacent cells that have a different value in a raster dataset?

    Hi,   I'm using a raster dataset and I'm trying to determine a value for land use adjacency as used by Stathakis & Tsilimigkas (2014) (Measuring the compactness of European medium-sized cities by spatia...
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  • Statistics field for Summary Statistics

    Hi, Sorry if this is not posted in the correct place, but I was not sure where to put it.  I am trying to use the Summary Statistics tool to create a summary table for a polygon layer.  In the Statistics Fie...
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  • The average directional distance or Width inside

    Hi Folks, I am trying to calculate the directional distance of the yellow regions( the distance of the edges in sidebthe red lines) shown in the figure by using the lest cost path. I want the width of the inside poly...
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  • ERROR 999999: Error executing function Failed to execute (Nibble)

    I am trying to use the Nibble tool to clean NoData in three Digital Elevation Models. The problem is that for the first DEMs it works But the last one keeps giving me this error: ERROR 999999: Error executing function...
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  • how to calculate overlapping rasters

    Hi,   There was a similar question 3 years ago, but still I have some difficulties executing a code in Raster Calculator. So, I have 2 rasters : 1. "Seal Density", with 5 classes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 2. "Fishing Inten...
  • ArcMap 10.6 shutting down - Topo to Raster (Arcpy)

    Hi,   I'm quite new in using ArcPy and have been struggling with it. I was trying to run a python script that has a loop containing the Topo to Raster tool. The code runs smoothly just until this tool is execute...
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  • Question about two rasters and how to get values off one and onto another

    Hi all, Background information on my project: I calculated a slope raster from a DEM mosaic. I also have a cross section polyline that has segments with different attributes (i.e. Channel, Marsh, Tidal Channel, etc) ...
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  • extract by attributes not working reliably

    I am working on a project in ArcMap. Sometimes the Spatial Analyst > Extract By Attributes tool will just...not work on my classified rasters. Occasionally I can exit the program, immediately open it again, and all...
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  • How to efficiently remove tiny lines from a multi-line feature?

    Happy Friday everyone,   I have a multi-line shapefile which was clipped from NHDPlusFlowline feature class (picture below and attached) https://www.usgs.gov/core-science-systems/ngp/national-hydrography/nhdplu...
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  • Interpolation of data collected along perpendicular transects

    I collected data along two perpendicular transects (in a "+" shape) and would like to create a prediction surface map using interpolation. What interpolation method is best for taking the trends in my data into accoun...
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  • Error executing function during kriging

    I am attempting to execute the kriging function on a set of data. The function had worked before without any issues. Now every time I try to execute it I first get the error "ERROR: 010092: Invalid output extent"...
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  • generating a DEM from LAS files

    Hi all. I'm trying to generate a bare earth DEM from LAS files for use with Arc Hydro (to delineate flow paths). I've done this successfully one time by: creating an LAS dataset, filtering out all but the ground-only ...
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  • Comapre two rasters with different extents

    I’m trying to compare vales of two rasters, however the rasters extent are not the same (but one raster is not smaller than the other, the extent differ in different places - see picture attached). I’m str...
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  • Arcgis 10.7 & ArcGIS Pro  does not recognize latitude/longitude in netCDF data (works fine in QGIS)

    I have received a net CDF wawe model that I want to convert to raster using NetCDF to raster layer. But it seems that Arcgis & ArcGIS Pro are not able to recognize the latitude/longitude values in the Ne...
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  • Zonal histogram seems to be stretching values

    The values of pixels in the original raster range from 0-63. However when I make a histogram (Zonal Histogram), using a shapefile as my input zones, I get a distribution of values from 0-255. Any idea how this is happ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Nibble tool problem

    I have a wawe intensity raster with gaps (NoData), and I want to Nibble the NoData pixels from neighbouring pixel values (wawe intensity values) in ArcGIS Pro, using a separate sea water mask covering the NoData areas...
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  • Fill not removing peaks

    I have a high resolution DEM scanned from mobile LiDAR.  From this I need to create 3D curbs.  The problem is, where the curbs are, there are peaks of data (Could have been a small bush, car, bug)  Afte...
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